FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

FAQ Table of Contents:

FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/15/13

Table of Contents

  1. Tales of Graces f - FAQ/Walkthrough
  2. Introduction
  3. Gameplay
    1. Controls
    2. Battle
    3. Artes Menu
    4. Titles Menu
    5. Mixer Menu
    6. Library Menu
    7. Requests
    8. Dualizing
  4. Walkthrough
  5. Chapter 1: Childhood
  6. Chapter 2: Adulthood (Part I)
  7. Chapter 3: Adulthood (Part II)
  8. Chapter 4: Adulthood (Part III)
  9. Optional Sidequests
  10. Chapter 5: Adulthood (Part IV)
  11. Chapter 6: Adulthood (Part V)
  12. Chapter 7: Adulthood (Part VI)
  13. Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)
  14. Optional Sidequests
    1. Beach Resort
    2. Swimsuit Gathering
    3. Sandshroud Ruins
    4. Oswell Family Vault
    5. Shuttle Crash Site
    6. Barona / Turtlez HQ
  15. Chapter 8: Continued
  16. Lineage and Legacies
    1. Last Chance for 100%
  17. Zhonecage
    1. 1st Floor
    2. 2nd Floor
    3. 3rd Floor
    4. 4th Floor
    5. 5th Floor
    6. 6th Floor
    7. 7th Floor
    8. 8th Floor
    9. 9th Floor
    10. 10th Floor
  18. New Game +
    1. Grade Shop
  19. Riot Peak Trials
    1. Normal Class
    2. Master Class
    3. Lineage & Legacies
  20. Skits & Sidequests
    1. Skits Checklist
    2. Sidequest Checklist
  21. Requests Checklist
    1. Lhant Requests
    2. Barona Requests
    3. Gralesyde Requests
    4. Oul Raye Requests
    5. Sable Izolle Requests
    6. Yu Liberte Requests
    7. Warrior's Roost Requests
    8. Velanik Requests
    9. Zavhert Requests
    10. Amarcian Enclave Requests
    11. Telso Astue Requests
    12. Katz Korner Requests
  22. Dualizing Equipment/Gems & Polishing
    1. The Basics
    2. Qualities
  23. Shop List
    1. Turtlez Merchants
    2. Lhant
    3. Barona
    4. Gralesyde
    5. Oul Raye
    6. Sable Izolle
    7. Yu Liberte
    8. Velanik
    9. Zavhert
    10. Amarcian Enclave
    11. Telos Astue
    12. Katz Korner
  24. Dualizing Recipes
    1. Combine
    2. Cook
    3. Convert
    4. Merge
  25. Library Checklist
    1. Consumables
    2. Dishes
    3. Materials
    4. Weapons
    5. Armor
    6. Unique Equipment
    7. Gems
    8. Valuables
    9. Discoveries
    10. Enemy Book Checklist
  26. Titles Checklist
    1. Asbel's Titles
    2. Asbel's Titles (In-Depth)
    3. Sophie's Titles
    4. Hubert's Titles
    5. Cheria's Titles
    6. Malik's Titles
    7. Pascal's Titles
    8. Richard's Titles
  27. Artes (In-Depth)
    1. Asbel's A-Artes
    2. Asbel's B-Artes
  28. Contact
  29. Version History and Updates
  30. Copyright & Disclaimer


Chapter 8: Adulthood (Part VII)


World's Eye

Other[_] 780 Unit(s) of ElethSkits[_] No. 219: A Word in Edgewise
[_] 5200 Gald[_] No. 220: Under Observation
Consumables[_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2[_] No. 221: In Its Clutches
[_] No. 012: Arcane Bottle[_] No. 381: Touchy Subject
[_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle C[_] No. 222: No Matter What!
[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x3[_] No. 223: One for the Road
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3Enemies
Materials[_] No. 109: Legendary Metal[_] - [_] No. 035: Terminus Wyvern
Valuables[_] No. 109: Book of Smithery[_] - [_] No. 084: Dantalion
Disc.[_] No. 73: Heart of Stone[_] - [_] No. 251: Mandragora Ancient
[_] - [_] No. 254: Eye of Wrath

The save offers the skit A Word in Edgewise. There are two types of rooms here, one that sucks up up a level and one that swallows you down. We want to head down. Follow the path until you reach a split and take the right pod to go down a level. Follow this to another split and go into the pod nearby, but avoid the airway up. Instead, walk past and leave to the west. Follow the path south, grabbing the Syrup Bottle x2 before going east into the pod for a scene. Continue east and then grab the Arcane Bottle before you head south west to a pod. Head to the save and view the Under Observation skit and then check the big black object to get the Heart of Stone discovery, Legendary Metal, and In Its Clutches skit. Leave to the west.

Follow the path south and at the split, go east to get an Eleth Bottle C. Now head west into the pod. Start by activating the pink flower and walk up to the pink pillar to get the Touchy Subject skit. Now, activate both the blue flowers. Cross the area to the northwest and activate the pink flower now to move the platform. Leave through the west and keep going that way until you reach a pod with Grape Gel x3. Hop into the flower to get sucked down and then grab the 780 Unit(s) of Eleth. Go right to get sucked back up.

Head west again and then north to grab the chest with 5200 Gald. Head back into the pod you came from and go south at the split to get some Life Bottle x3. Enter the nearby pod for a whole new puzzle. Start by touching the blue flower to open the paths up. Now, go west and activate the pink flower to move the platform, followed by the blue one next to it. Now, use the new platform to reach the northwest pink flower and move the second platform. Once that is done, use the blue flower next to it to lower the obstacles again. Now, activate the last pink flower in the top right corner to push the platform into the next room and then the blue to wither all the flowers.

Head outside and make your way to the northwest pod in this area and then go west and north to either of the pods at the far north. Drop down onto that platform you just moved and you will be at the third puzzle. Start with the nearest blue flower and then use the northwest pink one. Use the blue one beside you now and then use the southern-most pink one to push both platforms and then the blue one beside that. Head to the far west area and use the pink and blue here to wither the flowers. Finally, exit east to grab the Book of Smithery and get sucked up. Head east, south, and west to get back to the second puzzle room where you can now reach the save and watch the skits No Matter What! and One for the Road. Save and follow the path to your boss fights.

Boss: No. 285: Richard (Transformed)

Richard has gotten a lot stronger since you last fought him. He has new abilities that can do serious damage and he blocks you combos easier. Watch out for his pinwheel of fire that he likes to do in succession multiple times. He also has a Freeze attack that if successful will make his next hit instantly kill you. When the Eleth Burst occurs, watch out for his Mystic Arte. On the flip side, when your Eleth Burst occurs, go all out on him. Overall, just watch you HP and be careful. Use your side-steps to avoid attacks when possible or guard.

Boss: No. 037: Emeraude

Emeraude's biggest thing is that she warps around anytime you start to get a good combo on her. She also likes to just range attack you with her black balls of doom. When you get close, she will likely push you back with a shockwave attack. This makes getting combos on her difficult. Ranged fighters like Cheria and Malik really help for this battle.

Skills to be careful of are her Whirlwind attack that can kill everyone at once if they are low health. She can also cast this back to back if you get unlucky. Her Mystic Art and area wide Killing Field are also super dangerous. Use items to keep your party alive and try and get some good combos on her.


Lhant / Lhant Hill

Valuables[_] No. 140: Magic Carta No. 24
Skits[_] No. 224: Mutual Destruction
[_] No. 225: The Value of Life
[_] No. 226: In Bloom
[_] No. 227: What Did I Do Now?!

You can now travel to any location you want instantly. YAY!

A few things about instant travel. Firstly, if you hit R3 from the town map you can select any Town, Dungeon, Field, or Discovery to visit. If you hit R3 while inside a building, you can see the Equipment, Items, and Requested Items for each town. This will save loads of time for finding where things are and who wanted them.

Select Lhant and travel to the town. Head to Cheria's and plant the seeds you have and you should get the Magic Carta No. 24.

Head for the Lhant Manor and watch the scene. Inside, go to the save to see the skit Mutual Destruction before going to the study. When you have control again, visit the save once again for the skit The Value of Life and then head outside. After the long scene, you will have to head to Lhant Hill, so pack up and get going.

Outside Lhant Hill, stop at the crossroads to get the skit In Bloom. Now, continue to Lhant Hill for a scene. When you have control, head to the Friendship Tree and watch the skit What Did I Do Now?!. Now, return to Lhant for a scene.



Armor[_] No. 020: Jade VestmentsSkits[_] Asbel: Steadfast Young Man
Unique Equ.[_] No. 078: Fluffy Muffler[_] Sophie: Wish Maker
Skits[_] No. 228: Point of No Return[_] Hubert: Heart of a Lhant
[_] Cheria: Dream Chaser
[_] Malik: Watchful Steward
[_] Pascal: Pride of the Amarcia

You'll now need to find and talk to all your allies:

  • Hubert: In the study
  • Sophie: In the Manor gardens
  • Malik: On the bridge
  • Pascal: In the square
  • Cheria: By the North gate

Now go back to the Manor and sleep in Asbel's room. In the morning you get a new set of titles:

  • Asbel: Steadfast Young Man
  • Sophie: Wish Maker
  • Hubert: Heart of a Lhant
  • Cheria: Dream Chaser
  • Malik: Watchful Steward
  • Pascal: Pride of the Amarcia

Before we go anywhere else, talk to Fourier to gain the Fluffy Muffler for Pascal. Head to the bridge and watch the skit Point of No Return. Make sure to head to Asbel's room for a chest with the Jade Vestments inside.


Katz Korner / Cat-Crazy Coot's

Consumables[_] No. 010: HourglassDisc.[_] No. 78: Catnip
Materials[_] No. 226: Milk x3Skits[_] No. 367: Rating Cats and Dogs
Armor[_] No. 059: Katz Klothez[_] No. 366: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Valuables[_] No. 043: Cat Pine Seeds
[_] No. 156: Magic Carta No. 40
[_] No. 065: Katz Dekoder

In the square, hiding in the northeast corner, is a new cat that you can feed fish to. If this is your last cat, you can select "Meow?" to reach a new town called Katz Zorner.

