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Where can I find (Gauss Seal and Data recorder)?

How to find these items i know the seal is in fendel lab but cant get through door help plz


kakashiPR009 answered:

Uh which door? The Seal i believe is found in the room to the right of where you go to face the boss of the tower. You have to unlock it first though by hitting the globe thing to the right of where you come into the boss room. As for the Data recorder that's in World's Eye. I think the instructions is from where your ship is: right (only exit), right, go down the hole, left, left and you'll end up in a large tree area. The recorder is the shiny thing on the ground.
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chalkblanche answered:

Remember where you fought Fourier? just outside that room to the right of the save is a room with two chest, only Gauss's seal isn't on a chest but on the boxes on the north- east corner of the room. The data recorder is in a new area on the world's eye after you've fought the bosses there.
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