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                              MASS EFFECT 2 (PC)
                                  version 0.5
                               February 21, 2010

|                                                                           |
|                                     INTRO                                 |
|                                                                           |

Why another Mass Effect 2 Guide?
- Including all dialog trees with Paragon/Renegade points
- Including maps of all areas
- I like the game :D

The walkthrough section is complete from the Prologue to all the Dossier

Completed Loyalty walkthroughs
- Jacob, Miranda, Jack, Mordin, Grunt, Garrus

Partial walkthrough for Collector Ship mission

The guide is still kind of raw so there may be typos, incomplete information,
and formatting issues. Information will be corrected and updated.

|  [TOC]                                                                    |
|                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                              |
|                                                                           |

    01. Prologue
            |- Save Joker . . . . . . . . . . . . [PROL01]
            |- Character Creation . . . . . . . . [PROL02]
            |- The Awakening  . . . . . . . . . . [PROL03]

    02. Freedom's Progress  . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS01]

    03. Normandy SR-2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [HUB00]

    04. Assemble a Team 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS02]
            |- Dossier: The Veteran . . . . . [DLC01]
            |- Dossier: The Professor . . . . [DOS01]
            |- Dossier: The Archangel . . . . [DOS02]
            |- Dossier: The Prisoner  . . . . [DOS03]
            |- Dossier: The Warlord . . . . . [DOS04]

    05. Horizon   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS03]

    06. Assemble a Team 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS04]
            |- Dossier: Tali  . . . . . . . . [DOS05]
            |- Dossier: The Justicar  . . . . [DOS06]
            |- Dossier: The Assassin  . . . . [DOS07]

    07. Collector Ship  . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS05]

    08. Loyalty Missions  . . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS06]
            |- Zaeed: The Price of Revenge. . [LOY00]
            |- Jacob: Gift of Greatness . . . [LOY01]
            |- Miranda: The Prodigal  . . . . [LOY02]
            |- Jack: Subject Zero . . . . . . [LOY03]
            |- Mordin Old Blood . . . . . . . [LOY04]
            |- Grunt: Rite of Passage . . . . [LOY05]
            |- Garrus: Eye for an Eye . . . . [LOY06]
            |- Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi . . . [LOY07]
            |- Tali: Treason  . . . . . . . . [LOY08]
            |- Thane: Sins of the Father  . . [LOY09]

    09. End Game  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [PONR]
            |- Derelict Reaper  . . . . . . . [END01]

    10. Assignments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS07]
            |- Normandy . . . . . . . . . . . [HUB01]
            |- Omega  . . . . . . . . . . . . [HUB02]
            |- Citadel  . . . . . . . . . . . [HUB03]
            |- Illium . . . . . . . . . . . . [HUB04]
            |- Tuchanka . . . . . . . . . . . [HUB05]
            |- N7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [MIS99]

        |- Weapons and Armor for Hanar
        |- Research for Vorcha
        |- Planetary Exploration for Krogans

|  [PROL01]                                                                 |
|                              PROLOGUE: SAVE JOKER                         |
|                                                                           |

Go straight ahead. Follow the right wall to reach the stairs. The left stairs
are blocked. Go to the upper deck and head to the cockpit. Walk through the
forcefield and talk to Joker. And there you go drifting off into space. Good
thing you're wearing your spacesuit. Oh, wait.

|  [PROL02]                                                                 |
|                              CHARACTER CREATION                           |
|                                                                           |

More than four billion credits later...


Mission Accomplished Achievemt in ME2
    +200,000 credits
     +50,000 each resource

Mass Effect 1
    +100,000 credits for importing a ME1 character
    +100,000 credits for getting Rich Achievement in ME1

Levels 1 to 49
     +1,000 Experience (start at level 2)
    +20,000 credits
     +2,500 each resource (Element Zero/Iridium/Palladium/Platinum)

Levels 50 to 59
     +2,000 Experience (start at level 3)
    +30,000 credits
     +5,000 each resource

Level 60
     +4,000 Experience (start at Level 5)
    +50,000 credits
    +10,000 each resource

Default is John/Jane

Origin: Earthborn
Reputation: Sole Survivor
Class: Soldier


Select the default appearance or customize Shepard's appearance.


    Soldier (Combat)             Adept (Biotic)            Engineer (Tech)
 -----------------------    -----------------------    -----------------------
| Adrenaline Rush 1     |  | Warp 1                |  | Overload 1            |
|    |- Concussive Shot |  |    |- Throw           |  |     |- Incinerate     |
| Disruptor Ammo 1      |  | Singularity 1         |  | Combat Drone 1        |
|    |- Incendiary Ammo |  |    |- Pull            |  |     |- Cryo Blast     |
|        |- Cryo Ammo   |  |        |- Shockwave   |  |         |- AI Hacking |
| Combat Mastery        |  | Biotic Mastery        |  | Tech Mastery          |
|                       |  |                       |  |                       |
|  Heavy Pistol, SMG    |  | Heavy Pistol          |  | Heavy Pistol          |
|  Shotgun              |  | SMG                   |  | SMG                   |
|  Sniper Rifle         |   -----------------------    -----------------------
|  Assault Rifle        |

Infiltrator (Combat/Tech)  Vanguard (Combat/Biotic)    Sentinel (Biotic/Tech)
 -----------------------    -----------------------    -----------------------
| Disruptor Ammo 1      |  | Incendiary Ammo 1     |  | Throw 1               |
|   |- Cryo Ammo        |  |    |- Cryo Ammo       |  |     |- Warp           |
| Tactical Cloak 1      |  | Biotic Charge 1       |  | Tech Armor 1          |
|   |- Incinerate       |  |    |- Shoackwave      |  |     |- Overload       |
|       |- AI Hacking   |  |        |- Pull        |  |         |- Cryo Blast |
| Operative             |  | Assault Mastery       |  | Defender              |
|                       |  |                       |  |                       |
| Heavy Pistol          |  | Heavy Pistol          |  | Heavy Pistol          |
| SMG                   |  | SMG                   |  | SMG                   |
| Sniper Rifle          |  | Shotgun               |   -----------------------
 -----------------------    -----------------------

Combat Powers
C   Adrenaline Rush - Time Dilation
C   Concussive Shot - damage + knockdown
C   Cryo Ammo - freezes enemies
C   Disruptor Ammo - anti-shields, anti-synthetic
C   Incendiary Ammo - anti-armor, burns organics

Biotic Powers - blocked by shields and barriers except Warp
B   Biotic Charge - rush the enemy
B   Pull - levitates a target
B   Shockwave - linear AOE attack
B   Singularity - AOE hold
B   Throw - biotic throw
B   Warp - anti-armor, anti-barrier, detonates biotic powers, anti-health regen

Tech Powers - blocked by shields and barriers
T   AI Hacking - charm synthetics
T   Combat Drone - summons anti-shield/stun drone
T   Cryo Blast - freezes target
T   Incinerate - anti-armor, burns organics
T   Overload - anti-shields, anti-synthetic
T   Tech Armor - boosts shield, AOE detonation when tech armor is destroyed

The default background is an Earthborn Sole Survivor. It is recommended you
select a morality path and concentrate on that path. Select Spacer/War Hero
for Paragon or Earthborn/Ruthless for Renegade as the background.

Spacer (Paragon)
Colonist (Paragon/Renegade)
Earthborn (Renegade)

Sole Survivor (Paragon/Renegade)
War Hero (Paragon)
Ruthless (Renegade)

If you have successfully completed any Loyalty Missions, you can select a
single bonus power when creating a new character.

Armor-Piercing Ammo - anti-armor
Barrier - bonus to shield
Dominate -
Energy Drain - drain enemy shields to boost your shields
Fortification - temporary bonus to armor
Geth Shield Boost - shield boost
Neural Shock - anti-organic
Reave - anti- health regen, drains health from organics
Shredder Ammo - anti-organic
Slam - biotic body slam
Warp Ammo - anti-armor, anti-barrier

|  [PROL03]                                                                 |
|                            PROLOGUE: THE AWAKENING                        |
|                                                                           |

                                                   |     ___|
                                                   |  B  _  |
                                                   |o___ _|o|_
                   _ _______________               |    |     |
                  | o_  H  _o_  G   |              | A  | | C |
                  | | |___|   |___| |___           |____| |  _|_
                  | |           |F| o_  |       ___     |_   ___| <--C1
                  | |           |_o | | |______|E  |______|o|
               ___|o|_            |_| |__________|D ________|
          I-->| ____| |                          |_|
              |_____o |
                  |  _|
 _             ___| |_
|o| <--O      | K | J_|
| |_____      |  _o___|
|  _    |_ _  |o|_
|   | M  _o | |  _|
|  _|   | | |_|o|X|
|  _  | | |___o  _| <--L
| | |_|_|     |_|X|
| |
|_| <--N


A. Grab the pistol and armor from the locker. Take cover to avoid the
exploding canisters. Grab the Thermal Clip by the door. Reload the pistol.
Exit the room.

B. Take cover by the barrier. Use [W]+[Spacebar] to Vault over the barrier.
Take cover behind the crate. Destroy the Hacked Mech walking down the stairs.
There's a clip next to the crate and another on the stairs. Go up the stairs
and open the door.

C. Run up and take cover in the center of the room. Destroy all the mechs
before continuing. There's a clip in the little side room (C1). Exit the room.

D. Grap the M-100 Grenade Launcher. Equip the launcher and take out the mechs
coming through the door below you. Take the Elevator (E) down to the lower
floor. You won't be able to go back from this point. Use [W]+[Hold Spacebar]
to Storm through the flames. Proceed down the corridor and through the next

F. Go into the room. There are a couple of Hacked Mechs crawling on the floor
that will self-destruct. You can read some logs from the two Cereberus
Laptops. There's a Wall Safe [Bypass] that holds 975 credits.

G. Go up the stairs. There's a Public Computer you can access.

H. Meet up with Jacob. After the dialog, target a mech. Hold down Left Shift
to bring up the command menu. Have Jacob use his Biotic Pull skill. This will
also stop additional mechs from coming through the doors. Destroy all the
mechs. You can talk to Jacob after the fight is over. There's a Datapad on the
chairs you can activate to listen to more logs.

I. Take cover as soon as you enter this room. Destroy the mechs.

J. Go up the stairs. There's a small room where you can access a Cereberus
Laptop for some more story.

K. Talk to Wilson.
    A1. I remember you...
    A2. Let's get you out of here = +2P

Grab the Medi-gel from the terminal. Use Left-Shift-->Unity to heal Wilson.

    A1. I don't trust any of you yet.
    A2. It doesn't matter

    B1. But she tried to help me = +2P
    B2. Either way, we can't help her +2R
    B3. Maybe, maybe not

Take cover. Order Wilson to use his Overload power on the crates or use your
Overload power on the crates. This conveniently destroys the mechs attacking

    C1. Never heard of them
    C2. That sounds familiar +2P
    C3. Why would...
    C4. You lied to me. +2R

    D. Illusive Man?
    D1. I'll never... +2P
    D2. Fine.
    D3. What are you after? +2R
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Cereberus

L. There's a Datapad you can Hack for 900 credits.

M. Open the door and destroy the mechs. You want to go up the stairs or the
ramp. There are mechs on the upper level and additional mechs will come out of
the two rooms at either end of the upper level.

N. There's a Laptop, a Datapad (Hack) with 975 credits, and a Wall Safe
(Bypass) with 900 credits.

O. Go through this door to meet up with Miranada.

    A. That your idea...
    A. Now you can't...
    A3. Okay...
    A4. I knew... +2R

You can talk with Miranda before escaping from the Research Facility.


Miranda will interview you during the shuttle ride. You can pick up some
Paragon/Renegade points based on your answers.

    A1. It was painful +2P
    A2. We're done here --> End
    A3. I refused to die. +2R

    B1. It was a hard choice +2P
    B2. We're done here.
    B3. It was that or die. +2R

You end up in another Lazarus Research Facility. Neither Jacob nor Miranda
will talk to you at this point. There's an Armor Locker at the far end of the
room behind Miranda where you can customize your appearance and equip armor.
Go down the ramp and stand in the circle to meet the Illusive Man.

    A1. You don't know me. +2P
    A2. What do "we" know?
    A3. I need some answers. +2R

    B1. You're not my friend. +2P
    B2. Skip the pleasantries. +2R
    B3. Not bad. +2R

    C. Investigate
    C1. I'll need a lot of convincing. +2P
    C2. Maybe I beleive you. +2P
    C3. Where do we start? +2R

    D. I'm supposed to trust them?
    D1. Do I have a choice? +2P
    D2. What are you expecting?
    D3. I'll find the evidence. +2R
    [[ Journal Updated >> Investigate Colony
    [[ Journal Updated >> Investigate the Missing Colonists
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Cereberus: The Illusive Man
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Freedom's Progress

Afterwards, you get 1,000 experience, level 2, and a new mission. Go back
upstairs. You can talk to Jacob and Miranada after talking to the Illusive

    A. Just remember...
    A1. Thanks...  +2P
    A2. I'll do my best. +2P
    A3. You sound jealous. +2R

    B1. We don't have to be enemies. +2P
    B2. Is there a problem here? +2R
    B3. What's your problem? +2R

    C. Investigate

    A1. Those colonists... +2P
    A2. I didn't join Cerberus. +2R
    A3. I'll reserve judgement. +2R

    B1. Yes. +2P
    B2. I'm not sure. +2P
    B3. No. +2R

    C. Investigate

Make sure to level up your character. Press ESC-->Squad. Spend your Talent
Points. Go through the door to complete the Mission.

Mission Complete
    Experience Gained: 1000
    New Weapon: M-100 Grenade Launcher
    Credits Found/Funding: 3,750/3,750 = 7,500

|  [MIS01]                                                                  |
|                              FREEDOM'S PROGRESS                           |
|                                                                           |

So, on the way to the colony...

    A. Investigate
    A1. Someone could still be alive. +2P
    A2. We're here to search.
    A3. Do whatever it takes. +2R

    _______| T |______
   /   S   |o _|      |
 _/_      [[_|       _|_
|Q  |               | R |
|   |               |   |
|__o|      P        |o__|
|_]]               [[_|
  |________     ______|
       |     O      |
       |            |
       |   M    |=|_|_
       |        |_[[[ |
       |        | _]]_|
       |        |o  |
       |        |   | <--L
       |   N    |__o|_
      _|___ ____|  __ |
     | I   |  ____o  o|
     |__o__o_|    | J |
       |__ |      |___|
         | |
         |_o   |
           | H |
           |  _|               ___
         __|=| |              |...|_
        |G     |              |...| |________
        |__|=|_|__ _________  |...| |  ___  _|
           |o  F  |  _   _  | |  _| |=|   |o |
           |______o_| |=|_|=| |=|         |B |       W
                      |_    |_|           | _|       |
                        | E  o     C     _|o|_    S--+--N
                        |    o D        /     \      |
                        |___| |________|   A   |     E

From the start [A] just go straight ahead into the first prefab [B]. The
prefab is empty. Just exit and go to the small courtyard [C]. Salvage the
Spare Parts that are on the left side of the double doors [D] for 1,000
credits. Go through the double doors to the next area [E].

Here you'll encounter some LOKI Mechs. Additional LOKI mechs and FENRIS mechs
come from area [F]. There's also a pistol clip in this area.
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Security Mechs

Go up onto the walkway and into the next prefab [F]. Inside this habitat
module you can find a Med Kit (+1 Medi-gel) and a Wall Safe (Bypass) with
2,000 credits. A LOKI mech and a FENRIS mech are waiting to ambush you
outside. Salvage the Spare Parts for 1,000 credits [G]. You won't be able to
backtrack once you enter the next prefab.

