Question from nummie69

Asked: 2 years ago

What is the password for lock treasure?

There is a locked treasure in the knight academy, the hint says there is a password related to the chests location, what is the password?

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From: xainthegreat 2 years ago

If you check the board by the Inn it should say try using "Treasure". I think the pass to the specific chest is treasure.

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No capitol T just treasure and the next locked chest in the study at your manor is 'aston' the clue is in the room where asbel mom is. Each locked chest has a clue somewhere.

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It's "treasure"

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All towns that have a locked chest, generally have a board or something you can look at that gives you the password. There's a topic with the list on the message board. If you really want it that badly look there.

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In Velanik the answer is strahteme chest is in the inn

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