In case you missed a cat, here are the locations:

LhantIn the square, northeast corner on the lower level
BaronaNear the entrance to the Royal Sanctuary
GralesydeAt the port hiding in the Turtlez Transport alcove
Oul RayeInside the cottage
Sable IzolleOutside the Research Tower
Yu LiberteInside the White Wine Estate, Residential District
Warrior's RoostTo the right of the Annals of Victory Discovery
VelanikInside the house next to the Inn
ZavhertInside of Fermat's house
Amarcian EnclaveOutside of Pascal's place

On the left side of this area is a Hourglass (password: foselos) and Cat Pine Seeds. On the right side is the Magic Carta No. 40. In front of the merry-go-round, check the sign for the Catnip discovery and Rating Cats and Dogs skit. Talk to the only human near the pond who hints at a secret location. Now, return to Lhant and hit R3 to enter shuttle mode. Using the right analog, find the approx. location X Axis: 332 and Y Axis: -392 and hit L1. This will uncover Cat-Crazy Coot's House. Go ahead and visit and receive the Katz Dekoder and Katz Klothez. There is also a chest with Milk x3 here.

Don't miss the Katz Korner shop in the northeast corner of the map. They have their own Shop and Stamps. You can also view any scene or skits you have come across. There is also an Inn here for requests. Oh yea, and a skit Crazy Little Thing Called Love.


Ghardia Shaft

Other[_] 7267 GaldValuables[_] No. 012: Arithmos CoreEnemies
[_] 825 Unit(s) of Eleth[_] No. 012: Arithmos Core[_] - [_] No. 054: Obsidian Wolf
[_] 7830 Gald[_] No. 112: Book of Fortitude[_] - [_] No. 075: Tempest Harpy
Cosumables[_] No. 022: Red Sage[_] No. 012: Arithmos Core[_] - [_] No. 077: Cackling Golem
[_] No. 009: All-DivideDisc.[_] No. 74: Gigantic Drill[_] - [_] No. 103: Revenant Eagle
[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x3Skits[_] No. 229: All the Way Down[_] No. 160: Dullahan
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2[_] No. 230: All Smiles[_] No. 216: Abysseon
[_] No. 010: Hourglass[_] No. 231: Glimpses of the Past, Part I[_] No. 132: Destinion
[_] No. 013: Holy Bottle x3[_] No. 232: A Piece of History
[_] No. 032: Eleth Bottle C[_] No. 233: Emeraude's Mistake
[_] No. 010: HourglassTitles[_] Cheria: Chef de Cuisine
[_] No. 023: Red Lavender[_] Hubert: Blood Soldier
[_] No. 008: Elixir
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x2
[_] No. 025: Red Rosemary
[_] No. 029: Mastery Tonic C

Head to the nearby save and view the skit All the Way Down and then grab the Red Sage nearby. Warp down and grab the 7267 Gald from the northeast and then take the east lift down. There are two lifts here, take the southern-most one first to reach an Arithmos Core and return to take the other lift to a warp. Follow the path to another lift a descend.

Start by crossing the red, yellow and blue tiles to grab the All-Divide. Then go through the red, yellow and blue to reach Grape Gel x3. Go north through the red, and then to the northwest chest for another Arithmos Core. You will now need to step back on the blue tile to go back to the beginning. Follow the same path as before, but this time go to the save. Instead of warping, take the lift up for a fight and then take the lift again to get Life Bottle x2 and an Hourglass. If you take the southern lift, you get to fight the tough Abysseon. Make sure you have someone who can revive and if your party gets close to losing, just back off and protect the healer as they revive the characters over and over again. Go back up now, and take the western lift to a scene.

After the flashback, grab the 825 Unit(s) of Eleth and take the nearby warp. On the next floor, go south and grab the Holy Bottle x3 and then make your way to the lift and descend. Head northwest for a Book of Fortitude and then head to the save to watch the All Smiles skit. The lift to the east leads to a Destinion fight. Now, head back to the save and go south for 7830 Gald and a lift.

Another colored puzzle has you going through more colored tiles.

For the next puzzle:

You can now take the lift to another scene. After the messed up flashback, watch the skit Glimpses of the Past, Part I and grab the Mastery Tonic C. Continue north to get the Gigantic Drill discovery and A Piece of History skit before heading southeast. At the save, watch the Emeraude's Mistake skit before you head to the warp. You can now take this as a shortcut to the surface... and you should.


Beach Resort

Valuables[_] No. 248: Shark FinSkits[_] No. 364: The Beaches Brigade
Attachments[_] Inner TubeTitles[_] Cheria: Alluring Temptress
Disc[_] No. 77: Sunscreen Rangers

Go to Shuttle Mode and search the map near X Axis: -367 and Y Akis: -159 to uncover the resort.

Inside, head to the right wall and discover the Sunscreen Rangers and watch the skit The Beaches Brigade. Now, speak to the receptionist and use the pool for a funny scene and Cheria's Alluring Temptress title. Head for the exit for a scene for a scene and then take the northwest door back to the beach. Nearby you should see a shiny Inner Tube attachment that you can snag. Now, head into the water and examine the dolphin-like blow-up for a Shark Fin. You can now leave the Resort.


Swimsuit Gathering

Valuables[_] No. 221: Abandoned CargoTitles[_] Asbel: Vest-DressedEnemies
[_] No. 246: Liquisilk Fabric[_] Pascal: Free Spirit[_] No. 193: Felonfake
Skits[_] No. 339: The Troll Still Burns[_] Cheria: Seaside Angel[_] No. 146: Torch Elemental
[_] No. 340: Midnight Ramblers[_] Hubert: Six-Eyes[_] No. 240: Blast Helmite
[_] No. 342: Evenly Matched[_] Hubert: Six-Eyes
[_] Malik: Lifeguard
[_] Sophie: Beach Kitty
[_] Pascal: Deep Sea Diver

If you'd like to find the swimsuits, the locations are as follows:

Oul RayeJug to the right of the Item ShopAsbel: Vest-Dressed
Uncharted SandstretchOn the first floor of the Sandshroud RuinsPascal: Deep Sea Diver
Sable IzolleBehind the Item Vendor, for 100k GaldCheria: Seaside Angel
Inside the RockgagongBottom right corner of the mapHubert: Six-Eyes
Yu LiberteSmiley face man at the entranceMalik: Lifeguard
Strahta Desert RuinsTake the second left and then south to the shadow area for a fight in the southwest.Sophie: Beach Kitty

Other Stuff

  • While in Oul Raye, watch the skit The Troll Still Burns at the Inn save.
  • When you do Pascal's section, you will also get the Abandoned Cargo and Free Spirit title
  • While in Sable Izolle, watch the skit Midnight Ramblers at the save.
  • While at the Strahta Desert Ruins, visit the valkines cryas and take a right to circle around the back and get the Liquisilk Fabric. Avoid the optional boss fight star event. You can also get the skit Evenly Matched at the save.


Sandshroud Ruins

Other[_] 900 Unit(s) of ElethMaterials[_] No. 081: Crystal SeashellEnemies
[_] 6900 Gald[_] No. 037: Clear Core[_] - [_] No. 147: Crooning Golem
[_] 1 GaldValuables[_] No. 062: Hero Staff[_] - [_] No. 255: Trapper Helmite
Consumables[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3[_] No. 099: Book of Solitude[_] - [_] No. 292: Ruby Weapon
[_] No. 033: Eleth Bottle EXDisc.[_] No. 76: Heat Ray Cannon B[_] No. 188: Pooka Helmite
[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x3Skits[_] No. 362: A Show of Gratitude[_] No. 089: Gravereaper
[_] No. 009: All-Divide[_] No. 383: That Old Familiar Feeling
[_] No. 008: Elixir[_] No. 363: Cool Composure
[_] No. 030: Mastery Tonic EX[_] No. 384: Patching the Cracks
[_] No. 010: Hourglass

Head to the first door and power up the ruins, similarly to the one in Fendel. Go down the stairs all the way to the save to watch the skit A Show of Gratitude and then head north and fight the single Pooka Helmite. Head through the door to the north for the Life Bottle x3 and That Old Familiar Feeling skit. Then go back to the east door and head through it.

If you are too low level, you will want to avoid the battles, especially ones with the Golems. This is a good place to get the title for cooking Curry to revive someone enough times though.

I find a good party is Sophie, Cheria and Hubert because all three can heal and 2 of them can revive.

In the next area, we want to move the pointers to light up the two doors, but there is bonus items here. Shift the power to the two eastern-most pointers and then instead of pointing them to the door, point them to the path that leads to an orange square on the floor to get a Crystal Seashell and Eleth Bottle EX to appear. Now, move the pointers to the doors and take either to the next room.

Use the only pointer here to direct the power east and enter a complex room of multiple pointers. There are two things we can move here, the pointers and the connection devices on the floor. Start with the eastern power path and move the cursor until you light the orange square directly south of the door to receive 900 Unit(s) of Eleth. Now, flip the floor connector to move the power connection to allow it to continue east. Flip the pointer and floor device, as needed, until the southern-most pointer is powered and facing south. Now we need to do the same thing for the other side. If you look in the northwest corner of the room, you'll see a floor device that can point north or south. You want to have it pointing south and then power it to get the Grape Gel x3. Now, direct the power south and when both paths lead to the same pointer, you can advance south.

Head east, on the upper level, and grab the 6900 Gald before going down the steps all the way down and through a door. Another puzzle awaits on the other side. Start with the northern path and direct the pointer westward, but then head south with the second as the western paths dead end. Continue to move the power west and when it reaches the last pointer before the four floor device, make it go south. Rotate the floor device to get the power to the orange square and reveal a Clear Core. Now move the power to the northern door, rotating the four floor devices at the end. Time to head to the start and do this again for the southern door. Start by moving the pointer west and the floor device to access the All-Divide hidden in the orange square. When the power reaches the last pointer before the door, face it east and rotate the floor devices to get the orange square lit and receive an Elixir. Now light up the southern door to unlock both doors.