H. The Qunari Team
Inside you find some quanari. Among them is an old friend.

    A1. Don't point those guns at me. +2R
    A2. It's me. --> Go to C tree, skip B

    B1. I didn't have a choice. +2P
    B2. I'm not working for them.
    B3. I did it to help humanity! +2R

    C1. Why did Veetor...
    C2. Have you found him?
    C3. You think he's alive? +2R

    D1. We need to team up. +2P
    D2. We'll handle it from here. +2R

    E. Why do you hate Cerberus?
    E1. Sounds like a plan. +2P
    E2. Forget it.  +2R

You get a new objective to find Veetor. Some drones will fly past you once you
exit the prefab. Just go down the walkway into the next prefab [I]. There's a
LOKI mech hiding by the Wall Safe. Bypass the Wall Safe for 2,000 credits. The
drones will attack you once you exit this habitat module. There are Assault
Drones and Rocket Drones (shields).

You can pick up some Medi-gel and a clip in prefab [J]. The next prefab is
empty [L]. Exit and go down the stairs. You'll encounter another group of
drones at the bottom of the stairs [M]. There's a Med Kit on some crates.
In the back area of the courtyard you can pick up a clip and salvage 1,000
credits from the Spare Parts [N].

Target one of the waypoints by the side of the double doors [O]. Use the [Q]
key to send Jacob to that area. Use the [E] key to send Miranda to the other
waypoint. Take cover right in front of the doors. Talia will open the doors
once everybody is in position.

P. The Boss Fight
Watch the quanari literally get stomped by the YMIR Heavy Mech. The YMIR has
shields and armor. It has a machine gun and can fire rockets. Try not to take
cover behind the Fragile Crates. You can run into the prefabs for better cover
instead of staying out in the open. The prefab on the left [Q] has a clip and
a Power Cell with two Heavy Weapon ammo. The prefab on the right [R] has a Med
Kit and a clip. You can also hide on the balcony of the center prefab [T].

After you've destroyed the YMIR, loot the rest of the items. Bypass the Wall
Safe in the left prefab for 3,000 credits. To the left of the central prefab
there's 2,000 iridium [S]. Scan the damaged YMIR mech to get the Heavy Weapon
Ammo Research.

Go into the center prefab. Here's Veetor.

    A1. You're safe now. --> Paragon action (right-click)
    A2. Snap out of it!  --> Renegade action (left-click)

    [Skip Paragon/Renegade action]
    B1. They can't hurt you anymore. --> Paragon action (right-click)
    B2. I want some answers -- now! --> Renegade action (left-click)

    [Skip Paragon/Renegade action] --> B

Talk to Veetor to find out what happened.

    [LN] We weren't here
    [RN] Tell us what happened.

    [LN] What's a Collector?
    [RN] What's it doing here?

    [LN] Investigate
    [RN] Go on, Veetor.

    [N] Thank you, Veetor.
    [R] What a waste of time.

Decide Veetor's fate:
    [LP] A. You should join us, Tali.
    [P]  A1. Veetor goes with Tali. --> Tali happy
    [R]  A2. Veetor has to come with us. --> Tali angry

Talk to the Illusive Man. Now that the threat has been identified it is time
to prepare. You get reunited with Joker and the Normandy SR-2. Exact
Paragon/Renegade values are unknown for the Veetor and Illusive Man

    [P]  Having friends pays off.
    [N]  What about Veetor's data?

    [P]  You don't seem surprised.
    [N]  Who are they?

    [L-] Investigate options
    [P]  What aren't you telling me?
    [N]  The threat is real enough.

    [N]  I can't do it alone.
    [R]  Agreed!

    [L]  I had a good team.
    [L]  I'm a Spectre.
    [P]  I decide who's on my team.
    [N]  We'll be ready.

    [P]  Is that an order?
    [N]  And the second thing?

Mission Complete
    Experience Gained: 1,000
    Upgrades: Heavy Weapon Ammo
    Credits Found/Funded: 10,000/10,000 = 20,000
    +2,000 Iridium

|  [HUB00]                                                                  |
|                                 NORMANDY SR-2                             |
|                                                                           |

[Mapping in progress]

Get introduced to the new Normandy SR-2.
    [P] Good point.
    [R] This is my ship.

    A1. Joker won't like this. +2P
    A2. This could come in handy.
    A3. AIs are dangerous. +2R

    B1. Anybody else I should meet?
    B2. Time to assemble our team.
    B3. Glad to hear it. +2R
    [[ Journal Updated >> Assemble a Team
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Normandy SR-2
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Collectors

Deck 1: Captain's Cabin
    Fish Tank
    Private Terminal
    Medal of Honor (Achievements)
    Armor Locker (Armor selection, customization)
    Sound System (Select Music)

Deck 2: Command Information Center
    Yeoman Chambers
    Galaxy Map
    Private Terminal
    Tech Labs and Research Terminal
    Armory and Weapons Locker, Jacob Taylor
    Briefing/Comm Room
    Cockpit: Joker, EDI, Shutter Control, Flight Control (Codex: Space Combat:
Pursuit Tactics)
    Controls (Codex: Computers: Haptic Adaptive Interface)

Deck 3: Crew Quarters
    Miranda's Cabin: Miranda Lawson
    Crew's Quarters
    Mess Hall: Mess Sergeant Gardner
    Medical: Dr. Chakwas
    Main Battery (Locked)
    AI Core (Locked)
    Starboard Observation Deck (Locked)
    Life Support (Locked)

Deck 4: Engineering
    Monitoring Station (Codex: UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle)
    Engineering: Engineer Donnelly, Engineer Daniels
    Engine Core
    Port Cargo (Restricted)

1) Talk to Yeoman Chambers
2) Check Private Terminal
3) Talk to Jacob in the Armory
4) Talk to Miranada
5) Talk to Gardner, Assignment: Normandy: Special Ingredients
6) Talk to Dr. Chakwas, Assignment: Normandy: Serrice Ice Brandy
7) Talk to the Engineers, Assignment: Normandy: FBA Couplings
8) Use Armor Locker to customize appearance
9) Use Weapons Locker to select weapons

|  [MIS02]                                                                  |
|                            ASSEMBLE A TEAM 1                              |
|                                                                           |
You have five missions. One mission is to visit Citadel Station now that
you're not dead. The other four missions are to recruit the Professor, the
Archangel, the Convict, and the Warlord.

The Professor: 4 morality choices, new heavy pistol
The Archangel: No morality choices, new assault rifle
The Convict: 1 morality choice, no new weapons
The Warlord: 1 morality choice, no new weapons

Some Notes on Morality
In order to successfully complete the Paragon choices in all four missions,
you will need to allocate at least one point in the class mastery skill to get
the Paragon/Renegade bonus. If you do the Professor/Archangel/Convict/Warlord,
you won't be able to do the Paragon choices during the Warlord. If you do
Professor/Archangel/Warlord/Convict, you won't be able to do the Paragon
choice at the beginning of the Convict. You can do any of the missions first
and complete all the Paragon choices in each mission, but I'm not sure how
that affects the Paragon choices in the remaining dossier missions. I played
through the prologue and Freedom's Progress picking only Paragon points with
no Renegade points and also taking all Paragon points and any Renegade points
that didn't conflict with Paragon points. I still ran into the Warlord/Convict
Paragon choice conflict.

|  [DLC01]                                                                  |
|                            DOSSIER: THE VETERAN                           |
|                                                                           |

Make a Mass Relay jump to the Omega Nebula and dock at Omega. You can find
Zaeed at the end of the hallway before going through the first door.

Recruiting Zaeed
    A. How much do you know?
    A. Who's your friend?
    A. You and Cerberus
    A1. Welcome aboard. +2P
    A2. Report to the Normandy. +2R

    B1. No, he didn't. +2P
    B2. Arrangement?
    B3. There's always a catch. +2R

    C1. We can do that. +2P
    C2. If there's time. +2R

Zaeed boards the Normandy and can now be selected for missions. You
automatically get Zaeed's Loyalty mission [see LOY00 Zaeed: The Price of
    [[New Codex Entry>> Planet: Zorya

|  [DOS01]                                                                  |
|                            DOSSIER: THE PROFESSOR                         |
|                                                                           |

Mapping 50% done
[Need to go through different Daniel scenarios]

Make a Mass Relay jump to the Omega Nebula and dock at Omega in the Sahrabarik

If this is your first visit to Omega, you will have a quick conversation with
Fargut and Moklan.

    [P] Relax.
    [N] Got it.
    [R] When I'm ready.
    [[ Journal Updated >> Talk to Aria
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Omega

Go to Upper Afterlife. You can have a quick encounter with Kylan.

    A1. Paragon/Renegade choice +5P/R
    A2. Goodbye.

Afterwards, Kylan disappears.

Enter Upper Afterlife and talk to Aria T'Loak. You don't have to talk to Aria
before recruiting the Professor. You can just go directly to the District
Guard at the Quarantine Zone.

Aria T'Loak (First conversation)
    A1. What's the scan for? --> C
    A2. I need some answers. --> C
    A3. Like hell. --> B, +2R

    B1. What's the scan for?
    B2. Go ahead.
    B3. If you insist.

    C1. Simple enough. +2P
    C2. I have similar rules. +2R

    D. Investigate
    D1. Ask about Mordin.

    E. Where is he?

If you've already talked to Aria, just ask her about Mordin and ask where he
can be found.
    [[Journal Updated>> Enter Quarantine Zone

Talk to the District Guard by the Quarantine Zone.
    I'm going in for Mordin Solus --> A

    A. Investigate
    A1. Paragon/Renegade choice  [+5P/R?]
    [N]. I really need to get in
    [R]. You can't stop me.

                   _____  ___              _____________
                  |     ||  B|____________|             |
                  |     ||  ____________  |_______   _  |
                  |_   _||A|            |_______C___| | |
                    | |  |_|                          | |
                    | |  _________     _              | |
                    |L|_|         |   | |        _____| |
                    |    _______  |   | |       |    _|D|
                   _| |           |   | |       |       |
            ___   |M  |     J     |   | |       |    _  |
           ___P|__| |_|_   ___    |_  |I|_      |    _| |_
          |    ___N_|   |           |_|   |_____|H        |
        |P| O |      ___|  ___  |______________________o_E|
        |_        |_|  R|_|K____|                     | |
          | Q |    _   _|                        _____| |_
          |       | | |                         |  G  o  F|
     T    |    ___|_| |___                      |_____|___|
 ___| |  _|   | |    S    |
|     |_|     | |_________|
|_________    |

Select your squad and move into the Slums District [A]. Go straight ahead and
go past the boxes. There's two clips and 250 Element Zero by the body [B]. Go
down the hallway towards the barricade with the District Guards. If you
persuaded the guard earlier, the District Guards won't attack you. If you did
not persuade the guard earlier, the District Guards at the barrier will attack
you. Go through the corridor to the right of the barricade. There's a couple
more clips and a Medical Station [C]. Go through the door and down the stairs.

You'll encounter your first group of enemies: a couple of Blue Sun Troopers
[D]. Go down to the door marked "Mechanical Sciences". Hack the Bank Terminal
for 5,000 credits [E]. Go through the doors into Material Sciences [F]. Open
the Power Cells to get +4 Heavy Weapon Ammo. You can bypass the door to find
a Turian Plague Victim and listen to the Turian's logs at the computer console

Exit Material Sciences and talk to the Batarian Victim [H].

Batarian Victim
    A. You need help
    A. Don't blame us for this.
    A1. I'm looking for a salarian.
    A2. Leave him. +2R

    Paragon action --> B, +5P

    [Skip Paragon action]
    Let Batarian die --> +2R, Access PDA +2,000 credits

    B1. I'm here to help +2P
    B2. I need information. +2R

    C. Investigate --> Vorcha
    C. I'll send someone to help you.
    C. How is he dangerous?
    C1. Goodbye.
    [[New Codex Entry>> Vorcha

Go down the hallway that's to the left of the Batarian. Bypass the door on the
right to get access to the apartment [I]. There are some logs you can play
from the datapad. Open the Wall Safe for an easy 4,000 credits.

Exit the apartments and go right to a plaza [J]. There is a squad of Blue Suns
Troopers and Legionnaires in the plaza.. The Blue Suns Legionnaires have
shields. There is a room on the left side of the plaza just as you enter. You
can take some stairs up to a room that looks out over the plaza [K]. After the
area is clear, you can gather some items. There's a Med Kit and some Circuit
Boards that can be salvaged for 1,000 credits in the upper room [K].

Go down to the lower level and turn right at the barricade. Bypass the door to
get into another apartment [L]. There's a Med Kit and a Wall Safe with 4,000
credits. Talk to the Refugees inside the apartment.

    A.  You should go to the clinic
    B1. Paragon/Renegade (+45P/4R) +5P/R
    [[New Codex Entry>> Vorcha

Exit the apartment and go straight ahead so you're behind the barricade.
Examine the Modified Assault Rifle for an Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade [M]. Go
through the door to Kokomo Plaza [N]. There's a group of Blue Suns Troopers
fighting a group from the Blood Pack mercenaries [O]. There are Blood Pack
Troopers, Blood Pack Pyros with flamethrowers, Varrens (alien dogs), and Blood
Pack Warriors (Krogans with armor). You can access an upper room by taking one
of the sets of stairs [P].

Go into the room on the left side of the plaza [R]. Get 250 Element Zero. Go
into the next room to encounter some Human Looters [S].

Human Looter
    A. Who are you?
    B. I don't like looters. +2P
    C. I want you to stop.

    D1. Paragon/Renegade +5P/R --> E
    D2. Forget it.
    D3. Yes. +2R --> Fight

    E. I'm looking for someone --> Investigate --> End

Exit the apartment and go to the left. Follow the red lights set into the
floor. Go through the door to the clinic [T].

       |  _   _  |
    ___| |_| |_| |_
   |      _   ___  |
   |   |    F    | |
   |   | ____      |_______
   |       | |___  |  ___  |
   |   |   |     |=|T|   | |
   |   |   |    _|o|_|   | |A
   |G      |   |   E |___| |
   |___|  H|   |_____  B  _|
       |=|           |_  |_|
       |=|        ___  | |  _
       |=|    ___|   |_| |_| |___
      |   |  | |_ D ___   ___  C |
      |   |  |_____|   |_|   |___|
      |   |_

Go down the hallway past the Clinic Guard [A]. Go left past the Reception Desk
and down the hallway [B]. Go into the left room at the end of the hallway [C].
Loot 2,000 platinum, a Med Kit, and the Refined Palladium (+2,000 Palladium).
Download from the Research Station to get the Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade. Go
into the other room [D]. Grab the 500 Element Zero and 2,000 Iridium from the
desk. There's a Med Kit and +2 Heavy Weapon ammo in the Power Cells.

Talk to Mordin.
    Renegade action +5R --> A

    [Skip Renegade action]
    Paragon action +5P --> A

    [Skip both actions]
    A1. I'll take care of it. +2P
    A2. Why can't anything be simple? +2R

Tell Mordin about the sick Batarian, if the Batarian is still alive, for 40xp.

