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Where can I find more armor pieces?

are there more then just N7 armor pieces. ? i already have the cerberus download. but are there more pieces to trully customize the N7 armor?


kuvuplan answered:

Personally, I acquired the Aegis Pack and that gave me all the armor pieces I needed. I think I swapped out the helmet for a visor later, because I preferred seeing my character's face during dialogue, rather than a visor. And I wanted the 10% damage bonus for headshots.

There are a lot of other Armor pieces in the main game, and I do believe they are ALL found in shops. The shops are on the, Omega, Citadel, Illium, and Tuchunka.

Or you can use one of the special sets that takes up all the slots, Such as the Terminius Armor, if you have downloaded that now, while it's free.

By the end of the game, you s could have 3-4 choices for all of the different armor pieces.
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PsykiraKohime answered:

Previous info is accurate, but i shall add a little more, I am not familiar with the PS3 version yet, but there are also key storyline that adds more options, these are Freedoms Progress, Horizon, and the Collector Vessel. After the Collector Vessel everything you can buy on a run will be available.

Side note, to gain access to Tuchanka, talk to Mordin or Grunt when Yeoman Chambers says they want to speak to you.
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brickdoctor answered:

You can buy them from shops in settlements like on The Citadel, Illium, Omega, and Tuchanka.
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illage2 answered:

Typically I buy them from the various vendors on illium, the citadel, omega and Tuchanaka. Also you can get DLC (Which is dirt cheap on PS3 by the way). I like to mix and match my armor so that I have a good balance bwteen offense and defense.

You might also stumble on some armor pieces while doing missions and visiting other planets so its best to keep an eye out for them, look every where, the same can be said for the upgades as well.
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