First, take the southern path to a new room with multiple pointer devices and multiple colored stream/floor tiles. The object is to send the correct stream color through each of the floor tiles and then to the door at the end. The easiest way to do this, is to give walk your through each turn step by step:

Red Stream

  • North
  • East
  • North
  • East

Blue Stream

  • North
  • East
  • South to make a purple stream go east to the purple tile splitter making two new streams of red and blue

New Red Stream

  • South
  • West
  • South
  • West
  • South
  • East to orange tile

New Blue Stream

  • North
  • West
  • North
  • East to green tile

Yellow Stream

  • North
  • Automatically makes a green stream east to green tile

Green Stream

  • East
  • South to splitter that makes a blue and yellow stream

New Yellow Stream

  • South to connect to red to make an orange stream to the orange tile

Orange Stream

  • East
  • North
  • East to splitter to make a red and yellow stream

Blue Stream from green splitter

  • North
  • East

New Red Stream from orange splitter

  • North to red tile
  • Move the pointer north of the red tile to the east
  • Move the red tile pointer North making it automatically goes east
  • Move the pointer to the north of where the current red stream end to the north
  • Move the red streams current location North to connect with the blue and make a purple stream west

Purple Stream

  • East through purple
  • South to splitter to make a red stream to the door and a blue one going south

New Blue Stream

  • Move the pointer to the east of the orange splitter south and the one to the east of the yellow tile east toward green
  • West
  • South
  • South
  • East through green tile
  • North
  • East to the door

Yellow Stream

  • East to automatically make a green stream and open the final door

Here, you will fight a Gravereaper and obtain two treasure: Mastery Tonic EX and Hero Staff. The warp is a one-way ticket out, so don't take it and instead head back to the previous puzzle room and head north.

Take the northern path to an Hourglass and the save, which may net you the Cool Composure skit. In this puzzle, you have to make the correct stream color go through each colored tile for the door to open.

If you are having issues completing this, you may need to kill the Gravereaper first, which you should have if you followed the order in this guide. If that doesn't work, try clearing both puzzles and then checking back.

This is easier than the last puzzle: Blue Stream

  • West for 1 Gald then change it to South
  • South
  • Connect with Red

Purple Stream

  • South through splitter

Red Stream

Purple Stream

  • North
  • West through splitter

Blue Stream

  • West
  • West
  • South
  • South
  • West to door

Red Stream

  • South
  • West
  • West
  • Automatically goes South and West to door

This leads to the Heat Ray Cannon B discovery and Patching the Cracks skit. The warp here is a one-way ticket out.


Oswell Family Vault

Consumables[_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x2Materials[_] No. 206: Beef x2
[_] No. 002: Peach Gel x2[_] No. 201: Peach x3
[_] No. 033: Eleth Bottle EX[_] No. 176: Imperial Crest
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3[_] No. 236: White Wine x3
[_] No. 012: Arcane Bottle[_] No. 235: Red Wine x3
[_] No. 010: Hourglass[_] No. 181: Bizarre Clump
[_] No. 009: All-Divide[_] No. 177: Toxic Fluid
[_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2Armor[_] No. 021: Seablue Vestments
[_] No. 008: ElixirValuables[_] No. 229: Seablue Statue
[_] No. 030: Mastery Tonic EXSkits[_] No. 325: Ill-Gotten Gains
[_] No. 011: Drop BottleTitles[_] Hubert: Scion of Oswell

In Shuttle Mode, search for X Axis: 2 and Y Axis: -308 to find the Oswell Family Vault and head there.

Boss: No. 011: Martial Fury

You will automatically be thrown into a fight and upon winning receive Hubert's Scion of Oswell title.

When you have control again, go east and west to grab the Panacea Bottle x2 and Peach Gel x2. Now, go back and south through the middle to branch off east and west for the Eleth Bottle EX and Life Bottle x3. Now enter the treasure itself through either door.

Inside (from east to west) you'll find Beef x2, Peaches x3, Arcane Bottle, Hourglass, All-Divide, Imperial Crest, White Wine x3, Syrup Bottle x2, Seablue Vestments, Red Wine x3, Elixir, Mastery Tonic EX, Drop Bottle, Bizarre Clump, Toxic Fluid, and a Seablue Statue.

There is also a skit Ill-Gotten Gains by approaching the painting on the east side.


Shuttle Crash Site

Armor[_] No. 043: Silvered VestmentsEnemies
Valuables[_] No. 225: Proof of Another World[_] No. 304: ??? (Unknown)
Skits[_] No. 326: Belated Apologies

Save Before You Visit

In Shuttle Mode, search for X Axis: -381 and Y Axis: 129 for the Shuttle Crash Site.

Set your difficulty down to Easy and then put the characters with the highest HP in your party. Now, equip titles that give the reduced damage if they receive a huge hit like Asbel's Paragon and Malik's Time Traveler. If you survive, you get the Proof of Another World. On the east side of the shuttle, in back, is Sophie's Silvered Vestments. If your approach the front of the shuttle you can watch the Belated Apologies skit.


Barona / Turtlez HQ

Weapons[_] No. 001: Aston's SwordSkits[_] No. 327: Sup, Peoplez?
Valuables[_] No. 217: Businezz ApplicationTitles[_] Sophie: Gothic Lolita

In Shuttle Mode, search for X Axis: 334 and Y Axis: 180, then enter the Turtlez HQ.

There isn't much here really, but speak to the smiley Turtlez to get the Businezz Application and Sophie's Gothic Lolita title. Last we saw Dark Turtlez, he was north of the Border Fortress, but he has moved on.

Afterward, go all the way north to see the Sup, Peoplez? skit by the waving Turtlez.

If you haven't alread, go to the Knight Academy in Barona and talk to Victoria in her study. Now, the Turtlez with the smiley near the entrance will sell you Aston's Sword for 120,000 Gald. This is the sword you had at the beginning of the game.


Fendel Glacier Ruins

Other[_] 4546 GaldArmor[_] No. 022: Abyssal Vestments
Consumables[_] No. 012: Arcane BottleValuables[_] No. 240: Kurt's Pendant
[_] No. 008: ElixirSkits[_] No. 348: Music Makers
[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x2Titles[_] Malik: Unable to Die

Head to the valkines, getting the Music Makers skit at the save, and check behind the warp for a hidden door that leads to an Arcane Bottle, Elixir, 4546 Gald, and Grape Gel x2. If you check the star, you get Kurt's Pendant and Malik's Unable to Die title. The new chest also contains the Abyssal Vestments. Head back to the warp and leave.


Barona Catacombs / Lhant

Dishes[_] No. 090: Mabo Curry x10Skits[_] No. 334: It Happens to Everyone!
Valuables[_] No. 210: Ship Model[_] No. 328: Model Siblings
[_] No. 060: Requiem[_] No. 353: The Mystery Seed
Titles[_] Asbel: Honorary Knight

Head to the location where we first saw Lambda and find a shining spot that contains a Ship Model. There is also the It Happens to Everyone! skit just to the south at the save.

You can head to Lhant now and turn the Ship Model in at the maid in Lhant Manor for Asbel' Honorary Knight title. While here, go upstairs to Asbel's desk to see the Model Siblings skit and check the room to the right of the save to bump into Joe and his gang to receive the Requiem and Mabo Curry x10. You can talk to them again for another scene.

Now go the Cheria's and plant the Cat Pine Seeds for a scene and the skit The Mystery Seed. You'll have to wait a little while to get the scene at the Item Shop, so let's go somewhere else.

If you haven't noticed there are now scenes about Asbel and Curry, Hubert Omelette's, Sophie and Crablettes, and Cheria and Grilled Chicken that hint toward the titles that go along with them.


Barona Castle / Katz Korner

Other[_] 5760 GaldSkits[_] No. 336: Single Entendre
Consumables[_] No. 008: ElixirTitles[_] Asbel: Inheritor of Excalibur
Armor[_] No. 045: Scarlet Vestments[_] Hubert: Modern Youth
Valuables[_] No. 247: Pearl Windthread[_] Cheria: Innocent Maiden

In the castle lobby, head to the save and watch the Single Entendre skit. Head to the throne room and talk to Dalen and you will receive Asbel's Inheritor of Excalibur title. Back in the castle lobby, go east four screens and then enter the northwest room. Follow the path west until you reach the chest with 5760 Gald. Now, take the northern exits for an Elixir and a Pearl Windthread.

If you return to Katz Korner, you can now turn in the Liquisilk Fabric, Pearl Windthread, and Shark Fin for Hubert's Modern Youth and Cheria's Innocent Maiden titles and Scarlet Vestments for Pascal.


Telos Astue / Bathus Citadel

Materials[_] No. 199: MelonSkits[_] No. 350: Target Practice
Valuables[_] No. 233: Drill[_] No. 352: A Desolate World
Titles[_] Malik: Model Soldier

Start by heading to the save on the 1F of Telos for the skit Target Practice.

Now, make your way to the final area of Bathus Citdale where we got the Derris Ore, grabbing the skit A Desolate World at the save, for another Drill and Malik's Model Soldier title.

You can now go to Lhant and head to the star next to the Item Shop to get a scene and a Melon. They will now be added to the Lhant shop.


Seaside Cavern / Barona

Armor[_] No. 044: Amber VestmentsSkits[_] No. 335: ...And Back AgainEnemies
Valuables[_] No. 214: Tuning Fork[_] No. 329: Where Credit is Due[_] No. 115: Gloandrake
[_] No. 224: Treasured PictureTitles[_] Cheria: Emotive Pianist[_] No. 116: Duplewyrm
[_] No. 066: Gloandrake's Cryas[_] No. 114: Forbrawyvern
[_] No. 067: Duplewyrm's Cryas
[_] No. 068: Forbrawyvern's Cryas

At Seaside Cavern, follow the path north until you find a new chest with a Tuning Fork and then continue to the save near the Deathglow Algae for the skit ...And Back Again. Now, head to Barona Inn and turn in the Tuning Fork for a scene, the Amber Vestments, and Cheria's Emotive Pianist title. There is also a skit Where Credit is Due at the save. Now go to the Knight Academy and talk to Victoria. Remember all those stars in front of the valkines'? Well there is one here in Barona and it is the weakest of the three. SAVE and go try to fight it.

