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How do i get the Accel mode/ lvl up in zhonecage guick?

right now i already beat lambda and i haven't enter the future arc plus i have also unlock the Zhonecage. first i wanna start with the Accel mode, i would like to know where can i go find it or how do i unlock it. cause i here people say used the Accel mode to gain alot of thing easy in battle.

now Zhonecage, i wanna know how or what is the set up for me to gain alot of experience, plus i wanna know how to gain a lot of Sp point so i can build or level up my title. so is their some way i can i do it. plus i know the monster like so brolick they just pimp slap me n i'm down, well back hand me of course. don't appreciate little kid beating me up. well that all i can say for now. hope fuly their is a way to beat these guys.


AlmostDawn answered:

1. You can only get access to Accel Mode during the future arc. Meaning you have to enter future arc, complete it, and then load your completed future arc save. You will then be back in the main arc with Accel Mode and everything else you have obtained in the future arc.

2. Zhonecage is a bit tough. It is recommended that you play through future arc first to get some levels in. It's not nescessary to do so of course, since I completed nine floors of the Zhonecage before going into the future arc. But you'll need to grind for levels and dualize your weapons/armors if you want to survive relatively easily on the harder difficulties of Zhonecage. So firstly, if Zhonecage Floor 1 is too hard, then set it to Easy difficulty, you'll still receive a lot of experience points. If you are taking too much damage, equip the titles that reduce damage by 50%. For example, Hubert's Striking Baron or Asbel's Striking Paragon. Aiming for the monster's weaknesses will also help. Zhonecage is a great place for Experience but is a horrible place for SP grinding. Future Arc is. Especially the golems that are in the last dungeon of the future arc. Inn requests will also help in SP farming. Just remember, setting dishes that double EXP/SP at the end of the battle in your mixer also helps greatly. Examples would be Rice Omlette and Pasta Au Gratin. If Easy mode is too hard on Zhonecage, go through the future arc then come back, it would be no problem. I hope this helped and have fun grinding.
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