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Asked: 3 years ago

Does drinking before a nightmare have positive or negative affects?

The game says that drinking will affect Vincent's performance in the nightmare world, I was wondering if the affects are positive or negative.

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From: Puew 3 years ago

I believe being drunk makes Vincent faster in his nightmares. I always had him completely drunk before he went to sleep.

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Being drunker seems to make Vincent faster in the nightmares. It seems to be the only effect that drinking has.

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Drinking before the Nightmare World always yields positive affects. The obvious result is him moving a lot faster. So it is best to keep him drunk before he goes to bed. There are no negative affects.

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I am assuming that drinking will use up a bit of time making people leave the bar but other than that no. In nightmare you go faster.

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Yes it is.

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It will make vincent faster. So make him completely drunk before he sleeps

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When Vincent drinks people do NOT leave the bar so you can drink as much as u want and like everyone else has said it makes Vincent faster in the nightmare stages so go ahead and take some shots haha ^___^

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Mailbox IN:

Date: 3rd April
From: Midnight Venus
Subject: Booze & You

All the different drinks you can have in the bar will get you equally drunk. Choose your favorite!
Here's a secret: When you have alcohol in your system, you can move faster in your Dreams! If you're going to be hanging out in a bar anyway, why not get your drunk on.


I don't know if its explained that way because i play it on easy (lol yeah i suck but i rather enjoy that great story), but it's kinda clear to me that way ^.^

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