Question from Fragileskull

Asked: 2 years ago

How do I solve the puzzle in chapter one with ada ?

Its the room with the three zombies with a fourth on the wall and a collapsing floor how do i solve this puzzle??

Additional details - 2 years ago

The trapdoor opens as soon as i jump over there how am i suppose to get across with out it opening??

Accepted Answer

From: Mr_Big_Boss 2 years ago

You're supposed to shoot the zombies when they are standing until they get stuck to the wall. When all 3 are stuck on the wall you can jump across.

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Submitted Answers


You're either talking about 1 or 2 things

If your talking about the trapdoor floor which you need to get across without falling through, then you need to use the cross bow to pin them against the wall.

If you are talking about the room with the hanging bodies, there is a handle on a pedestal that controls the trapdoor, move it slightly so that when the nearest body drops it lands on the handle.

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you can push the block with the lever on it. Just push it a little bit to the right. Now it should be under a hanging corpse, shoot the lock that is keeping the hanging corpse....hanging and done.

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