Question from Ocyd

How do you get to the Yoyogi Park Sections?

I can't find the entrances anywhere. It looks like I should be able to get to the under from Dogezaka or the woods? When I tried Yamanote west it was a dead end with tons of lions.

Ocyd provided additional details:

Can you be more specific?

Accepted Answer

Kiryen answered:

Above ground: Shibuya Station > Dougenzaka > Shibuya Woods > Yamanote East > Yamanote West > Yoyogi Park West > Yoyogi Park East
Underground: Use this map, Yoyogi Park is at the upper right.

From Dougenzaka, you might want to go to Shibuya Woods and then cut through the sewers, especially if you have a slow animal.
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Xicaru answered:

You need to go one of two ways, either through the sewers, or go through the woods, to the train line and follow the train lines around.
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