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If I beat 1999 Mode...?

If I beat 1999 mode, will I automatically unlock the trophy for beating Hard mode as well?

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Dj3clectic answered:

Yes. Whatever difficulty you beat the game on, all lower difficulty trophies will unlock.

Beat game on Easy - Unlock Tin Soldier trophy.
Beat game on Normal - Unlock Tin Soldier and Saw the Elephant trophies.
Beat game on Hard - Unlock Tin Soldier, Saw the Elephant, Stone Cold Pinkerton trophies.

And if you beat the game on 1999 difficulty without using a Dollar Bill machine, you unlock Tin Soldier, Saw the Elephant, Stone Cold Pinkerton AND Scavenger Hunt.
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jonnovision1 answered:

If the descriptions on the Cheats section are any indication, yes.
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jammymacster answered:

"Stone Cold Pinkerton- Completed the game on Hard difficulty or above."
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