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==.....................MAGIC CARTA FAQ...........................==

Welcome to Tales of Graces F Magic Carta FAQ.
This FAQ will help you complete your collection of Magic Carta
help you win the mini-game and will also explain where and
what are the reward concerning the cards.


Table of Contents

  I. Magic Carta location
 II. Carta Game
III. Old man in Zavhert Port
 IV. Version History
  V. Closing thanks and legal

Pressing Ctrl+F and typing the number of your missing carta
will bring you right to it's number for an easier navigation.


The first 50 cartas are collectable in the normal game
the 51-90 are collected in the future arc. 

I would suggest to concentrate on getting the carta when
your an adult as all of them are there and they are not worth
the trouble when your a child.



Carta will be listed as follow

*Carta number Character on the carta
The quote for the Magic Carta Game

It's location


*Carta 01 Stahn
The-The sword Spoke!

Found randomly in a shiny spot in east Lhant Road

*Carta 02 Rutee
Hey, Atwight? I have something to ask you...

Found randomly in a shiny spot in North Barona Road

*Carta 03 Philia
L-Look out!

Found randomly in a shiny spot in west Lhant Road

*Carta 04 Garr
Allow me to disengage my limiter!

Found randomly in a shiny spot in North Lhant Road

*Carta 05 Leon
I hail from the kingdom of Seinegald

Found randomly in a shiny spot in South Barona Road

*Carta 06  Chelsea
No way, I'm lost!

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Gralesyde Highroad

*Carta 07 Mary
I'm alive, Dalis

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Old Grale Highroad

*Carta 08 Karyl
People Call me ''Blue Lightning''

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Strahta Craglands

*Carta 09 Bruiser
I am the champion!

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Strahta Desert (East)

*Carta 10 Lilith
A ladle in my right hand, and a frying pan in my left!

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Strahta Desert (West)

*Carta 11 Dymlos
It's all right, Stahn

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Strahta Desert (North)

*Carta 12  Atwight
I think I've fulfilled my promise to your mother

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Fendel Borderlands

*Carta 13 Igtenos
Glory to Phandaria

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Fendel Mountain Pass

*Carta 14 Chaltier
You will always be my young master

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Fendel Highlands

*Carta 15 Clemente
You'll be all right. You're a strong girl.

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Mt. Zavhert

*Carta 16 Yuri
Intend to?

Talk to the little boy on the right of the reserach institute in
Sable Isole

*Carta 17 Estelle
The voices of corpses buried beneath the trees...

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Glacier Road

*Carta 18 Karol
Until you really think I'm a boss...

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Untrodden Snowfield
The shiny sport are only on the right side of the temple.

*Carta 19 Rita
You thought you could win?

Talk to the little boy on the right of the reserach institute in
Sable Izolle

*Carta 20 Raven
So this is the end, huh?

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Uncharted Sandstretch

*Carta 21 Judith
This is the path I have chosen.

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Region 13

*Carta 22 Kyle
I want to be just like my dad!

In Gralesyde get outside from Duke Dalen house to find a maid,
she will give you this card.

*Carta 23 Loni
Don't attack when your spirit is low!

In Gralesyde get outside from Duke Dalen house to find a maid,
she will give you this card.

*Carta 24 Juda
Another Nightmare...

Found after planting enough seed in Cheria garden.

*Carta 25  Reala
Kyle? Kyyyyle!

The boss on the floor 9 of Zhonecage have 25% chance to drop the card.
The book of Serendipity and a drop bottle can help you get it.

*Carta 26 Nanaly
I understood Lou better than anyone

In Gralesyde get outside from Duke Dalen house to find a maid,
she will give you this card.

*Carta 27 Harold
Always keep your rocket launcher ready to fire.

In Gralesyde get outside from Duke Dalen house to find a maid,
she will give you this card.

*Carta 28 Cress
We need magic to defeat Dhaos.

Found randomly in a shiny spot in Region 66. Good luck with that one.

*Carta 29 Mint
I'm sure I heard my mother's voice!

In Lhant get up in the windmill next to Cheria's house, it's on the
left side. Some people have problem finding this card, but it's
definetely there in the audult arc.

*Carta 30 Arche
Hmph! Chester...

In Barona right after the stair to go to the valkines cryas
there a chest hidden on the right.

*Carta 31 Claus
Defeat Dhaos? Are you...serious?

In the storehouse in Gralesyde

*Carta 32 Suzu
I'm not going to cry.

In a chest next to the Turtlez in Oul Raye

*Carta 33 Chester
Cress...Did you know?

In Sable Izolle go to the right of the inn until you reach
a secret section with the chest.

*Carta 34 Lloyd
How can we go on a quest to regenerate the world...

In Yu Liberte there a secret passage on the right to the weapon shop
neat the bottom of the stairs.

*Carta 35 Colette

In a chest in Warrior's Roost.

*Carta 36 Genius
You don't have to apologize, Lloyd.

In Velanik when you pass under a destroyed house there a chest to 
the right with the carta in it.

*Carta 37 Raine
Lloyd Irving, wake up!

In a chest in Zavhert

*Carta 38  Sheena
The people of Mizuho were chased from this land.

