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What is the max cc you can get from dualizing rise shards?

So what is the most minimum cc I can get from dualizing rise shards to weapons or armors or into gems and how do I get the max amount?

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kakashiPR009 answered:

Well the highest I've gotten is I think 4 but I can't recall how high of a level that was it may have been 7 though. So the max may be 5. As for how to get the max amount, put it on a gem then do the side quest (number 34 its in Yu Liberte) that, after fetching her tools she will open a shop that 'polishes' gems. Or other words, levels them up for a price. Note that giving her food will shorten how long it takes to polish. Another option is to go to Zhonecage and get the enemies to drop high level ones though the highest level I've seen is 5.
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