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The swimsuit theft side quest ?

Can someone tell me all of the locations of the swimsuits ? it would be a great help.

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Awesome thanks for the info .

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kakashiPR009 answered:

Asbel's: Oul Raye--Check the vase near the shops.

Cheria's: Sable Izolle--On the counter behind one of the shops but it'll cost 100,000 Gald.

Malik's: Yu Liberte--Talk to the man at the main gate.

Hubert's: Inside the Rockgagong--A fake watermelon in the southeast corner.

Sophie's: Strahta Desert Ruins-Go straight past the Turtlez and turn at the second left turn, the last turn before the valkines. Continue following it down the stairs then go left past a giant pool of water; a monster will be waiting in the bottom left corner.

Sandshroud Ruins-From the entrance go down all the way down all the stairs and straight ahead should be your target. Note that in order to get inside you need a key from a previous dungeon.
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kakashiPR009 answered:

The last ones Pascal's my bad
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