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Asked: 3 years ago

Japanese voice option?

Will the Region 1 (American) version of Catherine have an option to play Japanese voices or not?

- Signed, a Japanese American very behind on latest gaming news

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From: Lo_Manolo 3 years ago

No it won't.
And here is what the developers said about it;

While we certainly respect your preference and, as weve stated before, always explore options to include a toggle with the original Japanese voices, it should be noted that Catherines story and characters inhabit a generic AMERICAN city. Hence everything in Stray Sheep, their attire, etc. being in English.

And while we recognize the numerous comments from folks adamant that its Japanese or nothing for them, we cant help but feel like those gamers are going to miss out on what is, in our view, one of our best localizations to date, and a fantastic English dub to boot.

Again, thanks for your thoughts. Were certainly always open to feedback.

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No, it will not.

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Did you look up on the voiceovers for the acting?

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