At the end of the conversation you'll get a new objective (Cure the Plague), a
new assignment (Find Daniel), and the M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon (heavy pistol
upgrade). Go back to the reception area and go through the door on the left
[E]. Go up the stairs to another plaza [F]. This plaza is heavily defended by
the Blood Pack with Troopers, Pyros, and Blood Pack Warriors (Krogan/armor).
Look for the corner of the plaza with the stairs going up. To the right of the
stairs is a Medical Station [G]. To the left of the stairs there's a Gambling
Terminal that can be hacked for 3,000 credits [H]. Go up the stairs and hack
the Bank Terminal for 5,000 credits [I]. Continue up the stairs to a hallway

           |  |
       __ _|  |
 ___  |  | o L|
|   |_|  o_|  |    ___
| K  _o  | |==|___|   |_________
|___| |  | |==|N______          |
      |  | |________ .|  |      |                   _______________
      |==|      |N _|.|->|_     |   Area O _____   |    _____o_____|R
      |==|      |=|...|         |    _____|  _  |  | | |
    __|==|      |=|.M.|       | |___| ____  | | |  | | |_____________
   J_____|      |_ ...|       | o___o  _____| | |__|                 |
                  |...|       | |    | P  |   |____o                Q|
                  |=|_|         |    |____|        |    _____________|
                  |=| |         |                  | | |
                  |N            |                  | | |___________
                  |_____________|                  |_________o_____|S

Open the door on the left to find Daniel and the Batarians (sounds like a band
name) [K]. If you end up fighting the Batarians, Daniel gets killed and you
don't get any experience for finding Daniel. If you let Daniel live, you get
40 experience and Daniel returns to the clinic. Conversation branches C/D/E
don't seem to give any additional renegade or paragon points.

    A1. Paragon/Renegade +5P/R --> C
    A2. Everybody stay calm. +2P
    A3. He's not my friend.
    A4. [Signal Henchmen]. +5R --> Fight

    B1. Paragon/Renegade +5P/R
    B2. Let's talk this out. +2P --> Fight
    B3. No. --> Fight
    B4. [Signal Henchmen]. +5R --> Fight

    C1. You can go. --> D, Daniel happy
    C2. No. --> E, kill Batarians

    D1. He needs you.
    D2. Go back to the clinic.

    E1. Don't be so naive.
    E2. Watch your mouth.

There's a Med Kit and some clips in the apartment. Exit the apartment and go
through the door on the opposite side of the hallway. There'll be a Blood Pack
patrol guarding the area [L]. Go through the door and down the stairs. The
next area has Blood Pack Troopers and Vorcha Heavys [M]. The shaded area is a
balcony. There are three staircases leading down to the lower level [N]. The
Heavys are rocket troops and are stationed on the balcony across from you.
Shoot the explosive barrels on the balcony to easily take out the Heavys. The
Blood Pack troops come out from the Ventilation Control below you. You want to
go down one of the sets of stairs to the lower level and get to Ventilation

Go through the doors to a hallway guarded by more Blood Pack [Area O]. Go down
the hallway and go to the right. Salvage the Spare Parts for 1,000 credits and
grab the Med Kit [P]. Go through the doorway on the left side of the hall and
go up the stairs.

Open the door and get threatened by a vorcha [Q].

Blood Pack Boom-Squad
    A1. Why are you doing this? +2P
    A2. You're dead. +2R

Kill the vorcha. Go down to the center of the hall and insert the cure at the
Power Startup console. Turn around and take cover. Once the area is secure
again, face the fan and go right. There will be a squad of Blood Pack that
comes out of the Ventilation Control room [R]. Go into the room and initialize
the West Fan Array. Use the Medical Station and grab the clip off the floor.
There's another squad of Blood Pack when you exit the room including Vorcha
Heavys and a Blood Pack Warrior. Now you want to go to the other side of the
hallway and get into the other Ventilation Control room [S]. There is another
squad of Blood Pack in that room as well. Use the Medical Station before
initializing the East Fan Array. You get warped back to Mordin.

There are three possible conversations you can have with Mordin depending on
the fate of Daniel.

Happy Daniel, Daniel saved, no Batarians were harmed
    [P] I'm not like that. +2P
    [N] I thought about it. +2R

Upset Daniel, Daniel saved, Batarians killed
    A1. I saved your life!
    A2. You ungrateful...

Dead Daniel
    A1. I'm sorry. He's dead.
    A2. He got himself killed.

    [N] Will you join me? +2P
    [R] Don't forget our deal. +2R

You automatically get +5R and +5P.

You can stay after the mission and talk to anybody that you saved (the
Batarian Victim, the Refugees, and Daniel).

Mission Complete
    Experience Gained: 1,000
    New Weapon: Carnifex Hand Cannon
    Upgrades: Assault Rifle Damage, Medi-Gel Capacity
    Credits Found/Funded: 23,000/25,000  (You saved the Batarian Victim)
    Credits Found/Funded: 25,000/25,000  (You let the Batarian Victim die)
    +1,000 Element Zero
    +2,000 each of Platinum, Palladium, Iridium

Mission Debriefing
    A. You know the Illusive Man?
    A1. Cerberus hasn't changed. +2P
    A2. Human colonies are vanishing.
    A3. Cerberus does good work. +2R

    Paragon action --> C (no paragon points)

    [Skip Paragon action]
    B1. You think this is fascinating? +2R
    B2. You tell us.

    C1. Yes. +2P
    C2. Stay focused, Professor. +2R

|  [DOS02]                                                                  |
|                              DOSSIER: ARCHANGEL                           |
|                                                                           |

Orbit and Dock at Omega. If this is your first visit to Omega, you will have a
quick conversation with Fargut and Moklan.

    [P] Relax.
    [N] Got it.
    [R] When I'm ready.
    [[ Journal Updated >> Talk to Aria
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Omega

Go to Upper Afterlife and talk to Aria T'Loak. You have to talk to Aria and
ask about Archangel to continue the mission.

Aria T'Loak (First conversation)
    A1. What's the scan for? --> C
    A2. I need some answers. --> C
    A3. Like hell. --> B, +2R

    B1. What's the scan for?
    B2. Go ahead.
    B3. If you insist.

    C1. Simple enough. +2P
    C2. I have similar rules. +2R

    D. Investigate
    D1. Ask about Archangel

If you've already talked to Aria, just ask her about Archangel.
    [[Journal Updated>> Join the Mercs

Talk to the Merc Recruiter in Upper Afterlife.

Blue Suns Trooper and the Guy
    Renegade action --> A, +5R

    [Skip Renegade action]
    A1. Looking for Archangel
    A2. Sure.


The Guy
    B1. How old are you? +2P
    B2. Yes. +2R

    Paragon action +5P
    [Skip Paragon action]

       _               ___
 _____| |  _   ___    |_  |_
|   | B | |C|_| D |   | |I _|
|   o__o|_| | |  _|   |   |
|_  | |_____ooo_|_____|  _|___
  | |_____|     |             |
  | |     |___  |            _|
  | |     |   |E______o __ G|
  |       |       |F___|  | |
  | |     |          _____| |
  | |     |_        |  H  o |
  |         |       |_____|+|
  |         |
  |         |
  |    A    |
  |         |
  |_       _|
    |     |
    |     |

Exit Afterlife and go right to the Tranport Depot/Transit Hub. Talk to the
Blue Suns Driver to move to Archangel's Base [A]. You can get some details
about the mission from Salkie.

Go to the left and continue straight to the door. Go into the room [B]. Read
the Message to Tarak to get a new assignment. Talk to Jaroth to get some story
and the Codex entry on Mercenaries: Eclipse. Go through the other door into a
short hallway. Go into the door on the left [C]. Nab +500 Element Zero. Hack
the Eezo Smuggling Accounts for 4,000 credits. You can Bypass Friend or Foe ID
at the Heavy Mech Diagnostic Station to make the end fight easier. Exit the
mech room and go through the door on the left. Go straight ahead to find Garm,
the scary Krogan leader of the Blood Pack. Talk to Garm to get some background
and the Mercenaries: Blood Pack codex entry. Exit the Blood Pack room and go
through the door to the left.

You'll be out on the boulevard. Hack the 'Protection' Money Accounts for a
quick 6,000 credits [E]. Bypass the door to get access to a storage room [F].
Scan the Blue Suns Weapon Shipment for a SMG Damage Upgrade. Access the Blue
Suns Gunrunning Accounts for 4,000 credits. The Power Cells have 2 Heavy
Weapon Ammo. Finally, there's a Medical Station by the door.

You can talk to a Freelancer by the barricade [G], but he has nothing
interesting to say. Go through the door to the right of the barricade. There's
a Medical Station [+] at the end of the hallway. Go into the room to find the
Blue Suns base. Talk to Tarak and Jentha to get more information. Be sure to
ask Jentha about the Blue Suns to get the codex entry.

Tarak and Jentha
    A1. Calm down. +2P
    A2. What an ass. +2R

    B1. What's his problem?
    B2. In a bit.

    [[New Codex Entry>> Mercenaries: Blue Suns

Go over the gunship and talk to Cathka's Assistant to get access to Sergeant
Cathka [I].

Sergeant Cathka
    A1. Who?
    A2. I'm here now.

    B. Investigate
    B1. Are you coming?

    Renegade action --> +5R, weakens gunship for final fight
    [[New Codex Entry>> A-61 Mantis Gunship

               |  K  |
               |     |
               |    $|        ___
               |D    |     |B|  +| <== Upper level
               |     |     | |   |
               |    +|_____| |   |
                     |       |               _ __________________
            ___      |       |              | |___|_|__I_________|
           |   |_____|      u|              |-|
           |    _____        |              | |
 __________|               |B|              |-| Utility
| A            |   | |  +  | |              |H|
|__________|   |  J| |_    |_|              | |
           |_______________  |           ___| |
                           |E|__________|+    |______________
       Ground level        |  __________       ______F_______|   Basement
                           | |          |___  |
                           |_|           _|_  |___
                                        |         |
                                        |         |
                                        |         |
    [+] = Med Kit                       |         |  Garage
                                        |         |
                                        |         |
                                        |+ G   ___|
                                          |   |
                                          |   |
                                          |   |

Get to Archangel
You start out on the infamous bridge [A]. Quickly run into the building and go
up the stairs [B]. Kill the Freelancers in the building. Archangel will unlock
the doors at the upper level [C]. Surprise!

    A1. It's good to see you. +2P
    A2. Is that you, Garrus? +2R

    B. Investigate
    B1. So now what?

    C. What happened here?
    C1. They won't get through. +2P
    C2. It'll do.
    C3. Let's kick ass. +2R

    Renegade action --> +5R

Hold the Fort
Grab the Vindicator Battle Rifles (assault rifle) from the couch. The first
group is Eclipse mercenaries. LOKI Mechs attack first followed by Eclipse
Troopers. Jaroth will then send in a YMIR Heavy Mech. If you disabled the IFF
on the YMIR, it will attack the nearest targets. If you didn't disable the
IFF, the YMIR will try to get up the stairs to attack you. After the YMIR is
destroyed, you'll take on Eclipse merc leader Jaroth (shields/armor).

After the first wave you can grab some items. Save the Med Kits for later.
There are Med Kits [+] on the lower level. Scan the Omni-tool Power Boost X-
Mods on the shelves by the stairs for a Tech Damage upgrade [U]. There are
more Med Kits and a Wall Safe [$] with 4,000 credits in the smaller upper
room. In the same room as Garrus there is another Med Kit and a Footlocker [$]
(2,000 credits). Loot the clips as needed.

Talk to Garrus after the Eclipse mercs have been fought off.

Garrus, after Eclipse mercs
    A1. I'm not leaving you alone. +5P
    A2. You need help. +5R
    A3. I'm on it. --> End

    B1. Leave somebody with Garrus
    B2. Don't leave anybody with Garrus.

Go to Basement
Go to the lower level and go through the back door [E]. You'll be on a balcony
overlooking the lower level. There's also a Medical Station and a Weapons
Locker here. Go down the stairs and go to the emergency exit [F]. Use the
Emergency Shutter Control to seal the shutter. If you Storm to the exit you
can get it closed before any Blood Pack get past the shutter.

Next, head into the garage. There will be a lot of Blood Pack mercs here. Kill
the Blood Pack Warrior before trying to seal the shutter [G]. Grab the Med Kit
[+] on your way out of the garage. Go across the way to the Utility area.
You'll have the climb over a series of barriers [H] to get to the last shutter
[I]. You'll automatically move back upstairs [J] after sealing the last

Stop Blood Pack
Kill the Blood Pack on the lower level and get up the stairs. A Blood Pack
Warrior (armor) and Garm (barrier/armor), the Blood Pack boss, will go up the
stairs and try to kill Garrus. Stop them!

You can go downstairs and gather up any Med Kits or clips you haven't looted
yet and do the same thing on the upper level. Talk to Garrus after the Blood
Pack mercs have been defeated. This triggers the final wave of attacks by the
Blue Suns mercs.

Fight Blue Suns
Kill the Blue Suns that get dropped off by the gunship [K]. The mercs will be
lead by the Blue Suns lieutenant, Jentha (shields/armor). The second wave
comes up the back stairs. This includes Blue Suns Centurions (shields).
Garrus gets taken out by Tarak in his gunship. You get locked into the room.

If you stabbed Sergeant Cathka, the gunship will have about 2/3rds of its
armor. If you didn't stab Cathka, the gunship will have full armor. Use your
Heavy Weapon on the gunship. The gunship will switch between areas [D] and
[K]. Kill any Blue Suns that get droped off at [K]. The mission ends once the
gunship is destroyed.

Mission Complete
    Experience Gained: 1,000
    New Weapon: Vindicator Battle Rifle
    Upgrades: SMG Damage, Tech Damage
    Credits Found: 20,000/20,000
    +500 Element Zero

Mission Debriefing
    A1. No worse than usual, buddy +2P
    A2. It's going to show.

    B1. You've got my back. +2P
    B2. We don't have to trust them.
    B3. Cerberus is right this time. +2R

Get N7: Rescue Operative assignment via email after completing Archangel's

|  [DOS03]                                                                  |
|                             DOSSIER: THE CONVICT                          |
|                                                                           |


  Outprocessing         Cryo Cells              Boss Room
   _        _
 _|_|  ____| |__               ___o
|  E| | o   G   |_            | ___|  <==O
|   | | |_______  |   ________|___ |_
|   | | |   F   | |  |    ____       |
|  _| |_o___   _| |  |   | M3 .   N  |
|o|_________|o| |H|  |   |    .      |
|  __________/  | |  |   |    .      |      ___ ______________
| |                  |   |    .      |     | Q |           S  |
|o|_                 |   |    .      |     |___|              |
| |_|                |   | M2 .__   _|     |                  |
|D|_|                |   |____|__| |_|     |    ____________  |
| |_|___             |    ____       |     |S  |S           | |
|______ \            |   |    .      |     |   |   . . . . .| |
       \ \           |   |    .      |     |   |___.          |
        | |          |   |    .______|     |    ___    P      |
        |C|          |   |    |      |     |   |   .          |
       _|_|_         |   |    |______|     |___|___.____o_____|
      |     |        | M1|    .      |              | ___|  <==O
      |_ B _|        |___|    .      |              |___ |
      |_   _|        |   |    |M     |
        | |          |___|____|_o____|
        | |                | ____| <==L
        | |         _______|____o|_
        |A|        |      ____   K |
        | |        |     |    .    |
        |_|        |   J |    .    |
                   |_____|    .  __|
                   |     |    . |  |
                   |     |    . |  |
                   |     |    . |  |
                   |     | I  . |  |
                   |     |    . |  |
                   |    _|____. |  |
                   |___|  ____. |  |
                   |     |    . |  |
                  _|     |    . |  |
                 |       |    . |  |
                 | |     |    . |  |
                 |H|     |    . |  |
                 | |_____|____._|__|

Make a Mass Relay jump to the Hourglass Nebula. You'll end up in the Osun
system. Orbit and Dock at Prison Ship Purgatory [A].

