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Asked: 1 year ago

how do I defeat the final boss?

Every time I get him to his last bit of health his clone protects him until his health refills.

Accepted Answer

From: adramelk 1 year ago

Once he drops down to recover, get close and take a swing at him to make the clone appear in front of him then hit your devil trigger to launch the clone and leave him defenseless.. hit him with rebellion and enjoy the ending.

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Once Vergil's clone/devil trigger(?) gets out attack Vergil so the clone starts protecting Vergil. It'll stand still next to him and you can just start bashing it. I didn't need Devil Trigger, I used Aquila attacks on it (mixing L2+Circle/Triangle) to keep it next to Vergil and make it loose it's energy.

Not sure if it IS planned like this, but once Dante's Devil Trigger was fully charged - the fight was over. Didn't even need to attack Vergil to get the last bit of his health... (or I didn't realize it was going down because I was busy beating his clone to bits).

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Once he is down trigger your devil trigger and just hit him, the clone will not interrupt you.

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Use your sword to block his flying sword thing and he will down for a while. Then attack. When he is dying, use devil trigger take him down. Aaand, congratulations.

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