Boss: Gloandrake/Duplewyrm/Forbrawyvern

Firstly, set your difficulty to Easy and equip the titles that reduce damage for large damage took at once. The major attacks you need to watch out for is his AOE breath attacks. Behind that he does some high damage tail attacks and arm swipes. With a healer, most of these things are manageable. Because he can kill multiple people at once, I suggest both Sophie and Cheria to revive each other if the other dies. You can do it with one alone and use Life Bottles though. Ranged attacks work well, since he has no ranged skills and if you can stay away from his body, he'll spend most of his time walking around.

When he reaches 50% HP his attacks get worse. He can start to use spells, with a shining aura or flying into the air giving him aaway. Move when you see this and hope the AI isn't dumb.

If you win, you get the Gloandrake's Cryas.

If you go defeat the other two using the same method, you can get the Duplewyrm's Cryas and Forbrawyvn's Cryas. They also all drop rare and valuable weapons.

No matter if you win or not, head to the house that is near the Royal Sanctuary and talk to the man inside. You will receive the Treasured Picture, which can be turned in at the Inn in Sable Izolle.


North Yu Liberte Port / Velanik

Materials[_] No. 171: Carbon RodTitles[_] Hubert: Hot-Blooded
Skits[_] No. 343: Fire in the Hole[_] Malik: Best Supporting Actor
[_] No. 358: They're So Method

Head to North Yu Liberte Port and talk to the sailor on the port for a scene and get Hubert's Hot-Blooded title. You can now follow him to Sable Izolle, near the Inn, and talk to him to gain a Carbon Rod.

At the Velanik Inn, watch the Fire in the Hole skit at the save. Now, go in the backstage area and talk to the man for a scene, You can now turn in the 5 Best Princess Stories to the Inn for a play and Malik's Best Supporting Actor title. Afterward, head to the backstage area again for the They're So Method skit.



Weapons[_] No. 040: Therapeutic SlicersTitles[_] Sophie: Lara's Bestie
Valuables[_] No. 054: Lara's Medal
Skits[_] No. 344: The Smell Test
[_] No. 359: Comprehensive Care

Head to the Inn for another skit at the save, The Smell Test. Assuming you've been keeping up with Dualizing, you should be able to turn in the final three dolls to the little girl to get Lara's Medal, and Sophie's Lara's Bestie title. After the event, watch the Comprehensive Care skit and then return to the girls room for Sophie's Therapeutic Slicers.


Port Zavhert / Barona

Concumables[_] No. 031: Mastery Tonic GEnemies
Valuables[_] No. 236: Strahta Ratchet[_] No. 043: Eye of Helios
Titles[_] Malik: Barmaster Candidate[_] No. 017: Halphas

At Port Zavhert, check up on the Carta King and you should have enough cards for the Mastery Tonic G. Board the ship for the ????? destination for a fight and receive the Strahta Ratchet and Malik's Barmaster Candidate.

You can now go to Barona's Pub and talk to the man inside for an event where Malik tends to the bar.


Fendel Tower

Other[_] 555 Unit(s) of ElethValuables[_] No. 237: Evidence of Espionage
Consumables[_] No. 052: Hazardous Liquid[_] No. 108: Book of Expansion
[_] No. 076: Venomous NeedleSkits[_] No. 345: Two Birds
Titles[_] Pascal: Patriot of Fendel

Head inside and get the Two Birds skit at the save. Now, take the elevator under the stairs to B10. Talk to the man on this floor for a scene, the Evidence of Espionage, and Pascal's Patriot of Fendel title. Now, head into the dark corridor. Start by turning the first and second valve and then head across. Move the platform to the left side and walk across to take the lift down. Turn both valves by using the platform and then ride it back to the right and use the walkway to go left and turn the last valve back on. Right the new platform left and descend. Grab the 555 Unit(s) of Eleth and leave to the south.

Enter the next corridor and turn the valve before taking the lift down. Ride the new lift up and grab the Hazardous Liquid before turning the valve. Walk across and then turn the left valve back on and descend again. Take the left lift down to a new floor and turn the valve. Now, ride the platform to the right and turn the right valve only to cross to the new floor.

Grab the Venomous Needle and Book of Expansion (hidden behind a crate) and then ride the elevator to the 1F.


Fendel Research Labratory

Materials[_] No. 028: PondslopperEnemies
Valuables[_] No. 239: Gauss's Seal[_] No. 053: Gargantua
Skits[_] No. 346: Inspiring Ire

Take the lift to Fourier's Lab and leave through the southern door to access the skit Inspiring Ire at the save. Now, go right and there is a star event with a fight. Your reward is the Pondslopper. The room above the star should be where you previously looted some chocolate banana's and you should find the Gauss's Seal in the boxes in the corner.


Amarcian Enclave

Weapons[_] No. 018: ExcaliburValuables[_] No. 245: Winner's Trophy
[_] No. 088: Mythril ShotstaffSkits[_] No. 347: Tall Tales
[_] No. 089: Rare Shotstaff[_] No. 360: Puzzle Master

Head to the save near the Inn for the Tall Tales skit. Now, head to the Overseer's Chamber to talk to Poisson and gain the Excalibur (if you beat Aybsseon in the Ghardia Sharf). The last thing to do here is play Shot Cube Levels 10-12 for the Mythril Shotstaff, Rare Shotstaff, Winner's Trophy, and the Puzzle Master skit.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WiXlmW9N7s


World's Eye

Armor[_] No. 055: Rare TunicTitles[_] Sophie: Version 6.1
Valuables[_] No. 110: Book of Audacity
[_] No. 244: Data Recorder

Head to World's Eye and go east, south, and east to a pod with a new chest that contains the Book of Audacity. Now, jump down the pit and go west twice for a Rare Tunic and a star event that nets you the Data Recorder and Sophie's Version 6.1 title.


Humanoid Research Center

Skits[_] No. 330: Just Between Us Gals
Titles[_] Pascal: Brainiac

Before heading out, make the following items

Start by heading to B4 South via B3 and watch the skit Just Between Us Gals at the save. Now, go back to B2 and head west, north, and east to a room with a star event. If you have the above materials, you can go ahead and watch the scene to gain Pascal's Brainiac title.


Other Skits

Skits[_] No. 351: Just Between Us Guys
[_] No. 331: Ulterior Motives
[_] No. 333: The Abridged Version
[_] No. 332: Cheria's Awakening
[_] No. 337: Kicking Butt, Taking Names
[_] No. 338: All Class
[_] No. 349: A Mother's Pride
[_] No. 341: What Goes Thump In the Night
  • Gralesyde Inn - Just Between Us Guys
  • Wallbridge - Ulterior Motives (save point in Tower D Basement - first west tower, down ladder, and south)
  • Wallbridge Ruins - The Abridged Version (enter from Gralesyde Highroad and descend via the green to save point)
  • Orlen Woods - Cheria's Awakening (save near the village)
  • Border Fortress - Kicking Butt, Taking Names (quickest to come south from Fendel Borderlands)
  • Lhant Hill - All Class (Friendship Tree)
  • Snowshroud Ruins - A Mother's Pride (save outside the boss room)
  • Yu Liberte - If you haven't already, turn in the Hand-Drawn Map at the Inn to get the skit What Goes Thump In the Night at the save point.


Chapter 8: Continued


Ghardia Sharf - Center & Depths

Other[_] 840 Unit(s) of ElethValuables[_] No. 012: Arithmos CoreEnemies
[_] 870 Unit(s) of Eleth[_] No. 012: Arithmos Core[_] - [_] No. 020: Impaler Bee
Consumables[_] No. 024: Red Verbena[_] No. 012: Arithmos Core[_] - [_] No. 139: Brightpetal Lizard
[_] No. 005: Panacea Bottle x2Disc.[_] No. 75: The Forgotten Ones[_] - [_] No. 151: Sanctum Raptor
[_] No. 026: Red SaffronSkits[_] No. 234: Glimpses of the Past, Part II[_] - [_] No. 247: Marbletoise
[_] No. 006: Syrup Bottle x2[_] No. 235: Hypothetically Speaking...[_] No. 135: Vespereon
[_] No. 030: Mastery Tonic EX[_] No. 382: Give it a Spin[_] No. 144: Rebirtheon
[_] No. 027: Red Chamomile[_] No. 238: Getting Closer[_] No. 021: Plumsap Treant
[_] No. 028: Red Savory[_] No. 237: Used Tools[_] No. 227: Symphonion
[_] No. 033: Eleth Bottle EX[_] No. 236: Glimpses of the Past, Part III[_] No. 229: Phantasion
[_] No. 007: Life Bottle x3[_] No. 239: What We Fight For[_] - [_] No. 251: Mandragora Ancient
Armor[_] No. 056: Fatal AttractionTitles[_] Asbel: Heart of Graces[_] - [_] No. 007: Diamond Weapon
[_] - [_] No. 142: Dragon Specter
[_] - [_] No. 153: Nightfall Shade
[_] - [_] No. 197: Eye of Gluttony
[_] - [_] No. 245: Marchosias

Take the warp back to the Center. Head north for a scene and then watch the skit Glimpses of the Past, Part II. Now, head for the save to see Hypothetically Speaking... Head west from your location to find a Red Verbena and then continue west to a green device. Go to the northeast and take the left warp to reach another Arithmos Core and grab the Green Crystal.

Head back to the green device and watch the skit Give it a Spin before using it twice. Now, take the northeastern, right, warp to a pedestal and swap the Green Crystal for the Orange Crystal and then continue west until you reach the Panacea Bottle x2. Head south to a Peach Crystal and swap it for the Orange Crystal. Now, head back to the green device and use it once. You can now take the western warp and place the Peach Crystal in its pedestal. Take the nearby warp to reach a Red Saffron and Vespereon.