Talk to the Prison Guard [B].

Prison Guard
    A1. No.
    A2. Go to hell. +2R

    B1. I'll keep my weapons.
    B2. It's not going to happen. +2R

You'll then talk to Warden Kuril where you can find out some more background
on Purgatory [C].
    [[New Codex Entry>> Purgatory

Go down the hallway towards Outprocessing. There are three conversations you
can have here [D].

Prison Guard [D]
    A1. Is this necessary? +2P
    A2. Carry on. --> end
    A3. That's justice. +2R --> end

    B1. Paragon/Renegade choice +5P/R
    B2. Carry on. --> end
    B3. You're doing the right thing. +2R

Prisoner 780 just gives some background information and Prisoner 403 just acts
crazy. Go through the door and go straight ahead into the next room. Go to the
door on the far side of the room to reveal a...prison cell [E]?

Warden Kuril
    A1. Let's negotiate. +2P
    A2. Hell, no. +2R

Blue Suns Troopers and FENRIS Mechs will rush into the room to subdue you.
Exit the room and take the hallway to the left. Fight your way to the next
room [F]. Inside is a Technician and a FENRIS mech. Pick up the +500 Element
Zero and use the Medical Station. Use the Purgatory Securty Controls to open
the cryo cells.

Exit the room and go down to the cryo cell [G]. Scan the YMIR Mech Corpse for
a Damage Protection Upgrade. Go through the hole in the wall. Grab two Heavy
Weapon Ammo from the Power Cells and 1,500 credits from the Dead Prison Guard

Go through the hole on the right into the next cryo cell block [I]. Human
Prisoners will be fighting Blue Suns Troopers and a YMIR Heavy Mech. After the
room is cleared go down to the other bridge. Cross over to the other side and
hack the PDA on the Dead Prison Guard for 4,500 credits [J]. Scan the Shotgun
in front of the door for a Shotgun Damage Upgrade [K].

Go through the door into a connecting corridor [L]. Grab two Heavy Weapon Ammo
from the Power Cells and 4,500 from the dead prison guard. There's also a
Medical Station.

Go into the next cryo cell block. There is one trooper right by the door [M].
There are Blue Suns Troopers, Blue Suns Legionnaires (shield), and another
YMIR Heavy Mech [M1, M2, M3]. Access the dead prison guard for 1,5000 credits
[N]. Go into the next connecting corridor [O]. This one has a Medical Sation,
two Heavy Weapon ammo, and a Wall Safe that can be bypassed for 3,000 credits.

Boss Fight
This is the last room [P]. Warden Kuril stands on a platform in the corner
[Q]. He is protected by three shield generators [S]. One shield generator is
in the trench, another is in the corner, and the third one is along one of the
walls. There is also a squad of Blue Suns mercs in the room. Kuril has shields
and armor. Once Kuril is dead, you'll catch up to Jack.

    [LR] You're welcome.
    [P]  To rescue you.
    [N]  I'm commander Shepard.

    [LN] So what?
    [LR] Being my enemy is unhealthy.
    [P]  I'm not your enemy.
    [N]  I don't work for them.

    [N] Look at your options.
    [R] Yes.

    [N] No
    [R] Maybe we should.

    [P] You don't have to bargain.
    [N] What do you want?

    [N] Yes.
    [R] [BLUFF] Okay.

Mission Complete
    Experience Gained: 1,000
    Upgrades: Damage Protection, Shotgun Damage
    Credits Found/Funded: 15,000/15,000
    +500 Element Zero

Mission Debriefing
    A1. Give her the files now. +2P
    A2. You can wait for your files. +2R

|  [DOS04]                                                                  |
|                             DOSSIER: THE WARLORD                          |
|                                                                           |

Take the Mass Relay to the Eagle Nebula. You'll end up in the Imir system.
Orbit and land at Korlus.

|       ___]]     \
|      |     |     |
|      |     |_ B _|
|      |      _| |_              ______
|  A   |     |_   _|    ________|      |
|      |      _| |    _|      ]]       |_
|      |     |   C\__|_<-E1   ]]  F    |G|_________________
|______|     |     D   |     |  |______________________    |
              \______  |     |                    _   _|   |
                     |=|  E  |                 _ |X|=|_  H |
                     |_______|                |X|      |_  |
                                              |X|  _   _ /_|____
                                Krogan   -->  |X|=|X|=|X| |  _  |
                              Berserkers        |    _    |=|_|_o ==> TO LAB
                                          I--> |X|==|X|===|  |
                                                 \ _   _  | J|

A. Start
    [ New Codex Entry ] Korlus

B. Observation Post, Blue Suns Troopers

C. Talk to the Wounded Merc. If you concentrated on a full Paragon/Renegade
path during the Prologue and Freedom's Progress, you have enough points to
take the morality choices during this mission.

Wounded Merc
    A1. Medi-gel change your mind? +2P
    A2. Where's the warlord? +2R

    B. Jedore? Krogan Pack?
    B1. Paragon choice --> D, +5P
    B2. Renegade choice --> D?
    B3. Don't answer

    Renegade action --> E, +5R

    [Skip Renegade action]
    C1. Get out of here. --> End, +5P
    C2. You won't be around to see it. --> End, +5P

    D. Investigate
    D1. Start running. --> End +5P

    E1. Sounds familiar.
    E2. But is he complicit?

    [ New Codex Entry ] Mercenaries: Blue Suns

D. More Blue Suns Troopers

E. Blue Suns Troopers and Blue Suns Heavy. Heavys have shields and are armed
with a rocket launcher. You can grab a Med Pak at E1.

F. Wipe out any Blue Suns in this area. Talk to the Tank-Grown Krogan. At the
end of the dialog, the Krogan will rip out a wall section so you can continue.
The Tank-Grown will decline to join you.
    [[New Codex Entry>> Krogan: Blood Rage

G. Access the Blue Suns Corpse for a quick 2,000 credits. As soon as you head
down the incline, you wil get attacked by more Blue Suns mercs. Try not to get
caught out in the open for too long.

H. The next area is the main combat testing area. Meet the Krogan Berserker.
Berserkers have armor, a long-range projectile attack, and a shotgun. Work
your way across the ramps towards area I.

I. There's a Med Kit on this island.

J. Next to one of the corpses is some Refined Platinum (+2,000 Platinum).
   Go up the stairs and bypass the door to enter the Lab area.

     |  _____________  |
     |=|______      _|=|____
     |__o  __E|    |___F ___| <==G
        | |        |     _|
        | |___     |      |______
        |_  __|_   |        H    |
        |       |  |___________ I|
        |  D  | |              | |______ _______   _
        |_____| |              |        |       |_|L|
   _____ _____|C|              |   J       K  |__o__|_
A |  _  |      _|              |______  |     | |  _  |
| |=|_| |  B  |                       |_|_____| |_| | |
|_o___|_______|     ______________________________  | |
                   |  |                           | | | <==M
                   |  |   N2               N1     | | |
                   |  |         _                 |_| |
                   | _|_ ____|=|X|   |__________  o___|
                   |  |X|  ____|X|                |
                   |  |X|=|    |X|________________|
                   |           |
                  _|  O2   O1  |_
                 |_ o____________|
                   |  P  |
                   |     |
        | ________ |     |
        |    R     |  Q  |
        | ________ |     | ___
        |_________<|__o__|=_  |
                     | |____| |

    * boss room [R] is below and adjacent to room [Q]

A. This leads to the outside. Go through the door and up the stairs to enter
the lab buildings.

B. This is the first room inside the Lab. Scan the Sniper Rifle to get the
Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade. You can get 1 Heavy Weapon Ammo from the Power
Cells. There's a Medical Station on the wall if you are short on Medi-gel or
want some credits if you have the maximum amount of Medi-gel.

C. Take cover as soon as you exit the room. There are Blue Sun Troopers and
Blue Suns Heavys on the walkway opposite from you.

D. More Blue Suns Troopers and Heavys. The Blue Suns Centurions have a shield.

E. Hack the PDA for 4,000 credits. Go through the door and up the stairs. The
stairwell is exaggerated so the map will fit.

F. There are Blue Sun Heavys and Blue Sun Legionnaires in the next room.
There's a window at the top of the stairs that allows you to attack from cover
without entering the room. The Legionnaires have a shield.

G. Med Kit.

H. More Troopers and Centurions.

I. Access the Blue Suns Corpse to loot 2,000 credits.

J. Blue Suns Troopers, Legionnaires, and Heavys. The Heavys are located inside
the room K.

K. Inside this room you can grab +2 Heavy Weapon Ammo from the Power Cells and
4,000 credits from the Wall Safe.

L. Hack a PDA, get 4,000 credits!

M. Go through the door and go up the stairs. Staircase not to scale so map
would fit.

N. Here is the greatest concentration of Blue Suns mercs in the entire
mission. All types of Blue Suns mercs are in this area. The Heavys are
particularly dangerous with all of the support troops in the area. N1 and N2
show two groups of enemies.

O. Between N and O is a walkway that you run under. There are also a couple of
Troopers on the walkway. O1 and O2 are groups of enemies.

P. Inside this room is a Medical Station and a Secure Terminal that can be
hacked for 4,000 credits. Once you go through the next door into room Q you
can't go back. Now would be a good time to make sure you looted everything.

Q. This is Warlord Orrek's personal lab. Complete a successful Bypass on the
Lab Terminal to get the Krogan Vitality Research. Time for some story!

Talk to Warlord Okeer
    A1. Okeer, I presume? +2P
    A2. Names first.
    A3. Change your tone. +2R

    B. And I bet you will, too.
    B1. A tough decision. +2P
    B2. I did what I had to do. +2R

    C. You're an unfeeling zealot
    C1. Will you join us? +2P
    C2. Is your solider ready? +2R
    C3. I'm handing you to Cerberus. +2R

    D1. Why so concerned? +2P
    D2. Why should I... +2R
    D3. Looks like... +2R

Boss Fight
Boss killing time. After you talk to Warlord Okeer, you have to stop Jedore.
By stop, we mean kill. Exit the room and go down the stairs. Go through the
door into the rejected tank area [R]. You will face off against four Krogan
Berserkers, a YMIR Heavy Mech, and Jedore. The Krogan have armor and shotguns.
The YMIR has shields/armor/health, machine gun, and rocket launcher. Jedore
has shields/armor/health and also has a rocket launcher. Use cover to avoid
all the rockets. Kill the Krogans as they get in close. The YMIR Mech will
stay in the middle of the room. Once everybody and everything is dead, go back
to Warlord Okeer. Use the Console to get the super soldier tank and end the

    [N]  He's hard to pass up.
    [R]  Is it worth the headache?

Mission Complete
    Experience Gained: 1,000
    Upgrades: Krogan Vitality, Sniper Rifle Damage
    Credits Found/Funding: 20,000/20,000
    +2,000 Platinum

Mission Debriefing
Someone doesn't like the Krogan...
    A1. That excited, are you? --> B
    A2. Relax, it's sealed. --> B, +2P
    A3. Keep it to yourselves. --> End, +2R

    B1. That's the fun part.
    B2. So we'll be careful --> End, +2P
    B3. He gets out... --> C

    C1. So we'll be careful +2P
    C2. Replaceable. +2R

There's a Paragon/Renegade choice available when activating the krogan. If you
had enough morality points to charm/intimidate the Wounded Merc and you
concentrated on one morality path as much as possible during the mission, you
have enough points to charm/intimidate Grunt. Go down to the Engineering Deck
and go to the Port Cargo. Activate the Breeding Pod. Query EDI. Open the tank.

    A1. He's too valuable to leave. +2P
    A2. Do as I say, EDI +2R

    A1. You'll get more than that. +2P
    A2. Of course.

    B1. Why "Grunt?"
    B2. You want to die?

    C. You feel nothing for Okeer?
    C1. Paragon/Renegade choice --> End, +5P/R
    C2. Stand down or else. --> Renegade action [+2P]
    C3. I released you. You owe me. --> Renegade action [+2R]

    Renegade action --> End, +5R [do not count C2/C3 choice]

    [Skip Renegade action]
    D1. You leave me no choice. +2P + [2P for C2 or +2R for C3]
    D2. I was being generous. +2R + [2P for C2 or +2R for C3]

|  [MIS03]                                                                  |
|                                    HORIZON                                |
|                                                                           |


                                            _____/          \
                                          _/   __             \
                                         |__ _/       ___      |
                            _________    |       |   |   |     |
                   ___     /         |___|           |   |     |
         _________|   |   /                  B   |   |   |     |
       _|    E    |=| |  /   _______ C ___       |   |   |  A  |
     _|=____________| |_|   /       \_|   \______|___|   |_____|
    |                   |  /
 ___|         D         | |
|                _____  | |
|     F        _|    _  | |
|          _________|___|_|
|____    _|
|      G  |
|    _____|
|         |_
|        _| |_______ _ _______ _____________________
|_|=|    _  |  I    | |   X   |_  |            _| Q |
|   |     |_________|  _________  |            ___  |
|   | H   |         |=|                           |=|
| J |    _|_______      L      O                    |
|_  |   |     X   |                                 |
| |=|   |=| ______|=|=|___________   _____       ___|
|       |           |M|   P      _  |     |     |
|           K       |=|_______|_  |_|  ___|_____|
|_______|___________|=|         |=|   |         |
                   _|_|_______ _|=|   |     R   |
                  |  _    N   | |=|   |   ______|
                  |=|=|_______| |=|     S
                  |___|       |___|

    * prefab N is above prefab P, stairs between N and P are exaggerated
    X = empty prefab

After you recruit the Professor, the Archangel, the Convict, and the Warlord
go to the Briefing Room to talk to the Illusive Man by activating the Message
Terminal. Watch the pretty cutscenes. Select your squad and go!
     [[New Codex Entry>> Horizon

Just follow the path until you encouter the first group of enemies [B]. There
are Collector Drones, Collector Assassins (barrier), and Collector Guardians
(barrier). The Guardians can also generate a temporary external shield that
they can use as cover. You can find +2 Heavy Weapon ammo from the Power Cells
between the vehicles. Hack the Datapad on the table for 6,000 credits [C].

Continue along the path until you reach the beginning of the colony [D]. You
have to jump down from a ledge and won't be able to go back to the beginning.
A squad of Collectors (drones, assassin, guardian) will fly in. There are also
Husks in the area. The prefab on the right has a datapad (4,200 credits).
Examine the Dead Collector to get a Heavy Skin Weave Upgrade [F].

Go through the arch and examine the Dead Husk [G]. The gate behind you will
close preventing you from returning to the prior section of the colony.
    A1. Living victims...
    A2. These husks...
    A3. Let's go save the colonists. +2P
    A4. We're wasting time here. +2R

Continue to the next habitat area [H]. There's another group of Collectors,
but no Husks. There are a couple more Collectors behind the third prefab [K].
The first prefab on the left has a Med Kit [I]. The prefab on the right has a
Safe (bypass for 4,800 credits). The third prefab is empty. Follow the stairs
at the back of the area by the third prefab to get to the next section.

Grab the Partivle Beam Heavy Weapon by the collector pod [L]. You can examine
the Statis Colonists [M]. The top prefab has a computer (hack/3,000 credits)
[N]. Moving past area [O] triggers another collector encounter. This time one
of the Collectors becomes a Harbinger (barrier/armor). The prefab on the right
has a computer with easy access to 3,000 credits [P]. The prefab shed in the
corner has Power Cells with about 1 unit of Heavy Weapon ammo (+100 for the
particle beam) [Q].
        [[New Codex Entry>> Collector Particle Beam

BYpass the doors and enter the warehouse [R}. This triggers an encounter with
the colony mechanic.

