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Where can I find the 16th ID medal in Jake Chapter 3?

So you only need 10 to get through the level, but you need 16 to open the golden cage and get the gun and skill points. I've found 15 of them, but I can't find the last one anywhere. I've farmed every single bad guy, including the one who drops it if you go up the stairs, then back down into the room where they fall from the ceiling. What am I missing here? There is no one left alive for me to kill!

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Killerworld answered:

1. the Supply room right at the beginning - enemy drop (this room also has a serpent emblem)
2. the Staircase right at the beginning - enemy drop
3. Fancy bedroom - dresser
4. Library - Enemy drop
5. Library - 2nd floor inbetween books
6. Hallway - enemy drop
7. go south and in this room is two small tables there is a remote bomb on the left grab it and put the bomb near the left table and blow it up the medal is underneath this table.
8. Lobby - enemy drop

- at this point you should have 8
- put 3 coins in
-go into new area

9. go to the left room and kill enemies for medal - enemy drop
10. Piano in the back play it
11. go to opposite room - Fireplace medal
12. hit the gong in the room triggers more enemies - enemy drop medal

13. after opening glass door search the little fountain for a medal
14. go into the water and go to the 2nd archway crawl inside for a medal in the middle

15. near the exit of this place where you had to push a big box afterwards the medal is near the glass door

16. go through glass door - get to hallway kill people - get to lobby and kill more people - evenutally drops final medal - insert all coins and enjoy :D
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dragonkyn20 answered:

Have you tried the piano? That's usually where the last likely medal would be for players.
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lukus_80 answered:

These are all the places where you can pick up medals:-

Bookcase in library
Drawer in bedroom
Under coffee table in lounge
Fountain in corridor
Under the moveable wood stock (I think that's what it is) in bath room (moving it gets access to the door and medal)
At back under monument in bath room
Piano in bar
On the fireplace in a Room

This make 8 from enemies and 8 from places.
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zerohippie answered:

Usually when I find 15, I would have to search around and find the last j'avo hiding somewhere and kill him to get it.
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