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Item Help status answers
Arcane bottle ? Open 2
Can AnyOne Who Know My question Answer Please Help Me? Open 2
Can you upgrade weapons? Open 2
Do Book effects and Grade effects stack? Open 1
Does anyone have a pre-order code for Cheria's Code Geass outfit? Open 3
Dualizing/Mixer? Open 5
Dualizing? Open 1
Enasphere from the eleth mixer? Open 3
Fangtear Crystal? Open 1
How can I obtain the _____'s double titles? (E.g. Asbel's Double, Richard's double .etc) Open 1
How do i get the Accel mode/ lvl up in zhonecage guick? Open 1
How do i get the gems, O, Q, R and S? Open 1
How to make Estelle Doll and Prince doll ? Open 1
Is it possible to auto generate items? Open 3
Ok so annoying I need help producing a Materials? Open 1
Please help! Need help with rare sword? Open 4
S.O.S. Help on the MIX ELETH? Open 2
Selling items? Open 3
Stealing Daily Medicine? Open 3
What is the best weapon for Sophie, and how can I get it? Open 1
What is the Conqueror's Badge for? Open 1
What Quality does the item needs to be to get to the 9th floor of the Zhonecage? Open 1
Whats the point of upgrading a weapon to 99 if you can't carry it over to NG+? Open 1
Where can I find (Eggs)? Open 2
Where can I find (Gauss Seal and Data recorder)? Open 2
Where can I find (Terapevaine)? Open 1
Where can I find 3 veggie sets ? Open 3
Where can I find a busted blade? Open 2
Where can I find accessories? Open 1
Where can I find aston's sword? Open 1
Where can I find attacthmeants and unlock costumes? Open 1
Where can I find best princess stories? Open 2
Where can I find giant's shield seashell? Open 1
Where can I find Hubert's and Cheria's titles that reflect attacks? Open 1
Where can I find Legendary Metal ? Open 1
Where can I find rare sword??!?!?,!? Please help ;( Open 4
Where can I find Roe and Mats for Malik figurine? Open 3
Where can I find Rusted NAil? Open 2
Where can I find The book of magic? Open 3
Where can I find the dolls? Open 2
Where can I find the feather Badge? Open 2
Where can I find the following material? Open 1
Where can I find the noko plushie? Open 2
Where can I find Velnik treasure chest? Open 1
Where can I find Working gear? Open 2
Where can i get the second part of accel mode for all characters? Open 1
Where can I the crystals needed? Open 1
Where is the imp plushie?! Open 2
Where to find the ? items Open 1
Why doesn't the Yu Liberte equipment shop sell the rune blade? Open 2
Wicked to noble? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(Help Pls Regarding Inn Request?) Open 1
(How do you increase mixer drop rate?) Open 1
Any way to bypass the saved data lock? Open 1
Anybody knows hubert theme song? Open 1
Anyone know what costumes made it over to the US version? Open 3
Apparently Sophie and Malik have a fifth mysic art? Open 1
Are there any character costumes from Tales of Symphonia? Open 1
Are there costume titles for cheria in the game ? Open 2
Asbel's Mystic Arte Activation Title? Open 2
Burial Blade Adept? Open 1
Buy or Rent? Open 2
Can anyone answer what the stat boosts are for some difficulties? Open 1
Can anyone provide a new game + save file ? Open 2
Can I chain together an A arte into a B arte? Open 2
Can i get my old data back? Open 1
Can I obtain all the combat titles with auto battle control ? Open 1
Can you chain Mystic Artes? Open 2
Can you still access the secret dungeons in the Future Arc? Open 1
Can you transfer over your equipment over in NG+? Open 2
Cat Museum? Open 1
Certain Artes i'm Missing? Open 1
Combo Titles? Open 2
Costume titles? Open 1
Crazy Cat Coot's Place? Open 2
Damage Being Taken? Open 1
Did i miss my chance for mailks formal costume? Open 2
Difficulty trophies? Open 1
Does lineage and legacies stay on the title screen menu? After you beat it? Open 1
Dualizing and tempering to weapon name green highlight instead of orange? Open 1
Gentleman? Open 2
Giving away dlc for free! Any takers? Open 10
How can I get out?? Open 1
How can I use/play other user's Gamesaves?? Open 2
How do I equip pascal's harold costume..? Open 1
How do i get the "Absolute Zero" arte for Hubert? Open 1
How do I view how many Fire Dragon Rampages or Malik Beams I've used so far? Open 1
How do you get Asbel's 50 hit combo Mystic Arte Title? Open 1
How do you increase the Eleth Burst time? Open 1
How do you play multiplayer? Open 4
How do you run away from a battle? Open 1
How to activate level 2+ mystic artes? Open 2
How to get Asbel's last A Arte? Open 3
How to make or find tanned leather ? Open 1
How to unlock accel mode for the rest of the characters ? Open 1
How to unlock accelerate mode ? Open 1
How to use schoolgirl costume? Open 2
How to watch the beach scene ? Open 2
Huberts costums Especialy the butler costume? Open 1
I cant control Asbel when fighting an enemy? Open 2
Images for all weapons? Open 1
Is anyone willing to share the dlc's for ToGf (US)? Open 1
Is anyone willing to share the highschool DLC costumes? Open 6
Is it right ?? Open 1
Is there a game script or battle quote script? Open 1
Japanese DLC? Open 1
Judgement? Open 2
Knight Instructor? Open 3
List of the towns/dungeons in Engish and Japanese? Open 1
Lost titles? Open 2
Lvl up? Open 1
Magic Carta Card Collection? Open 1
Malik's Fendal Soldier outfit? Open 1
Mastery vs. 5 Star? Open 1
Mutiple of the same rank 7 quality? Open 1
My question contains spoilers can someone help me out ? Open 1
Need help with Role-Playing Doll Titles ? Open 1
Pascal's Fever Dream salute ver.? Open 2
Preoder stuff? Open 2
Quests/items before final dungeon? Open 1
Should I get any of the DLC's for TalesOfGraces f? Open 2
Stamp card lvl up? Open 1
Tales of Graces f ~ Question about NA data and EU data??? Open 1
Triple and Double SP? Open 2
Trouble with getting Flash Noble Title for Richard? Open 1
Version with JAP Audio / ENG Subs? Open 2
Warp? Open 1
What do you get for 100% completion? Open 1
What does each parameter stand for? Open 1
What does the new game+ "inherit skills' do? Open 2
What gems ability gives you HP every time you hit enemy? Open 2
What's the name of the title for Asbel's level 2 Blast Caliber? When can I get it exactly? Open 1
Where is it ? Open 1
Which title gives Cheria her 1st level combo mystic arte? And how do i get it? Open 1
Why aren't my add-ons working? Open 1
Why can't I change my characters costume? Open 2
Why can't i get some of my characters certain "....proof" titles? Open 1
Why can't My ps3 profile login to Facebook? Open 1
Why dont we have any of the anime DLC outfits available? Open 1
Why won't the final inn request in Telos Astue appear? Open 1
Will the translation stop? Open 5
Will there be a English official guide? Open 4
Willing to give pre order bonus code? Open 1

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