Question from medic2149

Where can I find ryno parts?

I finished the game but missed one of the pads for the ryno parts can anyone tell me where the 6 labs are located.

RatchetSize1595 asked for clarification:

Which lab did you miss?


medic2149 answered:

so i figured out where the labs are located.

Aldaros plains in Archipelao segment
Aldaros plains in Village Entrance segment
Deadgrove in Mining Camp segment
Octonok Cay in Reef Shallows segment
Phonica Moon in Security Tunnels
Uzo City in City segment
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RichardMDF answered:

Trying to get all the parts for the RYNO suit in Ratchet & Clank "All 4 One."

According to the display in the game, there are 8 parts, and I have 5 of 8.

But, all I can find online about the various "secret lab" challenges is this:

1st one - Aldaros Plains - Archipelago. The sign on it shows "012". (you need 12 critters to gain access)
2nd one - Aldaros Plains - Village Outskirts. The sign on it shows "038". (you need 36 critters)
3rd one - The Deadgrove - Mining Camp. The sign on it shows "048". (you need 48 critters)
4th one - Octonok Cay - Reef Shallows. The sign on it shows "120". (you need 120 critters)
5th one - Phonica Moon - Security Tunnels. The sign on it shows "250". (you need 250 critters)
6th one - Uzo City The sign on it shows "280". (you need 280 critters)

Now, even if I missed one of these labs, that would only give me 6 of 8 parts.

How do you acquire all 8 parts??
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btlenn91 answered:

there are only 6 pieces that you need for the RYNO suit
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