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What does tag enemies with a marker mean?

In Titles menu, there is a title called Left My Mark. You must tag 30 enemies with a marker. I've tagged 17 but I don't know how. Is it to do with The Mercenaries? I played the first little bit about 15 times. What is a tag & how is it done? Also, is there anywhere in the game that explains how The Mercenaries works? I find it very hard.

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Thanks for the info on The Mercenaries, Hyenthlay. I couldn't find anywhere in the game that mentioned how to do it. I have watched some videos on it but it still looks too hard for me to get right through a whole game. I'm not that good & killing enemies quickly, especially when inundated, so it's not much use me trying to earn major skill points from it. I knew you had to break the timers from trying to play in Resident Evil 5 but I didn't know you could break them all before proceeding. I thought that would give you less time, as you'd use up some, just breaking the timer.


Hyzenthlay answered:

Tagging is marking a specific enemy to be attacked by your partner (either AI or human).

In order to tag, point with your weapon (gun) and aim at an enemy with L1 and press O (circle). Your character should yell out to their partner to "Move In" i.e. attack that enemy. You'll know you've done it right and which enemy you've tagged when a red marker appears over the enemy's head.

Tagging can be done in both the Mercenaries and Campaign Modes whether you're playing with an AI or human partner. I don't think you can tag while playing solo.
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Hyzenthlay answered:

As far as tips for The Mercenaries, I would suggest watching any number of YouTube vids--they can help a lot. However, here are some general tips:

1. Familiarize yourself with the level first. Use your first few runs learning the layout and where items are if you need to grab them later and dont have room to pick them up right away.

2. Get all the yellow time crystals before you start dealing with the enemies. Each level/map has a different number of time crystals (and green combo crystals) but they are always in the same spots. The yellow time crystals extend the stage clock by 30, 60 or 90 seconds depending on the crystal broken and can only be shattered by meleeing or sliding into them. The green combo crystals grant 1,000 points for each enemy killed while its active (usually around 30 seconds); they can be shot, meleed or slid into. Getting all the yellow crystals at the beginning prevents having to stop a combo streak to search for them when time starts to run out. You can make up the time spent hunting them down easily through counters. Green crystals can be activated at your leisure.

3. Gather herbs, health and ammo items. You can do this while breaking the yellow time crystals. Items that are out in the open are also always in the same locations. Items in barrels are almost always random. Try picking up herbs before ammo while you have the space, combine them and store them in the pill case immediately (R+G first, then G+G+G) to make room for more items.

4. Learn to counter. If you haven't countered much in the campaign mode, learn to do it in the Mercenaries--it is the key to doing well on all stages. There are several types of counters depending on the situation and the enemy but each counter rewards a time extension bonus of either 5, 7 or 10 seconds. Countering not only can kill many enemies instantly (like Bloodshots) but they add to the stage clock and also conserves ammo.

5. Keep your combo going as long as possible. As you start killing enemies you may notice a combo meter pop up at the upper right corner of the screen. Try to keep this chain going as long as you can. Once you kill an enemy you'll have 15 seconds to make another kill or the combo chain drops. It'll start flashing when the streak is about to end. The higher you can get this combo without it breaking the higher your score.

6. Practice, practice, practice. I was absolutely terrible at The Mercenaries in the beginning. Learning to do all the above tips on the fly can seem pretty overwhelming but with practice you'll get the hang of it. It's probably easiest to get higher scores when playing with a co-op partner but I would suggest practicing by yourself until you get some of the basics down.
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Hyzenthlay answered:

As you start to learn the stages and enemy types on each you will get a feel for which level may be easier for a particular characters loadout. There are a total of nine (9) characters to unlock (7 of which have a different costume with different health and weapon loadouts) and a total of 10 stages (1 default, 2 unlockable and 7 buyable/downloadable).

Also important are skill bonuses. These are similar to the skill sets you can activate between campaign chapters except instead of being able to equip three you can only equip one. To equip a skill, go to the Mercenaries menu screen and choose Skill Settings. You can preset up to 8 skills and switch between them (Press L1/R1) and choose the one you want when choosing your character. Each skill has their advantages and disadvantages but I recommend Pharmacist, which will practically double the amount of your health tablets. These skills are also bought with the skill points earned throughout the game.
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