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How do I beat (ICBM)? 5
How do you unlock paint schemes? 4
Where is the big hotel gate? 2
Accessing Replays? 1
No HUD view? 3
I just forgot how? 2
How Can I Have More Color For Missile Smoke?... 1
Global ASM? 1
D-Pad funcitons in multiplayer? 2
Fly beneath the smoke stack? 1
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How do I get past (mission 10)? 0
How do I get past (mission 8 AAA section)? 0
Can you use the Ace combat 5 Hori Flight Stick on this game? 3
How the hell do I get A ranks? 1
multiplayer R1, R2 , R3 together? 1
Diffrence between ASM and ASM Support skill? 3
Can i Unlocked More Skills? How? 1
How do i get to the F16C Patriot give away? 2
How do I aquire these two trophies? 1
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