In Pascale's room. (Amarcian Enclave)

*Carta 39 Kratos
Hmph...and I thought I'd finally earned the right to die.

In a chest found in Telos Astue.

*Carta 40 Zelos
Now, now, settle down, my darling hunnies!

Right chest in katz village

*Carta 41 Presea
Thank you for assisting me with my daddy's burial.

Reach stamp level 7 in Lhant and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 42 Regal
I swear upon my good name and these shackles that bind me...

Reach stamp level 9 in Barona and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 43 Luke
I'm the ambassador!

Reach stamp level 6 in Gralesyde and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 44 Guy
My sword cuts all!

Reach stamp level 7 in Oul Raye and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 45 Tear
I didn't expect you to be a Seventh Fonist, too.

Reach stamp level 10 in Sable Izolle and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 46 Anise
Oh, no! Ion!

Reach stamp level 9 in Yu Liberte and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 47 Jade
My apologies. I'd forgotten the young master here...

Reach stamp level 6 in Velanik and buy it from the shop.
(The shop is the peddler at the entrance of the village)

*Carta 48 Natalia
Asch! Stop!

Reach stamp level 10 in Zavhert and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 49 Emil
Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.

Reach stamp level 1 in the Amarcian Enclave and buy it from the shop.

*Carta 50 Marta
Are you gonna fight me or run?

Reach stamp level 5 in Telos Astue and buy it from the shop.


All Carta after this except if noted, require to be in 
the future arc, or atleast that you did the future arc.

*Carta 51 Reid
There are people I love that live in this world.

Lastalia Shaft: Base 5

*Carta 52  Farah
Maybe we can become heroes!

Lastalia Shaft: Depths 4 Next to oblivite hulk

*Carta 53 Chat
Will you become my deck hands?

Lastalia Shaft: Depths 5 after the elevator next to glacite hulk

*Carta 54 Max
She doesn't like pickles on her burgers.

Lastalia Shaft: Depths 6 to the right of the elevator

*Carta 55 Keele
What kind of technology does Celestia possess?

Fodra's Core, to the left of the starting point.

*Carta 56 Meredy
You saved Meredy and Quickie.

Fodra's core, to the left of the save point.

*Carta 57 Ruca
It was probably just luck.

Strahta Desert Ruins hard to miss. Future arc

*Carta 58 Illia
What the heck are you doing?!

In Oul Raye next to the inn after going to the deepest part of Fodra's Core.

*Carta 59 Spada
What's up with you?

To the left of the water cryas in the desert ruins. 

*Carta 60 Ange
Oh my! then this meeting must be fate.

Fendel Glacier Ruin in future arc hard to miss

*Carta 61 Ricardo
Kids again?

In the next room of Ange's Carta, go left way for the chest with the card

*Carta 62 Hermana
From now on, eat yer fill, 'kay?

Next to Lorelia tombs in Future arc.

*Carta 63 Shing
A guy who can't even make the girl in front of him smile?

Request in Lhant asking for a Rusty nail. 

*Carta 64 Amber
Yes. I believe you.

The boss on the floor 3 of Zhonecage have 25% chance to drop the card.
The book of Serendipity and a drop bottle can help you get it.
Also available in the normal arc.

*Carta 65 Jadeite
Listen up. You lay one finger on my sister...

Request in Barona requiring an hairping dualize it with a 
feather and a decaying fang. 

*Carta 66 Beryl
Shut up! Just shut up!

Inn request Gralesyde requiring a Pretty Anklet.

*Carta 67 Innes
Oh? A well-endowed beauty, you say?

Request in Oul Raye requiring a necklace. 

*Carta 68 Kunzite
The unique identification code my master assigned me is...

Inn request Sable Izolle

*Carta 69 Veigue
All that matter is that Claire is safe.

Drop from master class bosses in the arena 100%

*Carta 70 Mao
The past isn't important.

In gustworks ruins, can't miss it.

*Carta 71 Eugene
I have seen many Force adepts in my day...

In gustwork ruins, when your with the party of Cheria, the first green
block you see to go down there is a block on the left of this place.
Take it and there will be the chest right there.

*Carta 72  Annie
Life doesn't have one color

In gustworks ruins after the party reunited with screen left of gustwork
core discovery.

*Carta 73 Tytree
Wow, sweet! That's five stars right there!

Reward for showing 80 carta to the old man in Zavhert port.

*Carta 74 Hilda
I will overcome...

In gustwork ruin go back to the gustwork core with pascal in your party
she will move the block and let you grab the chest with the card.

*Carta 75 Senel
If she wants to hurt something we care about...

In Desert Ruin's, can't really miss it. future Arc

*Carta 76 Will
My real occupation is that of a natural historian

In Eleth research Laboratory, in the first puzzle with the hexagon

*Carta 77 Chloe
It is my duty to help those in need.

Come back in Eleth research facilities after the boss, the rumbble
close to the first hexagon puzzle won't be there, and you will be
able to access the chest.

*Carta 78 Norma
I have no doubt anymore, master!

