Question from Hellomeatballs

Asked: 2 years ago

Where is the EX dungeon? Does this Tales even have one??

I've started a new game + and am have having trouble finding it.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Aaaaaaah, so Zone Cage is in the future arc? Nice, because I just finished my 2nd run. Where is it exactly?

Accepted Answer

From: JyrakosDraco 2 years ago

To access the Zhonecage, you need to play through Lineage & Legacies (future arc) completely. After you beat the final boss, save your game. When you load this game, you'll see a skit trigger right at the final savepoint directing you back to Lhant. Go back to Lhant and a scene will play out in front of the mansion. You now have access to the Zhonecage.

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Submitted Answers


Yes there is one and I think you have to load up your saved game.

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After you defeat the final story boss if you start NG+ you won't be able to play future arc where the bonus dungeon is.

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To get it you have to activate the star at your mansion in llhant, kill the humanoids then just use shuttle and it'll be on the dungeon section near bottom.

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