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Where can I find pets?

They say that there is other ways to get pets on the loading screen aside from buying them, how do you get them?

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Thanks guys

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levjohnso answered:

I have found one way of getting a pet. I did "Pure Strategy" on easy at the Foundries and Forges level, and when I got to wave 15 a message popped up saying "Frizzle has been added to your item box". I checked my item box and Frizzle was a lvl 1 pet. So I'm guessing you may be able to get a pet on every level if you reach a certain wave?
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UndeadWarlord_1 answered:

You can buy them in game or from the Playstation Network.
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jonboy202 answered:

I belive you can find them as item drops from monsters/chests as well, though i have not found 1 that way yet (but im only level 11)
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GoldnMongoose answered:

They have extremely rare drops from monsters/chests on hard or higher in the later levels. Other than that and the shop there is atleast one that comes from an achievement....err trophy for ps3.
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Shinmah answered:

The stages with bosses on them drop item specific loot. I would guess one of them may drop it (with a low chance).
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