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How to use a continue?

Where can i save my game on Survival?
And how can i use a Continue on Survival?
Please HELP me?!
I have play this game 3 times i must say, lol
Awesome game is Tokyo Jungle!

Greetz J8.

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H3C answered:

Ty be more exact - after making the nest accessible in the specific area by marking all 4 flags you can use Square button to "Exit" and save the game. You can do that even if the mate is following you or after sleep but not after mating in that area unless it will reset my mating elsewhere or using portable bed and all the flags are marked again. After exit / saving the game the Continue option will be lit in the Survival menu giving you the access to last saved game. There are two things to remember:
1. If you start the new survival game the sved one will be deleted (game will notify you about that). And indeed if you'll Continue that will remove the option as well (so you can't continue again after that).
2. If you want to preserve this saved / Continue state (because let's say you're heading for 100 years survival trophy or completing all challenges in one play through etc.) simply leave the game after saving, make the backup of TG game save and if needed put it back after "failed " attempt to continue.
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Spazticus answered:

To save your game, mark all the spots in an area, head for its nest, and choose the Save option instead of Mate or Sleep. Then you can continue (from the main menu) after that point. Note that you can still Mate/Sleep after saving, or save when you don't have a mate following you.
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