    A1. They knew you were here.
    A2. Calm down! +2R

    B1. Who are you? +2P
    B2. Tell me about the attack.


    D1. We might need your help. --> E
    D2. Wait here. +2P --> End

    E1. Fine, stay here.
    E2. You're a coward! +2R
    [[New Codex Entry>> Collectors: Collector General

There's a Weapon Locker, Med Kit, and Refined Platinum (+2,000 Platinum) in
the warehouse. Loot the Wall Safe for 6,000 credits. Go up the stairs by the
Mechanic and exit the Warehouse to get to the Spaceport [T].

|      |   |     |   |        |
|      |___|     |___|        |
|          |     |            |
|_|=|   ___|     |___         |
|   |                         |
|   |                         |
|   |                         |
|   |                         |
|   |                         |
|   |       _____             |
|___|      |     |            |
|  _       |  H  |            |
| |        |_____|            |
|J|                           |
| |_                       ___|
|___                       ___| <==I
|   |                     |   |
|   |                     |   |
|   |                     |   |
    | |      o G o    |   |
    |  _____|= = =|_____  |          _________
    |=|___________   E _|=| |=|_____|         |=|
    |             |= =|_    |            F    | |
    |_____________|___  |   |___________________|
    |C _  |         D   |
    | |   |       |___| |
    | |         |=|   |=|
    | |   |     |       |
    | |_  |_   _|   B   |
    |_____  |_|         |
          |=|     ______|_
          |               |
          |               |
          |     A    |    |
          |          |    |

Exit the warehouse [A}. Go out into the yard and turn right [B]. There's more
Collectors gathering the last of the colonists. There's Husks, Drones,
Assassins, and Guardians. Any of the drones can transform into a Harbinger.
There's a new mob, the Scion. This is a mega-Husk with lots of armor and a
projectile attack.
    [[New Codex Entry>> Husks: Scions

Outside the prefab on the left is a Power Cell with +100 Heavy Weapon ammo
[C]. The smaller prefab is empty [D]. Go around the smaller prefab to get
across the narrow ravine. Examine the Dead Collector to get a Biotic Damage
Upgrade [E]. Go through one of the prefab on either side of the gate and go to
the upper prefab [F]. Access the Computer to gain 3,000 credits. Go back down
to the gate and do a bypass to get past the gate.

The spaceport is initially guarded by two Scions and a lot of Husks. There's
+100 Heavy Weapon ammo [I] by the prefab on the right and a Med Kit [J] 
between the two prefabs on the left. You want to save those for later. Secure
the area.

Hack the Computer at the central platform [H].
    A1. We need help...
    A2. Let's kick some...

    B1. Anything else?
    B2. Hold them off. Got it.

Defend the Tower
Now you get to fight off a couple of waves of Collectors followed by the boss.
The first two waves are standard squads of Husks, Drones, an Assassin, and a
Guardian. One Collector in the squad will become a Harbinger. After those two
squads the boss flies in from the Collector ship with another Collector squad.
The Praetorian is a heavily armored flier with a barrier that has a dual
particle beam attack. After the Praetorian's barrier is stripped away and it
takes about 20% damage to its armor, it will drop to the ground with a
powerful AOE attack to regenerate its barrier. Then the Praetorian will take
to the sky and particle beam you some more. So stay away from the Praetorian
and whittle away at it's armor until it's dead.

Upset Mechanic
    [N] It's too late.
    [R] What do you expect me to do?

    [N] I'm sorry.
    [R] Blame them, not me.

Upset Kaidan/Ashley
    [P] It's good to see you again
    [N] You sound angry.
    [R] I was...

    [P] Too much time has passed.
    [N] I wasn't even conscious!
    [R] I have important things to do.

    [P] Cerberus isn't the enemy.
    [N] That's why you're on Horizon
    [R] I don't work for Cerberus.

    [P] I'm not a traitor.
    [N] Look at the big picture.
    [R] Get over it.

    [P] You're too emotional, Kaidan.
    [N] So you won't listen?

    [P] Don't go. Join me.
    [N] Goodbye.
    [R] Fat chance.

Mission Complete
    Experience Gained: 1,000
    New Weapon: Collector Particle Beam
    Research: Biotic Damage, Heavy Skin Weave
    Credits Found/Funded: 30,000/30,000
    +2,000 Platinum

Mission Debriefing

Illusive Man
    A1. I didn't save everyone. +2P
    A2. Maybe.
    A3. I enjoyed the fight. +2R

    B1. Another way? --> C
    B2. Lure them in? --> C
    B3. No more colonies get hit. --> D, +2P
    B4. We need a plan. --> D
    B5. Let's go on the offensive. --> D, +2R

    C1. No more colonies get hit. +2P
    C2. We need a plan.
    C3. Let's go on the offensive.  +2R

    D1. That's off-limits.
    D2. The best that I could.
    D3. It's dealt with.

    E1. My team is strong. +5P
    E2. We're good.
    E3. Don't worry so much. +2R

    F1. We can do this. +2P
    F2. What do you mean?
    F3. Don't lose your nerve now. +2R
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Praetorians
    [[ Journal Updated >> Dossier: Tali
    [[ Journal Updated >> Dossier: The Justicar
    [[ Journal Updated >> Dossier: The Assassin
    [[ Journal Updated >> Jacob: Gift of Greatness
    [[ Journal Updated >> Miranda: The Prodigal

|  [MIS04]                                                                  |
|                            ASSEMBLE A TEAM 2                              |
|                                                                           |

The Illusive Man gives you three additional dossiers.

|  [DOS05]                                                                  |
|                                 DOSSIER: TALI                             |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough completed
walkthrough completed
Dialog completed
Mapping in progress

Make a Mass Relay jump to the Far Rim. In the Dholen system, orbit and land at
Haestrom. Your shields will get damaged whenever you are in direct sunlight.
Follow the path. Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. There's a
Med Kit and a clip. Salvage the Damaged Geth (+3,000 credits). Open the
Facility Gate using the Gate Controls. Some Geth Troopers get dropped off
right before you go through the gate. There's a lot of Geth Troopers past the
gate. There's an upper walkway to the right. There's a Medical Station at the
top of some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs scan the Customized Heavy
Pistol by the dead Geth to get the Heavy Pistol Damage Research. You can get
400 Iridium by the robotic drill.

The other gate is closed. Go right from the gate and follow the path. Salvage
the Damaged Geth Hunter (6,000 credits). Take the Tempest SMG. Answer the
Quarian Radio.

    A1. I'm here to help. +2P
    A2. They're all dead. +2R

    B1. What's your current status? +2P
    B2. Where are you?

Go the pillar and turn left. Fight your way into the garage. Pick up the
Demolition Charge from the desk. You can play Tali's Journal for some story.
Behind the desk in the corner is a Med Kit. There's a Medical Station at the
top of the ramp. More Geth will get dropped off in the outside area. This
includes a Geth Prime (shields/armor).

Exit the garage and go left. There are some more Geth Troopers and a Geth
Destroyer (shields). Pick up 400 Iridium by another robot drill. Go up the
ramp to the upper walkway. You can play another of Tali's Journal. There's a
room at the end of the walkway. There's a Medical Station at the top of the
stairs. You can use the Shutter Controls to lower the shutters. Go down the
stairs to the lower level until you are outside again. Look for a small room.
The doorway has a red metallic frame. Inside this room the is the second
Demolation Charge, Heavy Weapon Ammo, and a Medical Station.

Exit the room. Go to your left to go back to the upper level. Fight your way
back to the Collapsed Pillar. Plant the explosives. Move away from the
explosives. Enter the building to get to the Quarian Base Camp. Scan the
Disassembled Geth Rifle  for an Assault Rifle Damage Research. You can play
another of Tali's Journals. Salvage the big Geth for 6,000 credits. Salvage
the red Damaged Geth for 3,000 more credits. Bypass the Ancient Wall Safe
(6,000 credits). There's a Weapon Locker if you feel like switching your
weapons. Activate the Communications Console to talk to Tali.

    A1. No one else is left. +2P
    A2. I am.

    B1. I came to help. +2P
    B2. Let's get out of here first.
    B3. I'm recruiting you. +2R

During your conversation with Tali, one of your squadmates will go through the
pockets of the dead looking for loose change. Tali does a remote unlock of the
door so you can fight your way to the Observatory. Right outside the door is a
Medical Station. Outside are some Geth Recon Drones and Geth Primes. Fight
your way to the door. Inside the room is an Ancient Wall Safe that holds 6,000
credits that can be yours if you can complete a Bypass. Use the Security
Console to lift the security lockdown. Now you get to fight a Geth Colossus
(shields/armor) and some Geth Troopers. Go outside to find Kal'Reegar.

    A1. Is she safe? +2P
    A2. What's the opposition like?

    B1. No. Stay down. +2P --> Paragon Action +15P
    B2. Sounds like a plan. +15R

Work on taking out the Geth Troopers before trying to take out the Geth
Colossus. The best position seems to be the ramp on the right. Clear out the
Geth to the left and in the center before moving onto the ramp. Stay along the
railing on the upper platform to avoid the Colossus attacks. Get to the far
end of the upper platform to flank the Colossus. You can easily use the pillar
for cover and whittle away at the Colossus until it is destroyed. After the
Colossus and the rest of the Geth are dead, collect the four Refined Iridium
by the three drills in the area for +800 Iridium (200 Iridium each). There are
also two Power Cells on either side of the door for some Heavy Weapon Ammo.

Open the door. Salvage the Damaged Geth (9,000 credits). Talk to Tali.

    A. Investigate
    A1. Can you join me now?
    A2. The quarians owe me.

    B1. Do you need transportation?
    B2. Tali's with me now.

I don't know what Paragon/Renegade points, if any, you get for this
conversation since the mission ends.

Mission End
    Experience Gained: 1,000
    New Weapon: Tempest SMG
    Research: Heavy Pistol Damage, Assault Rifle Damage
    Credits Found: 39,000/30,000
    +1,600 Iridium

Normandy - After recruiting Tali
    A1. I agree completely +2P
    A2. We need to cooperate.

    B1. Feel free to study the ship. +2P
    B2. Good enough for me.

|  [DOS06]                                                                  |
|                             DOSSIER: THE JUSTICAR                         |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough completed
Walkthrough completed
Dialog completed
Mapping in progress
Need to find missing credits

Talk to Liara T'soni and ask her about Samara. She'll point you to Tracking
Officer Dara in the transportation hub. Talk to Officer Dara. Hail a cab to go
to the Commercial Spaceport. You'll be able to select your squad. Watch the
cutscene. Talk to the volus Pitne For. Go into the Police Station [Med Kit,
Weapons Locker]. Talk to Detective Anaya. Now you can access the crime scene.
Read the Shipping Details. Salvage the Circuit Boards (3k credits). Go up the
short flight of stairs. Around the corner are a group of Eclipse mercs: some
LOKI mechs, a Sisterhood Initiate, and an Eclipse Vanguard (Barrier). Go
through the door that's blocked off by the crime scene barrier. Here's Samara!

    A1. You killed... +2P
    A2. Friends. --> D

    B1. Yes, I am. +2P
    B2. Not really. +2R

    C1. I need you on my team. +2P --> E
    C2. I'm taking on the Collectors. --> E

    D1. I need the best. +2P
    D2. I'm taking on the Collectors

    E. What just happened?
    E1. Maybe I can help. +2P
    E2. Let's make a deal.

Go back and talk to Pitne For. You can take the Renegade action (left-click)
for +5 Renegade points. You can't get any Paragon points and no other
conversation options lead to any Renegade or Paragon points. Pitne gives you a
pass card to the Eclipse base. You can now enter the Elevator. Use the
Elevator Console to enter the base.

Destroy the LOKI mech guarding the elevator. Open the door. There's some
Eclipse Vanguards (barrier), Sisterhood Initiates, and LOKI mechs guarding the
Toxic Canisters. A destroyed toxic canister releases a toxic cloud. Work your
way over to the room. Take the Scimitar Assault Shotgun. There's a Weapon

Open the door to find a terrified Elnora.

    Renegade Action +5R --> End

    A. Tell me about the mercs.
    A1. Go. +5P

There's some Power Cells for some Heavy Weapon Ammo. Download Results from the
Sample 634 Analysis terminal to get the Biotic Damage Research. Go up the
stairs and fight some more Eclipse enemies. At the end of the hallway is a
Medical Station and an Eclipse Terminal you can hack for 3,000 credits.
Proceed up the stairs and fight more enemies on an outside loading dock. Go
inside. There's a Medical Station by the stairs. Access the Eclipse Terminal
for an easy 6,000 credits.

Go up the stairs and through the door. Keep going to find another group of
Eclipse enemies in a hallway. At the end of the hallway go left to get some
Refined Platinum (+2,000 Platinum). Approach the scary looking gunship.
There's Eclipse Heavys in the area (rockets) in addition to the regular
Eclipse enemies. Cross over the automated cargo line. Inside the next room is
a Medical Station, Power Cells, and a Data File you can read. Go through the
doors to get to the next section.

More enemies on another outside area. More Power Cells, too. Cross over the
bridge. Gunship! Time to take cover! Storm over the bridge to the outside part
of the platform. Use your Heavy Weapon on the Gunship (armor). If you run out
of Heavy Weapon Ammo, grab more from the Power Cells. The Gunship starts out
by strafing with machine guns and rockets. It will then fly to the inside part
of the platform and drop off some FENRIS mechs and starts strafing with a
particle beam weapon. After that I don't know what it does because I destroyed
it. On the outside part of the platform there's a Med Kit.

Bypass the door. Access the Eclipse Terminal for another 6,000 credits. Read
the Shipping Manifest. So, guess who's been selling Minagen X3 and Red Sand?
Go through the door by the Eclipse Terminal into the hallway. There's a volus,
Niftu Cal, busy getting some food at a food terminal.

Niftu Cal
    A1. Calm down. +2P
    A2. You're high. +2R

    B1. You should lie down. --> Paragon action +5P
    B2. We're right behind you. +5R

There's a convenient Medical Station and Weapons Locker right before the boss
room. Go through the door. Captain Wasea is certainly...purple. She has a
barrier and armor. Eclipse Heavys and some other Eclipse enemies support her.
Wasea likes to use her biotic powers to throw toxic canisters around. After
the fight, there's an Eclipse Terminal that can be hacked for 3,000 credits.
Take Wasea's Datapad from the desk. Say "Let's go" to leave the Eclipse base.

Head to the Police Station and talk to Samara.

    A. I expect you to follow orders. +5R, +5P
    A2. I'll meet you aboard my ship. +5R, +5P

    B1. I am honored. +2P
    B2. Welcome to the team. +2P
    B3. You'll do anything I say? +2R

Illium: The Justicar: Smuggling Evidence
You can hand over the shipping manifest to Pitne For or Detective Anaya. Give
the manifest to Pitne For for +5 Renegade points and 9,000 credits. Tell
Detective Anaya that Pitne For is a smuggler for +5 Paragon points and 4,200
credits. You get 40xp either way for completing the assignment.

Experience Gained: 1,000
New Weapon: Scimitar Assault Shotgun
Research: Biotic Damage
Credits Found: 25,2000/30,000
+2,000 Platinum

Normandy, after recruiting Samara
    A1. Samara is powerful.
    A2. We need her. +2R

|  [DOS07]                                                                  |
|                             DOSSIER: THE ASSASSIN                         |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough completed
Walkthrough completd
Dialog completed
Mapping in progress

Talk to Liara T'soni and ask her about Thane. She'll tell you that Seryna in
the cargo transfer level might have more information on Thane's whereabouts.

