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How do i get the gems, O, Q, R and S?

I'm so far in lineage and legacies where i only need 4 more giant shield seashells, and i already have the P-gem. I polished an epochal "...divine blessng" J-gem and gave Marian a pumpkin pudding or a peach parfeit (can't remember) as a present.
I don't know what gem(s)to polish and dualize to get the O, Q, R, and S gems. I'm trying to get the collection book close to completion before i do new game+.
I need some input.

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Lemme rephrase that, does anyone know the quickest way to dualize/polish the gems i already have to the Q, O, P, R, and S levels. I already have N, m, j and k and L. Any way how to easily get them to O, P, Q and R status?
I'm trying to complete the collectors book. I have nearly everything recorded. I just need a few more in my inventory section. The weapons, accessories, and armor, and materials i can get for my book are in the zhonecage. I just need a fast and easy way to polish/dualize my gems into O, P, Q, R, and S. The faq was confusing.

crimson_mind provided additional details:

The FAQ for dualizing the gems was confusing. I don't know which gem + food item for the O, P, Q, R, and S. And if some need to be polished first.


AlmostDawn answered:

Sorry, but Marian can't polish the higher level letter gems. She doesn't want your food because it's too much work. What you need to do is dualize a high level gem with a similarily high level gem. For example, O + O gems. But it must also form a higher quality level, not just a stat increase. Look at Wii306's great guide on, it tells you the combinations needed for a quality rank up. For example, Gallant + Magical = Poignant. Hope I helped! Though after a month you probably figured it out by now. :)
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