Back at the green device again, use it twice and then take the eastern warp once again and follow it to an orange device in the south. Use this once and then warp back up one level where you can go east to fight Rebirtheon. Head west all the way and warp down and continue northwest to reach a Fatal Attraction, Syrup Bottle x2, and 840 Unit(s) of Eleth before taking the warp.

Start by heading east to grab the Mastery Tonic EX and then west for the Red Chamomile. To the south is a save where you can view the Getting Closer skit and then save.

This whole area is a set of 12 different branches, like a clock. I will be listing the locations as if it were a clock, with 12 at the top and 6 at the bottom.

  • 10 - Get The Forgotten Ones discovery and the Used Tools skit.
  • 8 - Use the yellow device once.
  • 7 - Pick up the Red Crystal.
  • 11 - Put the Red Crystal in the pedestal and swap it for the White Crystal.
  • 8 - Use the yellow device once.
  • 4 - Get an Arithmos Core.
  • 5 - Grab the Red Savory and use the blue device once.
  • 1 - Put the White Crystal in the pedestal and swap it for the Purple Crystal.
  • 2 - Grab the Eleth Bottle EX and put the Purple Crystal in the pedestal and swap it for the Blue Crystal
  • 7 - Put the Blue Crystal in the pedestal.
  • 6 - Pick up the Black Crystal.
  • 1 - Put the Black Crystal in the pedestal and swap it for the White Crystal.
  • 6 - Put the White Crystal in the pedestal.

Now, head to 12 for a fight and then a scene and the skit Glimpses of the Past, Part III. Now, grab the nearby Life Bottle x3 and warp to the Depths.


This is another checkpoint warp that can take you all the way to the surface, but there's no need to use it. Follow the path and when you hit the split go north to the warp and grab the Arithmos Core. Now, backtrack to the clock area and take the 3/9 o'clock paths for the Symphonion/Phantasion. Now, return to the depths and follow the path south a bunch of times, ignoring the north warp that dead ends and grab the 870 Unit(s) of Eleth from a northern alcove, before continuing south to an eventual fight.

Boss: No. 218: Proserpina

The most annoying part about these guys is the fact that they are flying and some of your artes will be less useful. Make sure to watch for the Nova Shield and break them and just dwindle down their life as they teleport around.

Keep following the path until you reach the save and watch the skit What We Fight For.

Last Chance for 100% If you are going for 100% in one playthrough you should not the following:

  • Requests Checklist - some requests will disappear and be unavailable in Lineage & Legacies. I suggest completing as many of these as possible now.
  • Riot Peak Trials - all lower Riot Peak challenges disappear in Lineage & Legacies. If you want to do them, do them NOW.

Note that once you beat Lineage & Legacies you will have access to all of this stuff again, so if you just want to go forward and get it later, you can.

If you need/want to do this stuff use the warp to the southwest to go back to the shuttle.

When you're ready to beat the game, save and get ready for a fight.

Boss: No. 286: Richard (Final) & No. 276: Lambda Angelus

The fight with Richard is no different than the last time you fought him, so finish him quick.

Lambda uses a Nova Shield that you will have to cancel whenever it comes up. His major attacks are spells and they can dish out lots of damage. Lambda has the ability petrify, stone, and weaken your party so watch out. When Lamba gets low HP he starts to use Nova Shield more often and use his attacks more frequently. He also will cut off your combos quicker.

Stick to B-Artes and make sure to back off when he gets an Eleth Burst. His Mystic Artes can screen wide attack and kill 2-3 people at once. It's a good idea to equip the 1000 damage or more = 50% damage titles if you have them.

If you win in 60 seconds or less, you get the trophy. Either way, you get the A Pact Fulfilled trophy for beating the game.

You have beat Tales of Graces f for the first time. No fear, it is not over. There is plenty still to do if you wish to continue playing. See below for other things you can do on your journey.


Firstly, if you saved before the end boss you can get the following by simply changing the difficulty and beating the final bosses again.

  • Game Clear: Moderate
  • Game Clear: Hard
  • Game Clear: Evil
  • Game Clear: Chaos

Unlock Evil by fighting 200 battles on Hard. Unlock Chaos by fighting 300 battles on Evil.

There are two major choices now, gameplay advancement wise:

  • New Game +
  • Extras Menu > Lineage and Legacies (to continue the story in Future Arc).

Lineage & Legacies let's you continue with your current supplies through a bonus story. I suggest doing this BEFORE you NG+


Lineage and Legacies


Lhant / Detour

Disc.[_] No. 79: Lords' MemorialSkits[_] No. 241: Six Months Later...Titles[_] Asbel: Lord of Lhant
[_] No. 242: Half-Hearted Proposals[_] Sophie: Toast of the Town
[_] No. 243: Cry Harder

After the scene, you get Asbel's Lord of Lhant and Sophie's Toast of the Town titles. Take a moment to examine the grave to count the Lords' Memorial discovery and view the Six Months Later... skit. Now, head to the Lhant Manor for a scene and then head to Asbel's room and check his desk for the Half-Hearted Proposals skit. Finally, head to the study for the Cry Harder skit and a star event.

Head to Oul Raye and talk to the port captain for a scene. Now, head to the Turtlez HQ and talk to the smiley face Turtlez for a scene. Afterward, talk to him multiple times to turn in an Apple, Banana, and Peach.


East Lhant Highroad / Lhant

Valuables[_] No. 069: Letter from RichardEnemies
Skits[_] No. 244: Flying Solo[_] - [_] No. 245: Marchosias
[_] - [_] No. 139: Brightpetal Lizard
[_] - [_] No. 054: Obsidian Wolf

Go ahead and shuttle to the highroad and defeat the nearby monsters and then make your way back to Lhant.

Head to the Manor courtyard for a scene and then head inside. You'll receive the Letter from Richard and rest. The next day, head to the first floor bedroom for a scene. Afterward, leave town to the southeast to access the skit Flying Solo at the East Lhant Highroad save. You can now shuttle to Barona Castle.


Barona Castle / Detour

Weapons[_] No. 124: Kaiser RapierTitles[_] Cheria: Traveling Healer
Armor[_] No. 019: Last Crusader[_] Hubert: Eradication Director
Skits[_] No. 246: The Odd Man Out[_] Malik: Special Attache
[_] No. 245: Brother from Another Mother[_] Richard: King of Windor

Head inside for a scene and gain Cheria's Traveling Healer title. Afterward, proceed to the throne room to regroup with your other favorite allies and gain Hubert's Eradication Director, Malik's Special Attache, and Richard's King of Windor titles.

You also gain many titles for Richard due to his long absence like the level based ones. Take a moment to check them all out, because it all depends on what you have done and unlocked.

Now, watch the skit The Odd Man Out in the lobby. Head to the valkines in Barona for another skit Brother from Another Mother. You can also visit Cheria's House in Lhant for a star event.


Barona Catacombs

Consumables[_] No. 012: Arcane BottleUnique Equ.[_] No. 084: Gnome Cloak
[_] No. 003: Grape Gel x3Skits[_] No. 247: Wise Words
[_] No. 009: All-Divide
[_] No. 010: Hourglass

Follow the path east and grab the Arcane Bottle and then take the upper path to Grape Gel x3. Continue through the stone doorway and out the other side to go to where you previously found the discovery. Inside is an All-Divide. Now, backtrack to the room where you first met Lambda for an Hourglass to the northeast. You can now take the lower path to a Gnome Cloak and the Wise Words skit. Now take the warp nearby.


Gustworks Ruins

Other[_] 1000 Unit(s) of ElethDisc.[_] No. 80: Eloquent StoneEnemies
Consumables[_] No. 016: Lavender[_] No. 81: Gustworks Core[_] - [_] No. 020: Impaler Bee
[_] No. 017: VerbenaSkits[_] No. 248: Fame Sans Fortune[_] No. 021: Plumsap Treant
[_] No. 008: Elixir[_] No. 249: Gentlemanly Behaviour[_] - [_] No. 054: Obsidian Wolf
Materials[_] No. 053: Dangerous Liquid[_] No. 251: The Marrying Type[_] - [_] No. 077: Cackling Golem
[_] No. 078: Needle of Extinction[_] No. 250: Renewing the Pact[_] - [_] No. 103: Revenant Eagle
[_] No. 184: Suspicious Powder x5[_] No. 252: The Necessary Motivation[_] - [_] No. 100: Goliath Bat
[_] No. 077: Killer Fang[_] No. 254: The Atmosphere Between Them[_] - [_] No. 172: Pantagruel
Weapons[_] No. 023: Radiant Howl[_] No. 253: Growing Old[_] - [_] No. 178: Giant Bee
Unique Equ.[_] No. 085: Sylph Cloak[_] No. 255: The Most Dangerous Game[_] - [_] No. 251: Mandragora Ancient
Valuables[_] No. 186: Magic Carta No. 70[_] No. 257: One More Communicator[_] - [_] No. 254: Eye of Wrath
[_] No. 187: Magic Carta No. 71Titles[_] Cheria: Reader of Hearts
[_] No. 188: Magic Carta No. 72

Head for the save and watch the Fame Sans Fortune skit and then proceed west for a scene.

After the fight, you have control of Asbel and Richard. Head south a little to find the Gentlemanly Behavior skit and then go north to check the machine with the purple crystal to rest or use the Telos Astue shops. Now, go west twice and then north. On the next platform, take the eastern block south to grab the Sylph Cloak before continuing west for a scene. Afterward, head west and check the orange device.

Head west, north, and then south to a Dangerous Liquid. Go north twice to reach the Lavender on the opposite side. You can now continue west until you get a scene. After, head south to get the skit The Marrying Type before checking the machine again to rest or restore your Eleth. Now, go west then north and south to knock the gold block before heading west again to switch parties.

You can now continue and go west to bump another gold block before going back and heading north and switching parties again. Head north, east, and north to knock another gold block and then go west. From the platform you can now reach via the gold and red blocks, go west to grab a Verbena and then head back and north to a switching device. Before using it, go east to grab the Magic Carta No. 70 and south to hit another gold block. Back at the device, go west and then north to each an Elixir. You can now switch groups.