    A1. Someone with questions.
    A2. Show some respect. +2R

    B1. Where is he? +2P
    B2. So you know he's an assassin.
    B3. Then talk fast. +2R

 Seryna will take you to the Dantius Towers. There will be a group of FENRIS
and LOKI mechs waiting for you at the landing platform.  At the end of the
platform you can go to the left to find a Medical Station and a Secure
Terminal that can be hacked for 4,800 credits. To the right you can talk to a
Salarian Worker.

Salarian Worker
    A1. I'm sorry. +2P
    A2. What happned?
    A3. You're lucky. +2R

    B1. Without warning? --> Paragon action +5P --> D
    B2. I'm looking for someone.

    [Skip Paragon action]
    C1. Hang on. +5P
    C2. We're done here. +2R
    C3. I'm sorry.

    D. Investigate

One of your squadmates will open the door to the next section. You'll face
some LOKI mechs, FENRIS mechs, Eclipse Troopers, and Eclipse Vanguards. Keep
fighting until you reach the next door. Go through the door and up the ramp.
At the top in the next area are a couple of Med Kits and some clips. Go past
the elevatpr door to a dead end. Pick up the Viper SNiper Rifle, open the
Power Cells, and hack the Secure Terminal (4,200 credits).

There's a door you can bypass. Inside are some Salarian workers.
Salarian Workers
    A1. Yes. +2P
    A2. Sort of.
    A3. No. +2R
 There's a Med Kit on the floor and 3,000 credits in the Secure Locker.

Open the elevator and get behind some cover. There's a Krogan Bounty Hunter
(shields/armor) and Eclipse Engineers (shields) in the elevator. Use the
elevator console to get access to the upper levels.

Eclipse Trooper
    A1. I'm looking for Thane.
    A2. I need answers. +2R

    B1. I've got an offer. +2P
    B2. I'll ask you again.
    B3. Listen carefully. +2R

    Renegade action --> +5R, End

    [skip Renegade action]
    A1.Paragon/Renegade choice +5R/P
    A2. All Right.

Pick up the Data Pad by the elevator for an assignment. Go through one of the
doors on either side of the elevator. There's another group of Eclipse

Once the room is clear, bypass the door. You'll find a very nervous Salarian
inside the room. He's got a gun!

Telon and Chesith
    Renegade action --> +5R, B

    [skip Renegade action]
    A1. Paragon/Renegade choice +5R/P
    A2. Fine. We're going. --> End

    B1. I don't think so. +2P
    B2. No.
    B3. Not that one. +2R

    Investigate --> End --> +40XP for rescuing the workers

There's a Med Kit and a clip in the room. Hack the PDA on the Eclipse Merc
Corpse for 6,000 credits. There's some Heavy Weapon Ammo and a couple of clips
at the bottom of the ramp. Open the Comm Terminal to do some old-fashioned
taunting. Go up the ramp to the upper level. Clear out the LOKI Mechs and
Eclipse Vanguards. Before you go outside there's a Med Kit and a Weapons

In addition to the usual Mechs, Troopers, and Vanguards there'll be an Eclipse
Commando outside with a barrier and a shield. Continue along the outside of
the building. Scan the submachinegun to get the SMG Damage Research. There's
some clips and a Med Kit, too. Hack the HDA to get 12,000 credits.

Go down the steps to the bridge. Barriers will pop up preventing you from
going back. Quickly get to cover and fight your way across the bridge. About
halfway across the bridge you'll get in range of a couple of Rocket Drones. At
the other end of the bridge go up the stairs. There's one final Eclipse
Commando defending the door to the inside of the penthouse.

Nassana will talk to you, trying to find out who hired you. She's interrupted
by Thane who kills her. Then you have a long conversation with Thane, and in
the end he decides to join you. (I'm not sure if you get any Paragon/Renegade
points for the conversations with Nassana and Thane since the mission ends).

Experience Gained: 1,000
New Weapon: Viper SNiper Rifle
Research: SMG Damage
Credits Found: 30,000/30,000

Normandy - After recruiting Thane
    A1. What's the problem, Jacob? +2P
    A2. Enough, both of you.
    A3. Watch yourself, Thane. +2R

    B1. Give him a chance.
    B2. Keep an eye on him. +2R

|  [MIS05]                                                                  |
|                              COLLECTOR SHIP                               |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough complete

Complete the Horizon mission.
Complete 7 additional missions or assignments?

3 dossiers
Citadel: Captain Bailey
Normandy: Special Ingredients
N7: Lost Operative
N7: Imminent Ship Crash

8 dossiers
Omega: Aria T'Loak
Citadel: Captain Bailey
7 Loyalty missions unlocked, but not started

3 Normandy assignments
5 Omega assignments (1 Professor, 1 Archangel)
3 Illium (2 Justicar, 1 Assassin)
2 N7 Assignments

Got Collector Ship mission after completing second N7 assignment and unlocking
7th loyalty mission.


Examine the pod


Investigate the dead bodies.
    A1. Maybe they're better off. +2P
    A2. A bad way to die.
    A3. We can't help them now. +2R


Salvage the Collector Technology (7,500 credits)


Examine the Control Terminal
Select a weapon: Shotgun, Assault Rifle, M-98 Widow sniper rifle (infiltrator)

Power Cells
+250 Element Zero
Weapons Locker


Salvage Collector Technology (+15,000 credits)

Access Control Panel for Damage Protection Upgrade

N go up long incline

Turn E at top

Go south-SW-S-S to the platform
Do a quick save or save your game before moving onto the platform.
Use the Command Console to contact the Normandy
    A1. We're okay.
    A2. Status report - now!

Platform fight

   |A |
  /\\//\  /\
 |1 ||2 ||3 |
  \/  \//\\/
       |S |

Two platforms with enemies fly in. One platform has a Scion (armor) [S]. The
other platform attaches on the SW side of your platform and has a squad of
Collectors [1]. The squad has Collector Drones and a Collector Guardian
(barrier). One of the drones will turn into a Harbinger (barrier/armor). You
have to fight three Collector Squads plus the Scion.

The Collector Guardian uses a particle beam weapon. The Harbinger fires three
projectiles. The first two projectiles are incendiary. The third projectile,
darker and larger than the first two projectiles, causes an area of effect
explosion that knocks you out of cover. You want to briefly break cover and
dodge the explosive projectile.

A second platform will fly in and attach itself on the east side of the first
platform/SE from your platform [2]. A third platform attaches itself to to the
east side of the second platform [3]. The Scion platform moves between
platforms 1 and 3, then attaches onto the south side of the second and third

Clear the first platform. Order your squadmates to stay behind cover on the
initial platform [A]. Move to platform [1] and take cover on the west side of
the platform. This will cause the Collectors to attack platform [A] and give
you a better line of sight on the second and third Collector squads. Use your
Heavy Weapon on the Harbingers and Scion. The Collectors do not drop a lot of
ammo, if any.

After the fight is over, there's some Heavy Weapon ammo on the Scion platform.
Go back and use the Command Console again.

The platform flies off to somewhere in the Collector ship. Exit the platform.

S Med Kit

Salvage Collector Technology (7,500 credits)

Fight a collector squad, four drones/1 harbinger.

Go past the barriers and go left

head south to next collector squads (drones + guardian)
one squad straight ahead, another squad on the upper level to the left.
Collector Assassin - particle beam weapon

Power Cells and Med Kit, +250 Element Zero at the far side of the area.

Go the left side of the platform (south) into the next room.
Drop down, can't go back

Praetorian and Husks. Use your heavy weapon on the Praetorian. Watch out for
it's "stomp" attack once its barrier is down. The large double doors close!
Turn around and go through the smaller set of doors.

Salvage Collector Technology (+7,500 credits).
Access Control Terminal (Tech Damage Upgrade)

Another squad above you, Scion

Husk rush

Run to your shuttle.

Experience Gained: 1,000
New Weapon: M-98 Widow
Upgrades: Damage Protection, Tech Damage
Credits Found/Funded: 37,500/37,500
+500 Element Zero

Mission Debriefing

Illusive Man and crew, after Collector Ship mission

    A1. I knew I couldn't trust you. +2P
    A2. What the hell is going on? +2R
    A3. That's not all she found.

    B. You invested in me. Why lie?
    B1. I'd have found another way. +2P
    B2. What did we learn?
    B3. Never again, you hear me? +2R

    C1. A little late for that info. +5R, +3P
    C2. How do we do that? +3R, +5P

    D1. Reaper? --> D2
    D1. Brown dwarf? --> D2
    D1. Disabling a reaper --> D2
    D1. What's the catch? --> E, +2P

    D2. Brown dwarf?
    D2. Disabling a reaper
    D2.1. What's the catch? --> E, +2P
    D2.2. Another "derelict ship"? --> E, +2R

    E1. I agree. +2P
    E2. I still don't like it. +2R

|                                                                           |
|                          CITADEL: THE COUNCIL                             |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough completed
Walkthrough completed
Dialog in progress
Mapping in progress

Go through the doors to the entrance of the Zakera Ward. You'll get stopped
briefly at the security checkpoint. Go through the door and talk to Captain
Bailey. Use a Rapid Transit terminal to go to the Presidium. Talk to Anderson.

|  [MIS06]                                                                  |
|                               LOYALTY MISSIONS                            |
|                                                                           |

|  [LOY00]                                                                  |
|                             ZAEED: THE PRICE OF REVENGE                   |
|                                                                           |
Recruit Zaeed at Omega [see: DLC01 Dossier: The Veteran].

Make a Mass Relay jump to the Ismar Frontier. Travel to the Faia system and
land at Zorya to begin the mission.

|  [LOY01]                                                                  |
|                           JACOB: GIFT OF GREATNESS                        |
|                                                                           |
Complete the Horizon mission.

Talk to Jacob to learn about the mission.
    A1. Something on your mind? +2P
    A2. I decide what's personal. +2R

    B1. What's up?
    B2. Get to the point. +2R

    C1. You don't want to find him? +2P
    C2. But you want to check it out.

    D. Investigate
    D1. Let's go take a look.
    D2. Let's shelve this for now.

Travel to the Rosetta Nebula. Travel to the Alpha Draconis system. Orbit 2175
Aeia. You'll need to scan the planet and use a probe to find the anomaly. Land
on the planet to begin the mission. You have to take Jacob in the squad.

[[New Codex Entry>> Aeia

After you land on the surface [A], just keep to the right and follow the path
downhill. The first things you'll find are some Spare Parts on your right
(1,500 credits) and a Partial Officer's Log on your left [B]. Use the bridge
to get inside the wreckage. There are logs here from the Doctor and the crew.
Hack the PDA to loot 3,000 credits. Exit the wreckage and go to the left
towards the Activate Beacon VI [C]. You can talk to the beacon to find out
what happened.

Continue past the hologram and you'll encounter a survivor [D].

    A1. Calm down! +2P
    A2. What's your name and rank?

    Paragon action +5P

    [Skip Paragon action]

You'll come under attack by Feral Hunters. If you save the Survivor, you can
talk to her again after the fight. Salvage the Spare Parts for 1,500 credits.
Continue along the path. You can check out a Stripped Mech along the way. Past
that you'll come to a settlement [E]. You can examine some food stores.
There's a Med Kit, spare parts (1,500 credits), and 2,100 credits you can
snatch from a PDA.

At the other end of the settlement you'll come under attack by a group of LOKI
mechs [F]. Afterwards, talk to the Doctor.

    A1. What is it?
    A2. We're waiting. +2R

    B1. Sounds like he cracked.  +2P
    B2. That doesn't explain 10 years.
    B3. Harsh, but defendable. +2R

    C. Investigate
    C1. Does this make sense to you?  +2P
    C2. So why did he signal now?
    C3. They're fighting back now. +2R

Bypass the inactive mech so it explodes. Move away from the exploding mech
before it detonates. This clears the crates blocking the path. There are some
dead boies you can examine. The next settlement is protected by three groups
of LOKI Mechs (H). There is one group in each half of the settlement and
another group that comes in from the. By the campfire you can find 1,500
credits from some spare parts. Scan the Heavy Pistol to get a Heavy Pistol
Damage upgrade.

Exit the settlement and head along the path. You'll approach a fortified
settlement, but get attacked by more LOKI Mechs before you can actually enter
the settlement [I]. Destroy all the mechs and enter the compound. There's a
Medical Station, 1 Heavy Weapon ammo in some Power Cells, and another 1,500
credits from some Spare Parts.

The Boss Fight
Head into the main part of the compound. This area is guarded by LOKI Mechs,
Brainwashed Guards, an Engineer, and a YMIR Heavy Mech [K]. The Engineer uses
combat drones and incinerate and is shielded. You should be familiar with the
YMIR Heavy Mech by now.

Kill a couple of the brainwashed guards to draw out the YMIR Heavy Mech. There
are two barriers with slots in them. Stay behind one of those barriers [L] and
fire out of the slot to destroy the YMIR. Flank the remaining enemies. The
gate will unlock once all the enemies have been elminated. Grab the +500
Element Zero from the center platform. There's a PDA right in front of the
gate for an easy 2,400 credits.

Go through the gate to find Ronald Taylor at his little ocean-front home [M].
You have a conversation with Ronald Taylor about what he's done. It goes
immediately to the end of mission after the conversation is over so any
Paragon/Renegade points are unknown.

Mission Complete
    Experience gained: 750
    Jacob Power Unlocked: Barrier
    Jacob: New Outfit
    Upgrades: Heavy Pistol Damage
    Credits Found/Funding: 15,000/15,000
    +500 Element Zero

        A1. Good job. +2P
        A2. We'd better be. +2R

        B1. But you knew about it?
        B2. Still toying with us? +2R

        C1. The obvious insider.
        C2. To help or mess with him? +2R

        D. You all right?
        D. Suprised about Miranada?
        D3. Let's go.

        E1. You're weclome. +2P
        E2. One time only. +2R

|  [LOY02]                                                                  |
|                             MIRANDA: THE PRODIGAL                         |
|                                                                           |
Complete the Horizon mission.

Talk to Miranda to learn about the mission.
    A1. Of course. +2P
    A2. What's wrong?

    B1. Only not anymore.
    B2. Why are you telling me this?

    C. Investigate
    C1. I can help.
    C2. We don't have time.

Return to Illium in the Crescent Nebula. Select Miranda and one other person
for the squad. Go the Eternity Bar in the northeast corner of Nos Astra.
Lanteia can be found in a small room across from the bar.

    A. Who is Biket?
    A. Tell me about the mercs.
    A1. What should we do? +2P
    A2. We're altering the plan. +2R

    B. Will Niket be safe?
    B1. Let's go.
    B2. I'm not ready yet. --> Mission start

Select one additional squad member for the mission.

Talk to the Merc Leader [A]. Taking the Renegade action here does not give you
any Renegade points. If you do the Renegade action, you will take out the Merc
Leader and a couple of the Eclipse troopers before the fight starts [B].

Merc Leader
    A. Investigate
    A1. I'm with Miranda +2P
    A2. We need to talk about this.
    A3. Get lost. Now.

    Renegade action --> no Renegade points
    Takes out a lot of the mercs before the fight

The Merc Leader has a barrier. The Eclipse Troopers are the standard low-level
enemies encountered before. The Eclipse Engineers have shields and use
engineer powers. The Eclispe Heavys are armed with rocket launchers. If you
used the Renegade action, you only have to fight one Eclipse Engineer before
reinforcements arrive. Fight your way to other end of the dock. There are some
more enemies around the corner [C]. Open the door [D] to the elevator. Miranda
picks up a radio and uses this as an excuse to get talky.

