• Trophies

    11 Trophies: 6 Bronze, 4 Silver, and 1 Gold.

    1 Kill ClearCompleted the scene by only defeating the Power Holder.Silver
    100 ChainedAchieved 100 chains.Silver
    All S Rank CompletedCompleted all scenes in story mode with S rank.Silver
    Counter MasterSucceeded in using all counter actions.Bronze
    Debut in Our RankingMade a debut in the ranking.Bronze
    Killed 10,000Killed 10,000 enemies in total.Bronze
    No GuardCleared a scene without guarding.Bronze
    No RepairCompleted the story mode without repairing the vessel of spirit.Gold
    No RestartCompleted the story mode without using a continue.Silver
    Punitive SoldierDefeated a Power Holder.Bronze
    Story CompletedCompleted story mode.Bronze

    Contributed By: mocha.