Question from awkward21

where EXACTLY are all the ryno parts in each level segment?

I went through every level and the parts appear to be hidden.


koza answered:

The RYNO parts are rewards after solving puzzles in secret labs, which you can access after having certain amout of critter collected throug the game. The minimal amout is 280 per character to access all the labs.
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koza answered:

And as for details of where to find those labs, here is the list:

1st one - Aldaros Plains - Archipelago. The sign on it shows "012". (you need 12 critters to gain access)
2nd one - Aldaros Plains - Village Outskirts. The sign on it shows "038". (you need 36 critters)
3rd one - The Deadgrove - Mining Camp. The sign on it shows "048". (you need 48 critters)
4th one - Octonok Cay - Reef Shallows. The sign on it shows "120". (you need 120 critters)
5th one - Phonica Moon - Security Tunnels. The sign on it shows "250". (you need 250 critters)
6th one - Uzo City The sign on it shows "280". (you need 280 critters)
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