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What happens if you kill/don't kill Slate?

I chose not to mercy kill Slate at the Hall of Heroes. What changes in the game if you DO kill him? Is it anything significant or do you just not see a lobotomized Slate in the prison?

Mark_Lucas_TBP provided additional details:

How is it referenced if you kill him?

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TT_Gaming answered:

Kill him: He dies and Elizabeth says something along the lines of, "I guess it's what he wanted."

Don't kill him: You can find him in a cell in the "Good Time Club" in a catatonic state. Elizabeth says: "It's Slate!" There is a pistol on the table. If you kill him in the cell, Elizabeth will say her same line if you killed him earlier.
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wezbit answered:

It has no effect on the overall story! it will however be referenced during the game depending on whether you chose to kill him or don't kill him.
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