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What a party trophy?

I need help trying to get the dlc trophies i need claptrap bubble heads, oil cans and pizzas?


erdvilla answered:

You can use the MINAC trick because the item farming is really slow. I don't know whats the drop rate but seems that the items that should be the rare ones (3D lens (5), Panties (3) & Fish (5) ) are the ones that are droping the most for me while the "common" ones (Oil (25), Bobbleheads (15) & Pizza (15) ) are the ones I'm still farming.
I left my PS3 working all night on the MINAC boss fight and already picked up all the harvest and still I'm needing Oil, Bobbleheads and Pizza, around 13 Oil and 7 or so Pizza and Bobbleheads.
MINAC is the best way since you can left it working all night long and you won't get killed once you take out all the turrets and hide behind the buss and the rock near its front and crouch, camp there and let the Suicide Claptraps die and dies all night long and then when you feel it has been enough kill the MINAC and the INAC, after the credit go pick up everything. Don't leave the crappy components unpicked, they'll block your view. Good luck.
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erdvilla answered:

I left the PS3 working on the MINAC "farm" for 3 more hours and at the end after killing both I collected and I got the 3 trophies I was missing.
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