Start by heading west across the gold blocks and taking the south blue one to eventually reach the Eloquent Stone discovery and Renewing the Pact skit. Now, head north from the gold blocks to reach the Needle of Extinction and another switching device. Ignore it, and go west and north to bump another gold block. Now, switch parties again.

Follow the path west until a split and go east to eventually bump a gold block. Now head back and north to switch to Asbel again. Head west and then east switch to score Suspicious Powder x5. From here, go back and to the north until you can bump another gold block and switch parties. Follow the west path until you have a switch and go west, then south, to the Magic Carta No. 71. Go back and head north to bump a gold block and then descend via a green one. Now switch and follow the path north until you meet up with Hubert's party for a scene.

When you have control again and have changed your party to whatever you like, go south a little for the skit The Necessary Motivation. Head west and ascend via the green block and go south twice to the Magic Carta No. 72. If you continue to the east you will be back at the entrance, but we want to go north and west to the Gustworks Core discovery and The Atmosphere Between Them skit. Now, head back to the green block and descend.

Head west this time and then north to reach a Killer Fang and then go back to continue west. At the split, go south to 1000 Unit(s) of Eleth and then north twice to a save and the Growing Old skit. Now, take the green block to a scene and a fight.

Boss: No. 300: Legendary Wyvern

The first version of this fight isn't any different from other fights, but the second time you with have a new bar over Asbel's character image. This indicates Accel Mode. When it fills, hit R2 to unleash it. Note that if you die, it will drop down and you have to refill it again. You can actually finish this battle without using it due to this.

After the battle, make sure to watch the skit The Most Dangerous Game and the chest for a Radiant Howl. Ascend and then follow the path:

  • South
  • East
  • East
  • Ascend
  • South
  • South
  • East
  • North
  • East
  • Warp

After the scene, Cheria gets her Reader of Hearts title. As you walk toward the exit, watch the One More Communicator skit.


Barona / Detour

Skits[_] No. 313: Sentimental JourneyTitles''[_] Cheria: Blurter of Truths
[_] No. 312: A Night at the Inn[_] Malik: Retracer of Paths
[_] No. 266: Jewels in the Sand
[_] No. 265: Catching up with the Oswells
[_] No. 256: Crisis of Leadership
[_] No. 258: Reforming Zavhert

As you exit the Sanctuary, watch the Sentimental Journey skit.

Now, warp to Gralesyde to watch the A Night at the Inn skit. Now, go to the Inn for a star event that nets you Cheria's Blurter of Truths title.

Go ahead and warp to Yu Liberte now for the Jewels in the Sand skit. In the residential area, near the fountain, you can also watch the Catching up with the Oswells skit.

Now, warp to the Fendel Borderlands and walk to Velanik (yes, you need to walk). Head to the Inn in Velanik now for a star event and then check the save for the Crisis of Leadership skit.

Now, warp to Zavhert Plaza and watch the star event to gain Malik's Retracer of Paths title. Make sure to head to the Inn for the Reforming Zavhert skit, as well.


Amarcian Enclave / Fendel Glacier Ruins

Other[_] 500 Unit(s) of ElethValuables[_] No. 176: Magic Carta No. 60Enemies
Consumables[_] No. 015: Sage[_] No. 177: Magic Carta No. 61[_] - [_] No. 045: Ovinnik
[_] No. 017: Verbena x2[_] No. 178: Magic Carta No. 62[_] - [_] No. 213: Natural Star
Weapons[_] No. 125: Symphonian ScepterSkits[_] No. 259: A Simple Courtesy[_] - [_] No. 260: Labyrinth Lizard
[_] No. 082: Scars of Eternia[_] No. 260: Half-Cocked[_] - [_] No. 261: Transfixer Bee
[_] No. 100: Tempest Bringer[_] No. 261: Friends Again[_] - [_] No. 297: Ruins Goblin
Unique Equ.[_] No. 086: Efreet Cloak[_] No. 316: A Kingly Cloak[_] No. 131: Titan Beetle
TitlesPascal: Same Old, Same Old

Head to the Enclave and after the scene, head to the Inn's save for the A Simple Courtesy skit.

Now, go to the Glacier Ruins. After the scene, make your way to the valkines grabbing the restocked chests of Sage, Symphonian Scepter, Scars of Eternia, Magic Carta No. 60, Magic Carta No. 61, Tempest Bringer, and 500 Unit(s) of Eleth. As you advance near the valkines, make sure to check the save for the Half-Cocked skit. Now, proceed to the valkines for a scene and a fight.

After the scene you get Pascal's Same Old, Same Old title. Now, check the save nearby for the Friends Again skit. Instead of heading through the warp, head to the pathway to the northwest for the Efreet Cloak, Verbena x2, Magic Carta No. 62, and A Kingly Cloak for equipping the new cloak. You can now go back to the Amarcian Enclave.


Amarcian Enclave

Skits[_] No. 262: A Guilty ConscienceTitles[_] Pascal: Big Sister Type
[_] No. 263: Untrusted Sources[_] Malik: Leader of Men

Head to the Overseer's Chamber for a scene and you receive Pascal's Big Sister Type before watching the skit A Guilty Conscience. Now, head back to town for a scene. Afterward you get Malik's Leader of Men title. Make sure to visit the towns center and see the skit Untrusted Sources, if you walked by Fendel Borderland's crater.


Detour / Yu Liberte

Skits[_] No. 264: The Mask of JusticeTitles[_] Hubert: Contrarian
[_] No. 311: Filial Piety[_] Richard: Eradication Commander
[_] Hubert: Legion Commander

Before heading to Yu Liberte, stop by Warrior's Roost and see the skit The Mask of Justice at the Inn's save.

Now, head for the Presidential Palace in Yu Liberte for a scene and Hubert's Contrarian title. Make sure to watch the Filial Piety skit and then head inside for another scene with the president. Afterward, you receive Richard's Eradication Commander title. Now, head to the Oswell Manor and talk to Oswell for Hubert's Legion Commander title.


Strahta Desert Ruins

Other[_] 500 Unit(s) of Elethvaluables[_] No. 173: Magic Carta No. 57Enemies
Consumables[_] No. 018: Rosemary x2[_] No. 175: Magic Carta No. 59[_] - [_] No. 020: Impaler Bee
Weapons[_] No. 062: Brave VesperiaSkits[_] No. 267: A Girl in Every Port[_] - [_] No. 044: Sand Drake
[_] No. 045: Seraphic Hearts[_] No. 268: Loose Lips[_] - [_] No. 056: Braid Spider
[_] No. 118: Fandom's Light[_] No. 269: Where Friendship Goes[_] - [_] No. 069: Eye of Acedia
Unique Equ.[_] No. 083: Undine Cloak[_] - [_] No. 077: Cackling Golem
[_] - [_] No. 096: Sky Treant
[_] - [_] No. 257: Midnight Shade

As soon as you get there you will be forced into a fight. Afterward, watch the A Girl in Every Port skit and then we'll have to make our way through the ruins again. Head east and grab the Brave Vesperia before approaching the puzzle (red, yellow, blue). Follow the path, grabbing the 500 Unit(s) of Eleth, and take the left stairs to a Magic Carta No. 57. Now, head down the other set of stairs to continue onward to another puzzle (yellow, blue, red). Proceed to the next optional puzzle (yellow, red, blue) to reach the nearby Seraphic Hearts treasure. Continue west, ignoring the north steps, to reach the Fandom's Light and then you can take the north path we ignored. Pass the puzzle (blue, yellow, red) and grab the Undine Cloak near the save which has the Loose Lips skit. Now head to the valkines for a fight.

Afterward, head to the left of the valkines and grab the Magic Carta No. 59 before leaving. After the next scene, go south a little and grab the Rosemary x2 and then watch the Where Friendship Goes skit before leaving.


Amarcian Enclave / Detour

Other[_] 30000 GaldSkits[_] No. 310: The Greatest Gift of AllTitles[_] Sophie: Godmother
[_] No. 270: A Frightful Kindness[_] Asbel: Hopebringer
[_] No. 315: Left Behind[_] Richard: Benign Conspirator
[_] No. 309: A Lord's Work

Head to Pascal's House for a scene and Sophie will gain the Sophie Lhant title. Afterward you should be able to watch the skits The Greatest Gift of All and A Fightful Kindness. Make sure you have chocolate and head to Zavhert where you will see the Left Behind.

Head to Fermat's House and talk to the smiley face man twice for some scenes and you will eventually receive Sophie's Godmother title.

Now, warp to Lhant and watch the A Lord's Work skit and then head to the Manor's study for a scene to receive Asbel's Hopebringer title.

Next, warp to Barona Castle and you should be right on the star event. Watch it to get Richard's Benign Conspirator title.

After that, head to Sable Izolle's Research Tower basement and talk to Victoria for a hilarious scene and 30000 Gald.

Now, head to the Beach Resort and talk to the smiley Turtlez for a scene.

Finally, head to Warrior's Roost and talk to the receptionist. You can now challenge the Riot Peak Trials Master Class. If you win, you will get a scene and a large wad of cash. We can finally head to Fodra.


Telos Astue

Skits[_] No. 271: By Royal DecreeEnemies
[_] - [_] No. 002: Wailing Golem
[_] - [_] No. 032: Evocatoid
[_] - [_] No. 136: Hellstorm Harpy
[_] - [_] No. 179: Malachite Beetle

After the scene you will be forced into a fight and then you'll need to clear out all the other enemies on the 1F. Once you are done you will get a scene and can now use the floor devices like normal. When you have control, make and eat some Natto on Toast while near the Giant Tub discovery for the By Royal Decree skit.

On the 2F there are is a new humanoid that grants titles by turning in figures that match your characters. See recipe 45-51 in the Combine section.

Note that each character can be given a doll that is NOT the same as themselves. This means that Asbel can turn in 6 dolls for all 6 of his titles, making a total of 42 figures needed (6 each of the 7 types of figures).

Head to B1 and enter Emeraude's room for a scene and you can now use the shuttle again. I suggest you take a moment to go to Region 13 to fill up your Enemy Book before you go anywhere though.


