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How do i free the cheetah ?

When you are the hyena you have to free the cheetah i don't know where and how i do that so i can find the bear and kill him or something

xXstainglassXx provided additional details:

Oh okay but the cheetah one is hard lol i tried only two times and died one i oh most beat it but i only had one hyena left


CH3SHIRE answered:

Just do the Cheetah challenge in the hyena's list to unlock the cheetah. Once you have done this, you can unlock the bear
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Kobold_king answered:

Well the requirement are simple. For the cheetah you need to have completed 4 challenges and have change generation twice. For the bear you need the same and having done the cheetah special challenge.
The crazily hard part is claiming the cheetahs territory as a hyena. As they outnumber you, can outrun you and have a much higher attack.
There only one way i've found to claiming these territories of all these challenges and it down to a Sodding RNG (random number generator). In lamens terms you need for it to be both, at night and polluted at same time.
So that that the the owners of these said territories are at there lowest number with there lowest visibility so you can both sneak past them and quickly loosing them in a patch of long grass after a sprinting away.
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BeefSteak529 answered:

From what I saw just doing this challenge, "Free the Cheetah" is exactly the same as "Take The Cheetah's Territory". Just a different name
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polarisedbear answered:

For territory claiming missions I keep food and water in the inventory, I wait for SMOG and night then start running only stop to mark places when I am hungry, I eat from inventory do not loose time with hunting etc. If I get detected I run through trains and bushes etc but never try to hide.
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