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How do i get the key for mission 9(devil inside)?

I got the devils trigger,but what do i do when i use it?I cant jump that high.And i see no other way up.

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Mookiethebold answered:

As explained in Bkstunt's FAQ:

Getting this key is a PAIN. It's up on the catwalk above us, but
that is WAY too high to reach. We can get to it though, if we are
smart. First we NEED the LEAP ability. If you haven't bought it yet
you'll need to and come back. Next we'll need to use a fully charged
ERYX UPPERCUT. Go stand on the platform under the catwalk and use it
on on of the Rages. Then, once you are in the air, Angel Lift onto
the rage, leap off of it, and boost onto the catwalk! Once you've
done that, the .: GOLDEN KEY :. is yours!
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revy_enraged answered:

Besides Mookiethebold's suggestion there is another option to get up there if you're struggling with the Eryx Uppercut method.

It takes maybe a bit more patience, but try and wait under the platform with the key. If you stay there and just move to evade the Rages, one of the beasts WILL eventually start climbing up the wall. Angel lift yourself up once it's (more or less) on the same level as the catwalk and use leap/jump/boost to get onto the catwalk and collect the key.
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DraculaX2 answered:

get one of the enimies in the air and use osiris's circle move. then jump cancel that into itself until you are high enough to get on that platform. Requires enemy step though but it's fairly easy to do.
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Iain2006 answered:

After readin this none of above did it for me but after 5 min i got up there doing this.... Jump in the air, pull enemy near you while in mid air and then again jump again from enemy head..( you need an unlock to jump of enemy head cant remeber what unlock this was but it work...) didnt work with rages but kill the angel demon on the next bunch and use the (dont know the name of these enemy...) was easy with them as i gave up on the above....
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erolai answered:

It's actually possible to get some air under you without the help of the enemies, you'll need to have already gotten the revenant and put an ability point in the fireworks skill. Start by jumping in the air then fire the revenant normally and immediately afterwords use fireworks. Rinse and repeat until you reach the height you need to just angel boost onto the ledge and grab the key.
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Starkiller987 answered:

The easiest way for me to do it was to kill the rages and the witch that spawns after, but leaving the Stygians alive, then I got on one of the platforms closer to the platform, double jump pull one of the enemies, then double jump over him (the step on enemy refresh your jumps) and then angel boost to the platform
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Dante_15345 answered:

Demon Pull some lesser stygians on the platform then level 3 eryx charge enemy step fire works in air and angel boost to get to the platform. Quite SImple huh????
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