In eleth Research laboratory, after recovering the toxic gaz handle
from the second puzzle go close the valve to the south and the carta
is in that chest.

*Carta 79 Moses
This here's a job for a real man!

In Arcadia Forest after giving 5 seed to the hungry bear.

*Carta 80 Jay
I need to know. I can't stand it when there's something I don't know

In Arcadia Forest after giving 5 seed to the hungry bear.

*Carta 81 Grune
Oh, come now. Let's not worry about little things, okay?

In arcadia forest to the right of the discovery.

*Carta 82 Shirley
They have offered their hand...

In Arcadia forest area 6

*Carta 83 Caius
Let's see...

Inn request Yu Liberte 

*Carta 84 Rubia
Come onnnn, flavor!

Inn request Warrior's Roost needing a Bone Key, dualize it with
a strong bone and whirling seashell. 

*Carta 85 Asch
If your scared of killing...

Inn request Velanik asking for 5 seafood set.

*Carta 86 Flynn
We need just laws laid down by the government...

Inn request Zavhert 

*Carta 87 Repede

Inn request Amarcian Enclave asking for a seafood stew. You can make
it by combining a seafood set and a stew (Milk+Vegetable set)

*Carta 88 Patty
A villain like him? Pah!

Request in Telos Astue asking for a greenscarf you can buy one in
the shop in the same machine for the request.

*Carta 89 Dio
Come on, it'll be fine!

Request in Katz Village asking for a glowfruit
dualize it with core dust and nameless seed. 

*Carta 90 Mell
How many times have we told you?

Inn request Katz Village asking for a fly lure.


Magic Carta Game

In Sable Izolle there is a man in front of the equipement shop
named Carter. He is the NPC you would want to talk to play
the Magic Carta Game.

To play the game at Easy you need at least 10 carta, 20 for normal
and 25 for hard.

The goal of the game is simple, Asbel will say the quote written
on the carta and you'll need to go over the right Carta and press
X to select it, if you have it wrong you won't be able to chose
another carta for a little while, leaving the time for Carter to
take the good one before you. The quote will also be written on the
bottom of the screen. 

You can even play this game against your friend! You simply need
to have 2 controller working at the same time.

At harder difficulties Carter get super psychic powers and 
almost get the carta the moment it is said, you can cheat a little
by pressing start to read the what the quote is, look in this FAQ
to know what quote corespond to who and then press start again and
again looking at the cards while letting less time for Carter to
pick the card.

Because most of the Tales of weren't localized there some heroes
you may not know, typing example ''Stahn tales of'' in Google will
help you recognize the characters.

These tips by CobraGT  can also proove to be useful.

Beat hard as soon as you get 25 cards because there are fewer to learn.

Snap a picture. Combine the picture with your suggestion of 
pressing [start] as soon as Asbel reads the quote. The hardest 
part for me is finding the carta when it is under several others. 

The Reward for Easy is and apple gel
If Carter get 0 point you will receive Asbel Yuri Costume

The Reward for Normal is the Book Of Cuisine
Doing a perfect game will give Sophie Patty Costume

And the Reward for Hard is a title for Pascal with a skit
If you can manage to do a perfect game at hard you will get
Cheria Rita costume.


There is an Old man in Zavhert Port near the dock, if you show
him a certain number of Carta he will rewards you with the
following gift.

05 Cards : Grape Gel x3
10 Cards : Mastery Tonic C
20 Cards : Mastery Tonic EX
30 Cards : Title For Asbel Carta Collector
40 Cards : Lost Anklet
50 Cards : Mastery Tonic G
60 Cards : Symphonian Scepter
70 Cards : Rebirth Crusader 
80 Cards : Magic Carta 73
90 Cards : Mastery Tonic G x3

The Lost Anklet is required to get the special Cameo fight in
Warrior's Roost so even if you doesn't like carta getting 40
is the minimum to get all the important stuff.


Version 1.00 March 15 2012 Wrote the FAQ

Version 1.01 March 19 2012 Added information to complete the FAQ

Version 1.02 March 24 2012 Added info on some cards

Version 1.03 March 30 2012 Added info 90 and 87 and CobraGT tips.

Version 1.04 August 26 2012 Added Flynn and Corrected Dymlos.

Version 1.05 April 2 2014 Added Kunzite and Caius, also corrected
a few spelling mistake. This FAQ is now complete and may only
received some spelling change in the future.


This Faq may not be seen in any other site other than

You may use this faq to answer questions in the message board 
but do not claim this faq as your own. 

Feel free to ask new questions sending a private message 
to me I'll answer them if they are pertinant to this FAQ.

Also if you find a Carta that's not in the FAQ tell me!
Spelling is important! Notice me if there is any!
I'll add your finding to the list and give you proper credits.

Or you could write to this email
any e-mail without MAGIC CARTA in the title won't be read, but
use the private message to get a quicker answer, I don't check my
e-mails often.

Every Contributors will have their name written 
for the credits they deserve.

CobraGT for giving heplful tips with the hard carta mini-game

Thanks Mike to have corrected the error in Dymlos name
and added the Flynn Carta

Thank you Suih for correcting the requirement for the
Marta carta

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