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Unlimited ammo skill ?

Ive just got the unlimited handgun skill equipped and nothing is happening. Im still running out of ammo. any ideas?

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drageoon answered:

you need to 'allow' the infinite ammo on the game option screen after you choose your character to play before you start the game. If you don't set it, it won't apply.
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Crystal_Dream answered:

Are you playing online and disabled it?
Is it actually a handgun and not a machine pistol? I know machine pistols are handguns, but in this game they are classified as its own category.
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kingbongbundy answered:

And... you have to but each unlimited weapon ammo skill seperately..... ie. infinite shotgun...infinite sniper rifle amo ext

and yes theyr are some regular handguns as well as the machine pistols. of the top of my head i know jake and leon get them
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Jolts_D answered:

Unlike in RE5 and earlier, unlimited ammo doesn't mean no reload. Your clip will still run out, but you don't need any ammunition to reload the weapon.
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