    A. You never gave her age.
    A. Why did you take her?
    A1. We need to get to your sister. +2P
    A2. What's our next step?

    B. Investigate
    B1. Come on.

You end up in Dock Area 78 [A]. There's an office next to the elevator that
has a hackable PDA that returns 1,500 credits [B]. The mercs are on the far
side of the conveyor line [C]. Clear the area of Eclipse mercs. Move past the
conveyor line and go through a couple of offices [D]. The first has a Med Kit
and a clip. Scan the SMG in the second office for a SMG Damage Upgrade.

A group of LOKI Mechs patrols the next area. Loot the nearby locker for 1,500
credits [F]. Fight another group of Eclipse mercs by the next conveyer line
[G]. There's another office on the far side of the conveyor line [H]. Hack the
Secure Terminal inside the office (3,000 credits). Scan the Dead Eclipse merc
outside the office for a Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade[I].

Just follow the path through the dock to the next conveyor line [J]. There's a
shortcut you can take under through the conveyor line [K]. Hack the PDA on the
dead merc for 3,000 credits [L]. The container over has +500 Element Zero and
a clip. Access the Secure Terminal for 3,000 credits. Just past the terminal
is another group of Eclipse mercs. Grab the Heavy Weapon ammo from the Power
Cells [O]. There's a Medical Station by the elevator.

The Boss Fight
Take the elevator to the next section [P]. During the elevator ride, there's
some time for some conversation.

    A. What about...
    A1. Maybe you're right. +2P
    A2. We'll know when we get there.
    A3. Niket betrayed you. +2R

    B1. What happens now? +2P
    B2. Kill him. +2R

    C. Investigate
    C1. We can solve this peacefully. +2P
    C2. We can't hide Oriana now.

    Paragon action +5P

    [Skip Paragon action]

Niket gets shot by either Miranda or Captain Enyala, depending on if you stop
Miranda with the Paragon action. Afterwards, you get to fight Captain Enyala
and the rest of the Eclipse mercs. Enyala has shields and armor and uses
biotic powers. She switches to a barrier once her shields and armor are

After all the Eclipse mercs are dead, sweep the room for clips. There's a Med
Kit on the side of the room opposite the exit. Access the Secure Terminal by
the exit for 3,000 credits. Examine the tirnket by the exit. Enter the
elevator. Time for some more dialog trees. The mission ends so exact
Paragon/Renegade values are unknown.

    Experience gained: 750
    Miranda Power Unlocked: Slam
    Miranda: New Outfit
    Upgrades: SMG Damage, Medi-Gel Capacity
    Credits Found/Funded: 15,000/15,000
    +500 Element Zero

You end up back in the side room of the Eternity Bar.

|  [LOY03]                                                                  |
|                           JACK: SUBJECT ZERO                              |
|                                                                           |
Recruit the 7th member of the squad.

Something is bugging Jack.
    A1. I'm listening. +2P
    A2. Make it quick. +2R

    B. Investigate
    B1. You're sure it was Cerberus?

    C1. I'll confront them. +2P
    C2. Cerberus is different now. +2R

    D. Investigate
    D1. Let's go.
    D2. I'll think about it.
    D3. Leave it behind you. --> E, +2R

    E1. Let's go
    E2. I'll think about it

Make a Mass Relay jump to the Nubian Expanse and land on Pragia.

        A1. Settle down. +2P
        A2. We're going in. +2R

Codex >> Pragia

Pragia - Teltin Facility

Hack terminal for 3,000 credits.
Go through door.

Turn off the Security Console
Bypass Locked Storage Crate (3,000 credits)

Varren pack

Check out the Old Blood Stain
    A. Investigate
    A1. Let's go.

Door to hallway.

Med Kit
Check out log at security console
    A1. Maybe there was more to it. +2P
    A2. Let's keep moving.
    A3. Or not. +2R

go downstairs
bypass the door on the left to get +500 Element Zero
continue downstairs to next room

Blood Pack mercs
Go to the right side of the morgue and hack the PDA (3,000 credits)
Bypass the door to exit the morgue. Continue to the next lower level of the
facility. More Blood Pack mercs at the hallway with convenient cover
Varren pack.

Go around the walkway. Med Kit. Door. Go to the right side of the room.
Another log at a security console.
    A1. Don't blame yourself. +2P
    A2. Makes sense. +2R

    B1. Find strength in it.
    B2. Le'ts keep moving.

+1 Heavy Weapon Ammo from Power Cells. Hack the Research Terminal to get a
Biotic Damage Upgrade. There's another Security Console next to the Power
    A1. You wwre distracted. +2P
    A2. You were a kid.

Exit the research area to start the boss fight.
        A1. Why are you here? +2P
        A2. Get ready to fight. +2R

Kill Kureck (Krogan/barrier/armor) and the rest of the Blood Pack mercs. There
are Krogan Blood Pack Warriors (armor/rockets). Bypass the Secure Container
for 3,000 credits.

Go through the next couple of doors to reach Jack's old cell.

    A1. He was drawn here, like you.
    A2. Why are you here?

    B. Aresh, why start it again.
    B. How did you escape, Aresh?
    B1. Blow it, but what about him?

    C.Paragon/Renegade choice (need more than 25%)
    C1. Keave him alone.
    C2. Kill him.

    Paragon action

    [Skip Paragon action]
    D1. I'll let it go -- once.
    D2. Obey my orders!
    D3. Let's finish up.

    E1. Take your time.
    E2. No time.

    Experience Gained: 750
    Jack Power Unlocked: Warp Ammo
    Jack: New Outfit
    Upgrades: Biotic Damage
    Credits Found/Funded: 12,000/15,000
    +500 Element Zero

Miranda/Jack Confrontation
        A1. Paragon/Renegade choice (need more than 25%)
        A2. Back off, Miranda. --> Lose Miranda's Loyalty
        A3. Too bad, Jack. --> Lose Jack's Loyalty

Talk to Miranda to regain Loyalty
            A1. Paragon/Renehade choice
            A2. Give me a chance.
            A3. Do whatever you want.

|  [LOY04]                                                                  |
|                          MORDIN: OLD BLOOD                                |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough complete
Walkthrough complete
Dialog complete
Mapping in progress

Recruit the 8th member of the squad.

Mordin needs help...on the Krogan homeworld...
    A1. Remind me. --> B1
    A2. Yes, I remember. --> C

    B1.1. That's impressive work. --> B2
    B1.2. Why are you telling me? --> C

    B2.1. Why are you telling me this?
    B2.2. Damn right it did. +2R

    C. They know what you did?
    C1. I'll do what I can.
    C2. We don't have time for this.

Take a Mass Relay to the Krogan DMZ and land on Tuchanka. Talk to the Chief
Scout and ask him about finding a salarian. Take the truck to the Clan Weyrloc
Facility. There's a Weapons Locker at the starting point [A]. Go through the
door into the facility grounds. Meet the Klixen! [B] Large bugs that explode
upon death. Klixen and Varren. Blood Pack Boom Squad (vorcha with a rocket
launcher) [C]. Fight across the ruined road section [D]. Med Kit. +600 Iridium
by the crashed shuttle. Last group of Blood Pack mercs outside the door.
Salvage the combustion manifold to the right of the door(assignment). Bypass
the door to enter the hospital.

Examien the dead human body at the bottom of the stairs.
    A1. Any clue to identification?
    A2. Are we in any danger?
    A1. Why would they use humans?

    B. Investigate
    B. Using humans is wrong!
    B. Did you use krogan subjects?
    B1. I'm stopping this. +2P
    B2. Let's get Maelon.

+600 Iridium to the right at bottom of next set of stairs. Go through the door
to get a visit from the Wyerloc Clanspeaker.

Wyerloc Clanspeaker
    A1. You're letting us go? Why?
    A2. Look what I've done so far. +2R
    A3. I'm here for Maelon

    B1. No one else has to die! +2P
    B2. Give us Maelon. --> D

    C1. Why not try diplomacy? +2P
    C2. Give us Maelon. --> D

    D1. Renegade action --> Kill the Clanspeaker
    D2. [Skip Renegade action] --> Fight

Fight the Clanguards and some other Blood Pack mercs. Fight the Clanspeaker if
you didn't renegade kill him. The Clanguards and Clanspeaker all have armor. +
300 Iridium on the floor. Medical Station on the wall. Go up on the balcony to
exit the room.

Salvage the circuit boards in the next room (3,000 credits). +500 Iridium.
Access the files at the computer terminal to pick up some information. Hack
the research terminal to get the Korgan Vitality Upgrade.

Examine the Krogan Body.
    A. This bothers you?
    A2. You had to expect this. --> C
    A3. Her, or the doctors? --> C

    B1. How often do you see it?
    B2. You had to expect this.

    C1. That sounded religious.
    C2. Can you find anything helpful? --> F2
    C3. We killed dozen already. --> F2, +2R

    D1. You had a crisis of faith.
    D2. Can you find anything helpful? --> F2

    E1. How do you deal with that? --> F1
    E2. Can you find anything helpful? --> F2

    F1.1. Like undo the genophage. --> G, +2P
    F1.2. Come on. Let's move. --> End
    F1.3. Great. Talk about the corpse. --> F2, +2R

    F2.1. The genophage was wrong. --> G, +2P
    F2.2. Come on. Let's move. --> End
    F2.3. The genophage was right. --> End, +2R

    G. You could have cured them.
    G. Don't hide behind statistics!
    G1. That's garbage. +2P
    G2. Come on. Let's move. --> End
    G3. I agree with you. +2R

Exit the research area and go into the corridor. Go through the first door on
your right. Hack the datapad for 1,500 credits.

Talk to the Sick Krogan to complete the Missing Scout assignment.
    A1. We were looking for you. --> B1, +2P
    A2. What did they do to you? --> B2

    B1.1. Mordin can help. --> C, +2P
    B1.2. Just sit tight. --> C, +2R

    B2.1. Can you get out? --> C, +2P
    B2.2. I dealt with them. --> C, +2R

    C1.1. I want to help. +2P --> E
    C1.2. Let's just leave him. --> D
    C1.3. Forget it. I'm leaving. --> End, +5R

    D1. I want to help. --> E
    D2. Stay here! I'm trying to help! --> End, +2P
    D3. [Lie] Relax. It's okay. --> End, +2R
    D4. Forget it. I'm leaving. --> End, +5R

    E1. Paragon/Renegade choice. --> 40xp, +5P
    E2. Stay here! I'm trying to help! +2P
    E3. [Lie] Relax. It's okay. +2R
    E4. Forget it. I'm leaving. --> End, +5R

Boss Fight
Multi-story annex with Blood Pack mercs. Salvage circuit boards (4,500
credits). Cross over bridge for Medical Station. Turn right at the medical
station. Varren and Blood Pack mercs. Power Cells +1 HWA. Go down the stairs
to the lower level. Varren, Blood Pack mercs, and Chief Wyerloc Guld

Open the door and bypass the Locked Crate for 3,000 credits. Go through the
open doorway and down the stairs. Hack the Research Terminal at the bottom of
the stairs for a Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade. Behind the last door is Maelon.

    A1. Weyrloc is controlling him. --> B
    A2. He didn't need rescuing. --> C

    B1. He didn't need rescuing. --> C
    B2. He betrayed you. --> C

    C. Investigate.
    C1. What now, Mordin? --> E2, +2P
    C2. This project is over. +2R --> E2, +2R

    Paragon action --> D, +5P

    D. He can leak the story.
    D. He'll keep working on a cure.
    D1. Leave, Maelon. Now. --> E1

    E1.1. Are you okay? --> F1, +4P
    E2.2. Are we done? --> F1, +2R

    [Skip Paragon action]
    E2.1. Are you okay? --> F2, +4P
    E2.2. Are we done? --> F2, +2R

    F1.1. Remember that. +2P
    F1.2. Are we done? +2R
    F1.3. Found a spot of racism? +2R

    F2.1. You were hurting, too. +2P
    F2.2. Are we done? +2R
    F2.3. It was his fault. +2R

    G1. His research was sick. +2P
    G2. Might be worth keeping. +2R

    H1. You should help the Krogan. +15P
    H2. Genophage was the right call. +15R
    H3. Hold onto the data. +15P
    H4. Destroy the data for now. +15R

You want to [Stay longer]. Hack the Wall Computer behind the big display for
3,000 credits. Press the [F] key to end the mission.

    Experience Gained: 750
    Mordin Power Unlocked: Neural Shock
    Mordin: New Outfit
    Upgrades: Krogan Vitality, Heavy Weapon Ammo
    Credits Found/Funded: 15,000/15,000
    +2,000 Iridium

 You end up back at the Urdnot Camp.

|  [LOY05]                                                                  |
|                          GRUNT: RITE OF PASSAGE                           |
|                                                                           |
Recruit the 9th member of the squad.

Something is bothering Grunt. There are no Paragon/Renegade points to be had
for learning about Grunt's...needs.

Take a Mass Relay to the Krogan DMZ and land on Tuchanka. Talk to Wreav since
Wrex is dead.
    A1. I don't recall.
    A2. One of my greatest regrets.
    A3. I did what I had to do.

    B1. So what now?
    B2. Are you threatening me?

    C. Investigate.
    C1. What's wrong with Grunt?
    C2. Thanks for your time. --> End
    C3. Nothing that concenrs you. --> End

    D1. Get to what's wrong.
    D2. Grunt's link to Okeer is good? +2R

    E. Investigate
    E1. His call. +2P
    E2. I need him, so yes.

Talk to the Shaman.
    A1. We have permission. +2P
    A2. He dares stand in Grunt's way? +2R
    A3. I want this crap over with. +2R

    B. He can bring allies?
    B1. He is part of my crew. +2P
    B2. We will kill for Grunt. +2R

    Renegade action --> F, +5R

    [Skip Renegade action]
    C1. You defy a shaman? --> D
    C2. Do you want to die, Uvenk? --> F, +2R
    C3. Let's get this crap going! --> F, +2R

    D1. What is your problem, Uvenk? --> E, +2P
    D2. Do you want to die, Uvenk? --> F, +2R
    D3. Let's get this crap going! --> F, +2R

    E1. Paragon/Renegade choice
    E2. Do you want to die, Uvenk? --> F, +2R
    E3. Let's get this crap going! --> F, +2R

    F. What should we bring?
    F. Can Uvenk interfere?
    F. Let's have details.
    F1. Begin the Rite. --> Start mission
    F2. We'll go prepare.

Select the third member for the squad. Travel to the Urdnot Ruins. Search the
Urdnot Corpses for credits (1,800/1,500/1,500/1,200). Get +2,000 Platinum.
Bypass the Turbine Parts on either side of the Keystone (3,600/3,300 credits).
There are two Power Cells, three Med Kits, and clips scattered around the

Start the Trial by activating the Keystone (Grunt has probably been telling
you to do this already). The first round consists of varren. You can just
melee these if they have no armor and run away if you get swarmed.

The second round involve Klixen. These creatures breathe fire at melee range.
They also explode upon death. You can't really melee these.

The third round involves surviving against a gigantic Thresher Maw (armor) for
five minutes. Wait for the tentacles to disappear. The Thresher Maw shoots an
explosive projectile attack. The Thresher Maw appears at three points around
the trial area. Just dodge any incoming attacks. Kill the Thresher Maw for the
Big Game Hunter achievement.

Gatatog Uvenk flies in to ruin the party.