Region 13 / Region 66

[_] - [_] No. 012: Brightwing Wyvern
[_] - [_] No. 044: Sand Drake
[_] - [_] No. 056: Braid Spider
[_] - [_] No. 096: Sky Treant
[_] - [_] No. 100: Goliath Bat
[_] - [_] No. 260: Labyrinth Lizard
[_] - [_] No. 261: Transfixer Bee

The items you want from here (to make the figures) are the following:


Eleth Research Laboratory

Other[_] 1000 Unit(s) of ElethDisc.[_] No. 82: Core-Sample LogEnemies
Consumables[_] No. 018: RosemarySkits[_] No. 272: Crafty Women[_] - [_] No. 004: Auxiloid
Valuables[_] No. 191: Magic Carta No. 75[_] No. 273: A Painful Finish[_] - [_] No. 009: Platebreaker
[_] No. 070: Gas Control Lever[_] No. 274: A Few of Her Favorite Things[_] - [_] No. 032: Evocatoid
[_] No. 194: Magic Carta No. 78[_] No. 276: Bearer of Bad Tidings[_] - [_] No. 136: Hellstorm Harpy
[_] No. 071: Memory Data[_] No. 275: Scent of a Woman[_] - [_] No. 235: Hoploid
[_] No. 192: Magic Carta No. 76[_] No. 294: Lilitina

The items you want from here (to make the figures) are the following:

After the scene, check the save for the Crafty Women skit at the save. Head to the right lift and descend. Take the right path to the skit A Painful Finish and then check the control panel for a puzzle. You need to lower the blue and yellow sections and raise the red to reach a Magic Carta No. 75. Now, return to the machine and reset the blocks and this time raise the red sections twice, the yellow once, and lower the blue section. You can now follow the only path to the Control Room.

Grab the Rosemary in the southwest corner and continue along the path until you reach the next puzzle (south just leads back to the gas). At the machine, lower yellow twice and raise blue twice to get across. On the other side, use the new machine to reset the puzzle and then raise blue twice, yellow once, and lower red to reach the Gas Control Lever. With the lever, we can turn off the gas to the south now (reset the puzzle and lower yellow twice and raise blue twice to reach the other side). With the gas off we can now grab the Magic Carta No. 78. Now go back to the door past the puzzle and follow the path to another lift.

After the scene, head east to the save for the A Few of Her Favorite Things skit. Descend the nearby lift and follow the path to a new room with 1000 Unit(s) of Eleth, Core-Sample Log, and the Bearer of Bad Tidings and Scent of a Woman skits. Save and continue on for a fight.

After the scene you will get the Memory Data and then you will need to quickly grab the Magic Carta No. 76. Rush to the northern elevator and ascend and make your way to the shuttle to escape.


Arcadia Garden

Other[_] 1000 Unit(s) of Elethvaluables[_] No. 198: Magic Carta No. 82Enemies
Materials[_] No. 098: Otherworldly Seed[_] No. 197: Magic Carta No. 81[_] - [_] No. 034: Egregoroi
[_] No. 094: Meteorite[_] No. 196: Magic Carta No. 80[_] - [_] No. 045: Ovinnik
[_] No. 098: Otherworldly Seed[_] No. 195: Magic Carta No. 79[_] - [_] No. 073: Quackit
[_] No. 098: Otherworldly SeedDisc.[_] No. 83: Eradication Bloom[_] - [_] No. 233: Radiant Eagle
[_] No. 090: Demon's ClawSkits[_] No. 277: A Pitiful End[_] - [_] No. 224: Blitzer Bear
[_] No. 098: Otherworldly Seed[_] No. 278: Aftermarket Upgrades
[_] No. 098: Otherworldly Seed[_] No. 279: Keeper of the Lore
Armor[_] No. 048: Fodran Memory

Start by backtracking to the shuttle and getting the A Pitiful End skit. You can rest by talking to Psi. Now, continue along the path to the north for a scene.

This place is big and confusing. To help you, in case you get lost, I suggest you view the posted map here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/604158-tales-of-graces-f/faqs/63979

The items you want from here (to make the figures) are the following:

Area 1: From the meadow, head east. The translucent portals here will demonstrate how they work throughout the dungeon as portals, but you can avoid these first two. Continue east until you reach the split and then go west into portal (B) to Area 2.

Area 2: Start by going south and then west to portal (J). This will take you to a bear that is blocking some chest and requires 5 Otherworldly Seed which we don't have so go south, west and south for a seed. Now head back to the bear and go south and east to portal (H). Head south and take the west portal (G) to the Magic Carta No. 82 in Area 1 and then go back through (G) and head east to the Meteorite. Now, go south, west, and south to reach another Otherworldly Seed and the Magic Carta No. 81. Now go north, east, and north to reach Area 3.

Area 3: Follow the path east until you reach the third Otherworldly Seed and then go north to the large blue flower for the Eradication Bloom discovery and Aftermarket Upgrades skit. Now, head southeast follow the path south (instead of toward the opened treasure) and go east at the next split to reach 1000 Unit(s) of Eleth and then continue south. Head west all the way to a Demon's Claw and southwest to another Otherworldly Seed. Go south until a portal (R) pops up behind you and then enter it. Now, head west, north, and west to enter portal (P). Directly west of you is the fifth Otherworldly Seed. Now go north, 2nd west, north, east, north, west, north, east until a portal (J) pops up and enter it to reach the bear. Hand over the seeds and you get the Magic Carta No. 80, Fodran Memory, and Magic Carta No. 79.

Now to leave. Head back through the portal to the east (J) and head north, west, south, east, and south to reach the discovery. Take the southeast path again and then go west to where the two open treasure chests are and head south until you enter the southern portal (T) and reach Area 4.

Area 4: Take the west portal to reach Area 5.

Area 5: Follow the path to a portal that goes to Area 6.

Area 6: Head south and when the orange portal pops up behind you, enter it to reach the save and the Keeper of the Lore skit. Save and head south for a fight.

Boss: No. 289: Little Queen (Melee)

This battle can be hard only because of her numbers, since you fight 10 of her in total with about 4-5 onscreen at once. The best thing to do is go all out and when the Eleth Burst for the enemy happens, be ready to use Life Bottles or heal since each can use a dangerous Mystic Arte. If you are feeling overwhelmed, look for the lowest life version of her and kill it and you will eventually have only 1 left.

After the scene, follow the path south to reach the shuttle. ...and why couldn't I use this before?


Telos Astue / Detour

Consumables[_] No. 017: Verbena x10Skits[_] No. 314: Of Mice and Mechs
[_] No. 015: SageTitles[_] Pascal: Pastel Pascal
Valuables[_] No. 190: Magic Carta No. 74
[_] No. 193: Magic Carta No. 77

Upon arriving you will have to watch a scene and then go to B1 for a scene in Emeraude's room. Leave and choose to rest and you will have control of Asbel. In order to advance you will need to talk to everyone:

  • Pascal: West side of 2F
  • Hubert: In the southern area of 2F
  • Richard: Near mecha-Sophie on 1F
  • Malik: By the shops on 1F
  • Cheria: In the southern area of B1

Now, return to 2F and sleep in the room you started in for a scene. When you finally have control again, watch the skit Of Mice and Mechs. Now let's get some side stuff done before we go to the final dungeon.

Start by heading to the Amarcian Enclave and heading to Pascal's room for a star event and get Pascal's Pastel Pascal title.

Now, warp to the Gustworks Ruins and head to the Gutsworks Core discovery:

  • South
  • West
  • North
  • West

Check the console and then head west through the screen to get the, Verbena x10 and Magic Carta No. 74. You can now leave the way you came in.

Make sure to head back to the Eleth Research Laboratory and take the right elevator to reach the previously blocked path that has a Magic Carta No. 77 and Sage.


Lastalia Shaft

Other[_] 80000 GaldValuables[_] No. 167: Magic Carta No. 51Enemies
Materials[_] No. 046: Alluring FeatherDisc.[_] No. 84: Mining Samples[_] - [_] No. 034: Egregoroi
[_] No. 038: Luminous CoreSkits[_] No. 280: The Emperor's Old Clothes[_] - [_] No. 076: Terrane Boar
Lastalia Shaft[_] No. 046: Destiny Breakers[_] No. 281: Inner Workings[_] - [_] No. 099: Sigma
[_] No. 126: Rebirth Crusader[_] No. 282: Beat the Clock[_] - [_] No. 165: Core Drake
[_] No. 101: Sword of Legendia[_] No. 283: Believing in Lambda[_] - [_] No. 179: Malachite Beetle
[_] No. 083: Innocent Shiners
[_] No. 063: Deathly Abyss
[_] No. 119: Mythology Bearer

Head to the save next to the shuttle for the skit The Emperor's Old Clothes. Now, head all the way south to a warp.

Head south to a split and then go east to the second split and head south. Grab the Destiny Breakers and then take the lift (A) to descend. Watch the Inner Workings skit and then head west to another lift (B) and descend. Now, head west to an Alluring Feather and then east to warp (C) back up. You are now at the 1st southern path we passed earlier. Now, go west when you can and then north twice to reach the start.

Head north to reach a split and then go east. At the next split, go southwest to a Rebirth Crusader. Head back north to the split now, and this time go north and follow it all the way west eventually to a lift. Follow the path southwest at the split to another lift (D) and follow it south another lift (E). Follow this to a warp (F). Now, go south and then northeast to a Sword of Legendia before following the path to another lift (G). Start by going northwest until you hit a dead end and then northeast to some Innocent Shiners. Now, go southeast and take the first lift (H) you come across to descend and then warp (I). Follow the path west and then north to reach the entrance again.

Head north again and follow it northwest until you reach the four way split and go south to a lift (J) and descend. Head all the way east and you will come to a Deathly Abyss, before returning a bit and going north to another lift (K). Follow the path south to grab the Magic Carta No. 51 and then continue east to warp (L) back up. Now, go northwest to a second intersection and southwest to reach the entrance again.

