Question from sonicking2004

Asked: 1 year ago

Does this game have multiple endings?

I heard that Bioshock 2 has at least 2 different endings, based on to what actions you take & to what effect you put your charge to. I won't spoil anything, but I highly doubt the ending I reached is the "good" one. Without giving me any huge spoilers, can anyone tell me what endings this game has & how to reach them?

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From: NFGchica87 1 year ago

Make sure you watch after the credits. I skipped through it, without realizing there's another scene.

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As far as I'm aware, there is only the one ending, as nothing you do during the game has any effect. No matter what the ending stays the same unlike bioshock 2

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bodillell is correct. There is only one ending regardless of the numerous choices you can make throughout the game.

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There is only 1 ending, the choices you make are largely inconsequential (although a couple decisions will give you an item or aesthetic change to you or Elizabeth). Booker will have slightly different conversations with Elizabeth depending on your choices but none of them are really significant (in fact, most of them just reinforce the whole notion that some things in the game remain constant/need to happen regardless of your choices).

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