You didn't kill the Thresher Maw --> +5R, +5P
    A1. This is sacrilege. --> Fight, +2P
    A2. Enough talk. --> Fight
    A3. This is just political. --> Fight, +2

You killed the Thresher Maw --> +15R, +15P
    A1. He's the ultimate krogan. +2P
    A2. Why hesitate now?
    A3. Are you here to fight? +2R

    B. You only want him as a trophy.
    B1. Your call, Grunt. +2P
    B2. My guess: Grunt says "No."
    B3. He can't join your clan. +2R

Now you have to fight Uvenk and his Gatatog Warriors. All of the enemy krogan
have armor. Uvenk has barrier/armor. After all the Gatatog Warriors are dead,
run around and loot the two dead Urdnot Corpses (1,200/900 credits). Once
Uvenk is dead, the Urdnot Shaman will arrive and declare the Trial has been
completed successfully and inducts Grunk into the clan. You can talk to the
Shaman to get more background information.

        Experience Gained: 750
        Grunt Power Unlocked: Fortification
        Grunt: New Outfit
        Upgrades: Shotgun Damage
        Credits Found/Funded: 15,000/15,000
        +2,000 Platinum

You return to the Shaman at the Urdnot Camp.

|  [LOY06]                                                                  |
|                          GARRUS: EYE FOR AN EYE                           |
|                                                                           |
Complete a Loyalty mission or N7 assignment.

Hi, I'm from part one. I don't get a dialog tree for my loyalty mission.
    A. Investigate
    A1. I'll do it.
    A2. We don't have time for this.

Travel to the Citadel in the Serpent Nebula. Enter the Warehouse on level 26.

    Renegade action --> A, +5R

    [Skip Renegade action]
    A1. Let's talk.
    A2. Shut up. +2R

    B1. Blue Suns?
    B2. You know him?

    C1. Let's get going.
    C2. I can't wait. +2R

Use any Rapid Transport terminal to go to the Factory District to begin the
mission. Kill the two Blue Suns mercs outside [A]. Inside the Factory there's
a Med Kit by the door [+]. The first section of the factory is guarded by LOKI
Mechs and Blue Suns Troopers [B]. The LOKI Mechs "ambush" you from shipping
containersBypass the Wall Safe for 1,500 credits.

The next section of the factory, with the conveyor line, has more Blue Suns
Troopers and LOKI Mechs. Go to the left side of the conveyor to grab a Med
Kit. Go to the right side of the conveyor line and fight your way deeper into
the factory [C]. You'll encounter some Legionnaires (shields). Bypass the two
Circuit Boards on your right to loot 900 credits from each one [D]. At the far
end of the conveyor line is makeshift office area [E]. There's a Med Kit, one
Heavy Weapon Ammo in the Power Cells, and Refined Iridium (+2,000 iridum).
Hack the Laptop for 4,500 credits.

Use the Bridge Control to lower the bridge [F]. There's a Blue Suns Commander
(shields/armor), a YMIR Heavy Mech (shields/armor), and some Troopers in this
area [G]. Grab the Med Kit [+] and bypass the circuit boards for 1,200
credits. Go into the next room [H]. There's a Medical Station and Power Cells
(+1 Heavy Weapon Ammo). BYpass the Wall Safe (2,100 credits). Take for Forged
IDs from the desk. Open the window shutter to trigger some dialog. You can get
some more background information, but no Paragon/Renegade points.

Exit the room. Hack the Terminal for a Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade [I]. Go
into the last section of the warehouse [J]. There are some Blue Suns mercs and
LOKI Mechs will get dropped by the overhead cranes. Go to the right and climb
up on the platforms to find a Data Pad to hack for 1,200 credits.

Boss Fight
Order your sqaudmates to stay on the highest platform. Climb over the
platforms to the far end of the warehouse. Harkin drops in two YMIR Heavy
Mechs. Quickly backtrack and try to get the highest platform possible. This
prevents the YMIR from getting in too close. After the YMIRs are destroyed,
climb over the platforms and go up the ramp. Harkin will block your way by
raising up the platforms at the top of the ramp. Destroy the LOKI mechs to the
left. Climb up the platforms and boxes to the control booth where Harkin is

    A1. Wrong answer.
    A2. Ouch.

    B1. Be reasonable.
    B2. Just tell us.

    Paragon action

    [Skip Paragon action]
    C1. That wasn't necessary.
    C2. Let's go.
    C3. Quit complaining.


    A1. You okay?
    A2. He's not worth it.

    B1. I don't know.
    B2. All right.

    C1. Give me a chance.
    C2. All right.

    D1. Do you really believe that?
    D2. All right.

    E1. How will this work?
    E2. Got it.

    F1. [Move to the side]
    F2. [Warn Sidonis]

    G1. [Let Garrus take the shot]
    G2. [Warn Sidonis]

    H1. Yes, it was.
    H2. You done with this?

    Experience Gained: 750
    Garrus Power Unlocked: Armor-Piercing Ammo
    Garrus: New Outfit
    Upgrades: Sniper Rifle Damage
    Credits: 12,300/15,000
    +2,000 Iridium

|  [LOY07]                                                                  |
|                          SAMARA: The Ardat-Yakshi                         |
|                                                                           |
Complete a second Loyalty mission or N7 assignment.

Have a lengthy conversation with Samara where she asks for some help.
    A1. I appreciate that. +2P
    A2. Goodbye.

    B. Investigate
    B1. Who is she?

    C1. Why the special name?
    C2. Sounds like you. +2R

    D. Investigate
    D1. I can see why... +2P
    D2. Is she that dangerous?

    E1. Let's go get her. +2P
    E2. I'll think about it. +2R

    F. Other children
    F1. Samara, I am so sorry. +2P
    F2. I understand.
    F3. You should have told me. +2R

Codex> Asari: Ardat-Yakshi

Go to Omega in the Omega Nebula.

|  [LOY08]                                                                  |
|                               TALI: TREASON                               |
|                                                                           |

Tali tells you about her dilemma. No Paragon/Renegade points are involved.

Codex >> The Migrant Fleet

The Migrant Fleet can be found in the Vallhallan Threshold.

|  [LOY09]                                                                  |
|                               THANE: SINS OF A FATHER                     |
|                                                                           |

Thane has a confession to make.

    A1. I'm sorry to hear that.
    A2. Go on.
    A3. I'll return later. --> End

    B. Investigate
    B1. That' not what I expected. --> C
    B2. Get on with it. +2R --> D

    C1. Why didn't you take him? +2P
    C2. I'm sensing an "until now."
    C3. You abandoned him.

    D. He's become what?
    D1. Why is Kolyat "disconnected?"
    D2. Where is he?
    D3. Spare me the metaphysics.

    E. Investigate
    E1. We'll stop him.
    E2. If we have time.

Travel to the Citadel in the Serpent Nebula. Go through the security
checkpoint and ask Captain Bailey about Thane's son. Go up to level 28. Mouse
can be found between the Dark Star Lounge and Rodam Expeditions. You can
perform a Renegade action for renegade points. The other dialog options don't
seem to award either Paragon or Renegade points. If you don't have enough
Paragon/Renegade for the dialog choice, you have to pay Mouse 3,000 credits to
get information on Thane's son.

    A1. You know Thane? --> B
    A2. We need information. --> Renegade action

    B. You know Thane?
    B1. You'd use a child for that?
    B2. We need information. --> Renegade action

    Renegade action --> E2, +5R

    [Skip Renegade action]
    C1. Paragon/Renegade action
    C2. I can pay you.
    C3. I'm serious --> End1

    D1. Paragon/Renegade action
    D2. [Pay Mouse 3,000 credits] --> E1
    D3. Just tell us. --> End1
    D4. I can't afford that! --> End1

Talk to Mouse again after End1.
    A1. Paragon/Renegade choice
    A2. [Pay Mouse 3,000 credits] --> E
    A3. Goodbye

Return to the C-Spec office on Level 27 and talk to Bailey about finding

Captain Bailey
    A1. He bribes you.
    A2. A tough position.
    A3. So what?

    B1. Arrest Elias.
    B2. Goodbye.
    B3. Another topic.

    C1. You be the Good Cop.
    C2. Plan?
    C3. You be the Bad Cop.

    D1. Renegade choice
    D2. We're not C-Sec.
    D3. We want to talk.
    D4. We're asking the questions.

    Renegade action

    [Skip Renegade action]
    E1. Paragon choice
    E2. Things change.
    E3. He's done with you.

    Renegade action
    [Skip Renegade action]
    F1. Paragon choice
    F2. We have evidence.
    F3. You're the coward.

    Renegade action

    [Skip Renegade action]
    G1. Paragon choice
    G2. Renegade choice
    G3. Do you want to go to jail?

    H1. Let's make a deal.
    H2. I'm done negotiating.

Captain Bailey
    I. Anti-human?
    I1. That's democracy for you.
    I2. Take us to Joram.
    I3. Not my problem.


    Experience Gained: 750

    Thane: New Outfit
    Upgrade: Heavy Pistol Damage
    Credits: 0/30,000

|  [PONR]                                                                   |
|                                     END GAME                              |
|                                                                           |

|  [END01]                                                                  |
|                                  DERELICT REAPER                          |
|                                                                           |

|  [MIS07]                                                                  |
|                                    ASSIGNMENTS                            |
|                                                                           |

|  [HUB01]                                                                  |
|                                 NORMANDY SR-2                             |
|                                                                           |

|  [HUB02]                                                                  |
|                                        OMEGA                              |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough completed
Mapping completed
Walkthrough in progress

        |___   ___]]]]_____   _|              A. Normandy
         ___|o|___      ___| |___             B. Entrance to Upper Afterlife
     _  |E]]   [[F|    |I   _   J|                  Kylan
    | |_|   |G|  _|    |   |H|   |  _         C. Merc Recruiter
    |  o C      |D|    |         |_| |        D. Upper Afterlife Bar
    |_| |_        |    |          o  | <--K   E. Grizz
          |_     _|    |___   ___| |_|        F. Anto
            | o |          |o|       _        G. Aria
            |   |          | |_     | | <--T  H. Lower Afterlife Bar, Forvan
            | B |      _  _|   |    | |       I. Dance with a Patron
            |___|     | ]]_o___| ___|=|___    J. Watch the Table Dancer
            | o |     |___ L _]]]    _    |   K. The Patriarch
            |   |_________| |_  |   |_|   |   L. Shisk and Batarian
            |     _   o]]o___M| |__    ___|   M. Kenn's Salvage
            |    |_| |_________ |N_ |=|__     N. Omega Market, Marsh
 ___________|     ____o]]o___ P ________O|    O. Harrot's Emporium, Harrot
| S   _______   _|           | |___           P. Mad Prophet
|____|    ___|o|______       | |o Q|_         Q. Apartments
         |__________A_|      | |_____|        R. Shuttle to Quarantine Zone
                             |R|              S. Transport Depot
                                              T. Afterlife VIP Area

Get invited to talk to Aria.
    [P] Relax.
    [N] Got it.
    [R] When I'm ready.
    [[ Journal Updated >> Talk to Aria
    [[ New Codex Entry >> Omega

Mad Prophet

Harrot's Emporium
     2,000c  Visor +10% headshot damage
     2,000c  Model Ship 13 - Geth Ship
     4,000c  Capacitor Chestplate - reduce shield regen delay by 10%
    30,000c  Hack Module - improves hacking

Omega Market
     4,000c Stimulator Conduits - +10% storm speed
       500c Model - Turian Cruiser
    60,000c Sniper Rifle Damage
         5c Fornax (Titillating Alien Magazine)

Kenn's Salvage
    30,000c Heavy Weapon Ammo
       500c Nashan Stellar Dynamics T6-FBA Couplings - quest item
    90,000c Heavy Skin Weave
    60,000c Shotgun Damage

|  [HUB03]                                                                  |
|                                  CITADEL                                  |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough completed
Walkthrough in progress
Mapping in progress

Citadel Souvenirs Shop
    Space Hamster - 9,200c
    Illium Skald Fish   500c
    Thessian Sunfish    500c
    Model - Normandy SR1    500c
    Model - Destiny Ascension   500c
    Model - Sovereign   500c

Rodam Expeditions
    Sniper Rifle Damage - 60k
    Heavy Pistol Damage - 60k
    SMG Damage - 60k
    Off-Hand Ammo Pack - 2k
    Aegis Vest - 2k

Zakera Cafe
        High-Grade Provisions - 500c (quest item)
        Ascension Novel - 5c
        Revelations Novel - 5c

Saronis Applications
            Tech Damage - 90k
            Damage Protection - 90k

Sirta Foundation
    Medi-Gel Capacity - 30k
    Life Support Webbing - 8k

|  [HUB04]                                                                  |
|                           ILLIUM - NOS ASTRA                              |
|                                                                           |

Playthrough completed
Walkthrough in progress
Mapping in progress

First Landing
    A1. Why do I...
    A2. I was concerned...

Codex: Illium

Serrice Technology
    Biotic Damage 90k/75k
    Bypass Module 30k/25k
    Medi-Gel Capacity 30k/25k

Talk to the merchant
    Use Paragon/Renegade choice to get a discount and access to special items  

Gateway Personal Defense
    Heavy Skin Weave    90k
    Submachinegun Damage    60k
    Assault Rifle Damage    60k
    Amplifier Plates        2k

Memories of Illium
    Prejack Paddle Fish 8k
    Model -Alliance Cruiser 500c
    Model - Athabasca Class Freighter   500c

Baria Frontiers
    Star Chart - Hades Nexus    500c
    Star Chart - Minos Wasteland    500c
    Star Chart - Pylos Nebula   500c
    Star Chart - Shrike Abyssal 500c

Return visit to Illium after completing the Justicar
    A1. I did. +2P
    A2. What's it to you? +2R

    B1. Happy to help. +5R

|  [HUB05]                                                                  |
|                             TUCHANKA - URDNOT CAMP                        |
|                                                                           |

First visit
Codex >> Tuchanka

Talk to the Overcaptain
    A1. The Rite?
    A2. Noted.

Ratch's Wares
    Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade   30,000
    Stabilization Gauntlets     4,000   +5% shields
    Death Mask                  8,000   +10% negotiation
    Asymmetric Defense Layer    8,000   +5% health
    Shield Harness              8,000   +5% shields

Fortack's Database
    Assault Rifle Damage        60,000
    Biotic Damage               90,000
    Heavy Pistol Damage         60,000
    Shotgun Damage              60,000

|  [MIS99]                                                                  |
|                                 N7 ASSIGNMENTS                            |
|                                                                           |

|  [     ]                                                                  |
|                            MASS EFFECT 2 GALAXY MAP                       |
|                                                                           |

   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
 _| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |_
|_            Vallhallan Threshold     *                     _|
|_           *                          Rosetta              _|
|_                           .                               _|
|_  *                                                        _|
|_   Shrike Abyssal          .                               _|
|_                                                        Far Rim
|_              Hourglass    .                           *   _|
|_             *              Omega     Pylos                _|
|_                           *         *                    Hades Nexus
|_      Crescent                            Caleston Rift  * _|
|_     *                     .             *                 _|
|_                                   *                       _|
|_          Eagle            .        Hawking Eta            _|
|_         *                                                 _|
|_ .   .   .   .   .   .   . + .   .   .   .   .   .   .  Nubian Expanse
|_  Minos Wasteland                       Shadow Sea     *   _|
|_ *                         .           *                   _|
|_                                                           _|
|_              Serpent      .                               _|
|_             *                                             _|
|_                Krogan DMZ                                 _|
|_               *                                           _|
|_                     *     .                               _|
|_                      Local System                         _|
|_                           .                               _|
|_                                                           _|
|_                           .                               _|
|_                                                           _|
|_                           .                               _|

|                                                                           |
|                                 LEGAL STUFF                               |
|                                                                           |

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