• Agent Hunt Mode

    This is unlocked by beating any of the first 3 campaigns.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Agent HuntBeat either Leon's, Chris's or Jake's campaign once.

    Contributed By: Razz-.

  • Curious Fan Title

    Complete the Resident Evil 5 Campaign to unlock the "Curious Fan" title.

    Contributed By: xGH05T408x.

  • Mercenaries Characters

    This is how to unlock the characters for the mercenaries game mode. Leon, Chris and Jake are unlocked by default.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AdaComplete Ada's Campaign
    CarlaUnlock all other characters costumes.
    HelenaFinish Urban Chaos Map with a B rank or higher.
    PiersFinish Steel Beast Map with a B rank or higher.
    SherryFinish Mining the Depths map with a B rank or higher.

    Contributed By: DEVILIX.

  • Mercenaries Maps

    There are three different maps to play in the Mercenaries mode which can be unlocked by clearing specific campaigns. You can use either character to unlock these maps.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mining the DepthsClear Jake's Campaign on any difficulty
    Steel BeastClear Chris's Campaign on any difficulty

    Contributed By: xKazerux.

  • Seceret Video

    After beating all 4 campaigns you will unlock a video that will play after any after credit video from any campaigns.

    Contributed By: Jwall33.

  • Titles

    How to unlock the games Titles which are placed on your dog tag excluding weapon and enemy titles which are all unlocked at 300 kills for enemy expert title and 1,000 for weapon expert title.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Action JunkieComplete 200 campaign chapters
    AmateurComplete all campaign chapters on Amateur (20)
    AmazonComplete 15 campaign chapters with female characters
    Any Port in a StormUse chrysalids for cover for 20 minutes
    BadassAttack 100 times with zero stamina
    Big BabyCrawl for 300 meters
    Bone BreakerKill 100 enemies while sliding
    By Any MeansUse an enemy’s weapon 100 times
    Chuter ShooterKill 100 parachuting enemies
    Combat MasterPerform a unique physical attack 300 times
    Counter AttackerPerform 300 counterattacks
    Curious FanFinished playing Resident Evil 5 campaign
    Dead RingerBe killed 200 times
    Death WishRequire saving 100 times
    Decorated AgentEarn all the different medals in the campaign (175)
    Earning Them MedalsEarn 2,000 medals
    Easy TargetRequire help 300 times
    Enjoying the SceneryWalk 5,000 meters
    ExecutionerPerform 300 coups de grâce
    Face SmasherDestroy 1,000 J’avo masks
    Figure CollectorCollect all the figures (78)
    File CollectorRead all the files (80)
    Fire HazardSet 1,000 zombies on fire
    Getting Good GradesComplete all chapters in the campaign with an S rank (20)
    Global PlayerPlay with 300 other players online
    Going Out in StyleBe killed awesomely 50 times
    Got Some ExperienceComplete all campaign chapters on Normal (20)
    GunslingerHit enemies with a quick shot 1,000 times
    Hardcore PlayerPlay Resident Evil 6 for 100 hours (Title changes)
    Headshot MasterMake a headshot 1,000 times
    Herb SharerFeed your partner 200 health tablets during the campaign
    HeroRescue another player 300 times
    I Got HandKill 100 enemies with Piers‘ mutated arm
    I Know What I'm DoingComplete all campaign chapters on Veteran (20)
    J'avo JuicePlay as a J'avo 300 times
    JoyriderTravel 500 kilometers with a vehicle
    Kickin' Ass & Takin' NamesDefeat 10,000 enemies
    Last HurrahDefeat 100 enemies while dying
    Left My MarkTag 300 enemies with a marker
    LifesaverSave other players from dying 100 times
    Like a Duck to WaterSwim 1,000 meters
    Lone WolfComplete all campaign chapters by yourself (20)
    Mad DasherDash for 5,000 meters
    ManipulatorUse an enemy's attack to kill 300 other enemies
    Medal AgentEarn 1,500 medals in the campaign
    Metal MuncherDestroy 300 helicopters or tanks
    My SkillsEarn a total of 200,000 skill points
    Need a Pick-Me-UpConsume 2,000 health tablets
    Need My MedsUse the first aid spray 100 times
    Not an AcrobatUse the zip-line 300 times
    Open SeasonKill 300 animals
    Party Time!Play with 3 other players X times during a story intersection
    People EaterPlay as a zombie 300 times
    PhoenixRecover on your own from dying 100 times
    Potent PugilistLand a physical attack 1,000 times
    ProfessionalComplete all campaign chapters on Professional (20)
    Props to YouPraise your partner 100 times during the campaign
    Relentless AttackerPerform 300 successful follow-up attacks
    ReloaderReload 5,000 times
    Rescue MeReceive help 300 times
    Resident EvilDefault title
    Respect the SkillsComplete all campaign chapters without seeing the game over screen (20)
    Resuscitated AgentSaved from dying 100 times
    Rock-Hard BunsTraverse 500 meters on your backside
    Rollin‘ with the HomiesPlay online with a friend X times
    Running My Shoes OffRun 100,000 meters
    Skill CollectorPurchase 80 skills
    Slide 'n' SmashDestroy 300 objects while sliding
    Slip SliderSlide 500 times
    Stealth KillerPerform 300 stealth kills
    Tag Master300 enemies you tagged are killed by other players
    The ChemistCombine herbs 1,000 times
    Title CollectorEarn 200 titles
    UndercoverUse cover for a total of 100 minutes

    Contributed By: Paragoob.

