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How do I get past the vox?

How do I defeat the vox before they destroy my ship?


sonicking2004 answered:

There's only one way; just keep killing them. Pay close attention to the gunships, the rocket launcher users, and the motorized patriots (as well as the ships that deploy them), as they can cause huge damage to your ship in a small amount of time. Everyone else, just wipe them out before they get within range of your generator (the one vulnerable spot they can reach.) Also, spam Songbird often, as he regenerates quickly after using him to take out the trash on deck. After taking out a certain number of ships & cleaning up the remaining resistance on deck, you'll reach the last moments of the game.
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Melenator answered:

I used this strategy:
Use the Songbird as soon as you see the first ship. After that use the Skyline strike on a couple of people. Having rockets is a must and I think there's a tear for it if I'm not mistaken. Use the push vigor (forgot name) and Devils kiss for damage and crowd control. Try and stay near the ships "power" tower and stand in front of it. You may take damage but it could also save you from restarting. Keep the songbird handy for the big ships like the one with the cannons that comes in, some ships will only be carrying a patriot and you will waste your songbird. The other vigor (where you suck up bullets) is handy when your in the thick of it, trying to hold of waves. As for when the two zepplins come in, immediately hop onto the skyline and order Songbird to take out one while you hit the other. Don't waste time taking everyone on the ship out, run in with repel vigor and run out. You should be good from there. You just can't stop shooting basically.
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