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Last soul?

How do you get that last soul in "the order" its so high up i can't figure out how to reach it


Mookiethebold answered:

From Bkstunt's FAQ:

Getting this last lost soul is a chore. It's WAY too high to reach.
To do this make sure you have the LEAP ability. Now during the fight
with the Dreamrunner you want to use ERYX and charge up an uppercut.
This is best done when he creates a portal and is about to attack you:
charge an uppercut underneath the lost soul. When he comes out let him
have it and QUICKLY Angel Lift him, jump off his head, boost over to
the lost soul and kill it. That's how you get .: LOST SOUL 7/7 :..
Tricky? Yes, but you can do it. It will take some practice so be ready.
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MHereticM answered:

The above method works, but you could also entice the Dreamrunner to stand nearly under the lost soul and use devil trigger. Then Angel lift to him then leap/jump towards the lost soul and attack.
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