Head east to a lift (M) from the entrance and grab the Luminous Core before heading west to a warp (N). Take the southwest path now, and then continue south to reach the lift (D) again. Follow the path south to reach lift (E) again and take it. Now, follow the path south to a warp (F) and follow it to the only lift (G). This time we want the far east lift (O). Head northeast, grabbing the 80000 Gald, and reach the Mining Samples discovery to watch the Beat the Clock skit. Head west now to a save and watch the Believing in Lambda skit. Because we can't go north yet, head west to a warp (P) and you'll be at the entrance again. In case you're wondering, the southern warp takes you straight to the shuttle and can be used as a quick way to get to this point.

Return to lift (D) in the far northwest, by following the northern path around until it dead ends at the lift. This time we want to go north at the split to a lift (Q). Head north to the control panel and use it for a scene that shows the platform rising and the stairs moving. Head down the west set and check the non-visible corner to get the Mythology Bearer and then to continue north to take the warp (R) back to Base 1. Return to the entrance by going southeast and then southwest.

Take the warp directly west of the entrance and save your game before taking the northern lift.

Boss: No. 290: Little Queen (Magic)

The Little Queen doesn't actually have a lot of HP, but if you don't go after her she will spellcast you to death. Go for her first, letting your allies take out her minions. Once she gets low enough in health she will stop spellcasting and try and attack you with her weapon.


Lastalia Depths

Other[_] 160000 GaldDisc.[_] No. 85: Data TransmitterEnemies
Materials[_] No. 050: Classified SeedSkits[_] No. 284: Three of a Kind[_] - [_] No. 055: Lairguard Dragon
[_] No. 058: Mythical Scale[_] No. 285: Five-Star Special[_] - [_] No. 099: Sigma
[_] No. 062: Incredible Bone[_] No. 286: Ephinea on Line Two[_] - [_] No. 159: Paion Slime
Weapons[_] No. 024: Phact Phantasia[_] - [_] No. 203: Luminescent Roper
Valuables[_] No. 072: Red Liquid[_] - [_] No. 237: Horkew Kamuy
[_] No. 073: Purple Liquid[_] No. 036: Conflagrite Hulk
[_] No. 075: Green Liquid[_] No. 060: Glacite Hulk
[_] No. 168: Magic Carta No. 52[_] No. 062: Oblivite Hulk
[_] No. 170: Magic Carta No. 54[_] No. 117: Futilite Hulk
[_] No. 076: Grey Liquid[_] No. 124: Debilitite Hulk
[_] No. 169: Magic Carta No. 53[_] No. 228: Enervite Hulk
[_] No. 074: Yellow Liquid

After the fight, go to the save and watch the skit Three of a Kind and then descend to floor 2. When you arrive you will notice that a Burn effect is in place. Each floor of the depths has its own status effect that will affect you in battle. The best thing to do is equip charms, but this is just for a bonus protection.

This is a great place to get the ...proof titles and the titles for artes like Antidote.

Head to the big red crystal and watch the Five-Star Special skit. Head west around the crystal until you see a big Golem for a fight and get the Red Liquid. Return to the big crystal and use the liquid to stop the burn effect and move some distant platforms. Now, continue southwest until you reach a large pillar that you can check to knock down and create a path somewhere else. Follow the path east, and descend.

This floors effect is slow. Start by heading southwest and grabbing the Classified Seed when you come to it. You should eventually reach the next Golem for a fight and the Purple Liquid. Go northeast now to the crystal to destroy it with the liquid and descend via the nearby lift.

Time for some poison. This is a extremely damaging Poison, so equip the charms or your Poisonproof titles. Start by heading west until you eventually come to the Golem boss for the Green Liquid. Open the nearby chest for the Magic Carta No. 52 and then make your way back to the lift and head southeast this time to reach a Mythical Scale. From the scale, go west and you should pass over the pillar we dropped to another pillar. Check it and then back and east to the green crystal. Once destroyed, take the nearby lift.

Weakness is the next effect you will need to deal with. Start by grabbing the Magic Carta No. 54 and then going west until you reach the chest with 160000 Gald. Now, go northwest to fight the Golem and get the Grey Liquid. Check the nearby glyph and you can ascend to floor with Paralysis. You can find the Magic Carta No. 53, the Data Transmitter discovery, and Ephinea on Line Two skit. Grab the hidden Incredible Bone to the west and then go back the way you came and descend. From the lift, head east to use the liquid and nullify the eleth effect. Now, head back to the south and use the glyph to ride up to the Paralysis floor again.

Start by going northeast to find the Golem and get the Yellow Liquid. Now, go southwest and follow the path to the north to the final crystal. Head back to the south from your current locations and over the pillar bridge to descend. Head northwest toward the grey crystal and take the lift just south of it to descend to level 7.

Heading northeast, we can finally grab the Phact Phantasia from the once moving platform. You can use the two-way warp we pass go back to the shuttle.



Dishes[_] No. 018: Grilled Chicken Bowl x10Skits Cont.[_] No. 297: The Legend of Peachtaro
Weapons[_] No. 125: Symphonian Scepter[_] No. 298: War Stories
[_] No. 126: Rebirth Crusader[_] No. 299: A Long-Awaited Bath
Valuables[_] No. 174: Magic Carta No. 58[_] No. 300: A Desperately-Needed Bath
[_] No. 189: Magic Carta No. 73[_] No. 301: A Bath at All Costs
Skits[_] No. 289: Premature Grandmotherhood[_] No. 302: A Hard-Fought Bath
[_] No. 290: The Mask of Barona[_] No. 303: The Mask of Barona Rises
[_] No. 291: Fruit of the Bloom[_] No. 304: Of Cats and Katz
[_] No. 292: Sleep Deprivation[_] No. 305: The Custom of Kings
[_] No. 293: The Mask of Barona Returns[_] No. 306: Cheria's Secret
[_] No. 294: Know Your Rockgagong[_] No. 307: The Mask of Barona Strikes Back
[_] No. 295: Malik's Lament[_] No. 308: The Mystery of Uzmek the Gigantoid
[_] No. 296: General Specifics


  • Head to the save point in Lhant Manor for the skit, Premature Grandmotherhood.


  • Head to the front of the Knight Academy for the skit, The Mask of Barona.


  • Head to the east side of Wallbridge, across from the Turtlez, for the skit, Fruit of the Bloom.


  • Head to the second floor of Duke Dalen's Manor for the skit, Sleep Deprivation.

Oul Raye

  • Head to the shining spot next to the Inn in Oul Raye to get the Magic Carta No. 58 and the skit, The Mask of Barona Returns.

Sable Izolle

  • Head up the central book ladders in the Research Tower for the skit, Know Your Rockgagong.

Yu Liberte

  • Head to the governmental district's main intersection for the skit, Malik's Lament.
  • Warrior's Roost
  • Head to the receptionist in Warrior's Roost for the skit, General Specifics.


  • Head behind the stage in Velanik's Inn for the skit, The Legend of Peachtaro.


  • Head to the save in Zavhert's Inn for the skit, War Stories.

Amarcian Enclave

  • Head to Pascal's House for the skit, A Long-Awaited Bath and fight between Cheria and Pascal. There are three skits, much like the previous fights between Asbel and Hubert/Sophie:
    • Lose: A Desperately-Needed Bath
    • Retry: A Bath at All Costs
    • Win: A Hard-Fought Bath and Grilled Chicken Bowl x10

As normal, you do not need to lose to get the skits to count. You can view them in Katz Korner though.

Telos Astue

  • Head to Emeraude's room in B1 of Telos Astue for the skit, The Mask of Barona Rises.

Katz Korner

  • Head to the shops in Katz Korner for the skit, Of Cats and Katz.

Beach Resort

  • Head to the left door in the Beach Resort for the skit, The Custom of Kings.

Turtlez HQ

  • Head to the back of the Turtlez HQ for the skit, Cheria's Secret.

Ghardia Shaft

  • Head to the bottom of Ghardia Shaft where you fought Richard for the skit, The Mask of Barona Strikes Back.

Inside the Rockgagong

  • Head to the furthest south save in the Rockgagong for the skit, The Mystery of Uzmek the Gigantoid

Also, check the Carta King in Port Zavhert to check if you have enough cards for the new prizes:

60Symphonian Scepter
70Rebirth Crusader
80Magic Carta No. 73
90Mastery Tonic G x3

You should at least have 80 to get the Magic Carta No. 73.


Fodra's Core

COnsumables[_] No. 010: Hourglassvaluables[_] No. 171: Magic Carta No. 55Enemies
[_] No. 008: Elixir[_] No. 172: Magic Carta No. 56[_] No. 036: Conflagrite Hulk
[_] No. 012: Arcane Bottle x3Skits[_] No. 287: Pain is the Great Teacher[_] No. 062: Oblivite Hulk
Materials[_] No. 123: Golden Figure[_] No. 288: One Big Happy Family[_] No. 060: Glacite Hulk
Armor[_] No. 059: Katz Klothez[_] No. 117: Futilite Hulk
[_] No. 056: Fatal Attraction[_] No. 124: Debilitite Hulk
[_] No. 228: Enervite Hulk

Use the warp to go back to the bottom of the Lastalia Depths and head to the save for the skit Pain is the Great Teacher. Save and go south for another fight.

Boss: No. 291: Little Queen (Final)

This is a mix of the Magic and Melee Little Queens and there are a total of 10 to fight again. Just use the same tactics you did for the two previous fights and watch your HP closely.

After the fight, go southwest to the warp and reach Fodra's Core.

This place is a straight forward zigzag that's big, and boring. So, from the portal head west to get the Magic Carta No. 55 and east to the Katz Klothez. Head north from the portal and then west at the wall for the Fatal Attraction and east until you get the Hourglass. Now, go west again with just enough north to get to the new path to the Elixir. East now until you get a Golden Figure. Follow the north wall around and to the east again to grab an Arcane Bottle x3. West now, past the save and warp, to the chest with the Magic Carta No. 56. Finally, head to the save for the One Big Happy Family skit. You can warp to the shuttle from here.