  • Unlimited ammo

    Complete all four story modes to allow you to buy unlimited ammo in skill settings.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Unlimited ammocomplete all four story modes and then purchase under skill settings .

    Contributed By: SHAO-Khan.

  • Unlock Ada's Campaign

    A fourth campaign, Ada's campaign is unlockable when all 3 campaigns are completed once. This campaign unveils answers to the mysteries behind the 3 campaigns.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ada's CampaignBeat Leon's, Chris's and Jake's campaigns once

    Contributed By: Razz-.

  • Unlockable costumes for Mercenaries

    To unlock other costumes for use in Mercenaries, play any stage and obtain an A rank with any character to unlock their respective costumes.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Pirate LeonObtain an A rank in Mercenaries with Leon
    Puffy Jacket JakeObtain an A rank in Mercenaries with Jake
    R.P.D. HelenaObtain an A rank in Mercenaries with Helena
    Racer PiersObtain an A rank in Mercenaries with Piers
    Samurai ChrisObtain an A rank in Mercenaries with Chris
    School Girl SherryObtain an A rank in Mercenaries with Sherry
    White Dress AdaObtain an A rank in Mercenaries with Ada

    Contributed By: xKazerux.


  • Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 41 Bronze Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    A Revolting DevelopmentComplete Chapter 2 in Jake's campaign.Bronze
    Ada's DemiseComplete Chapter 4 in Ada's campaign.Bronze
    After Her!Complete Chapter 3 in Chris' campaign.Bronze
    B.O.W.s Are UglyDefeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid.Silver
    Back in My DayComplete the entire game on Veteran.Silver
    Big Trouble in ChinaComplete Chapter 4 in Leon's campaign.Bronze
    Bob and WeaveCounter an enemy's attack three times in row.Bronze
    Bring the HeatTake down an enemy from 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope.Bronze
    Buried SecretsComplete Chapter 2 in Leon's campaign.Bronze
    Check Out My DogsCustomize your dog tags.Bronze
    CounterintelligenceComplete Chapter 2 in Ada's campaign.Bronze
    Covered in BrassEarn 150 different medals.Silver
    Down, Not OutDefeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.Bronze
    Duty CallsComplete Chapter 5 in Chris' campaign.Bronze
    Finish What You StartPerform a coup de grace on ten enemies.Bronze
    Flying AcePilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it.Bronze
    Get on the PlaneComplete Chapter 3 in Leon's campaign.Bronze
    Give a Little PushKnock ten enemies off a high place.Bronze
    Gone to HellComplete Chapter 1 in Leon's campaign.Bronze
    Green around the EarsComplete the entire game on Amateur.Bronze
    Hard ChoiceShoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range.Bronze
    HeirloomsCollect all the serpent emblems.Silver
    High VoltageDefeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.Bronze
    I Prefer Them AliveRescue two female survivors at the cathedral.Bronze
    I SpyComplete Chapter 1 in Ada's campaign.Bronze
    J'avo GenocideDefeat 500 J'avo.Bronze
    Leave It to the ProComplete the entire game on Professional.Gold
    Let's Blow This JointComplete Chapter 3 in Jake's campaign.Bronze
    LifesaverHelp or rescue your partner ten times.Bronze
    Mad SkillzMax out all the skills that allow you to level up.Gold
    Money TalksComplete Chapter 1 in Jake's campaign.Bronze
    Normal Is GoodComplete the entire game on Normal.Silver
    One Is Better Than NonePurchase one skill.Bronze
    Rescue the HostagesComplete Chapter 1 in Chris' campaign.Bronze
    RESIDENT EVIL 6 Platinum TrophyCongratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 6!Platinum
    Rising UpEarn a level-four title.Silver
    See You AroundComplete Chapter 5 in Jake's campaign.Bronze
    Silent KillerUse a stealth attack to take down five enemies.Bronze
    Sneaking AroundGet through the aircraft carrier's bridge area without being noticed.Bronze
    Still on the RunComplete Chapter 4 in Jake's campaign.Bronze
    StuntmanDefeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using a quick shot.Bronze
    The Longest NightComplete the tutorial.Bronze
    The Trouble with WomenComplete Chapter 5 in Leon's campaign.Bronze
    There's Always HopeComplete Chapter 4 in Chris' campaign.Bronze
    They're ACTION Figures!Collect 3 figures.Bronze
    This Takes Me BackComplete Chapter 3 in Ada's campaign.Bronze
    Titular AchievementEarn 10 different titles.Bronze
    Tragedy in EuropeComplete Chapter 2 in Chris' campaign.Bronze
    Weapons MasterUse all the weapons in the game and kill ten enemies with each of them.Silver
    What's Next?Complete Chapter 5 in Ada's campaign.Bronze
    Zombie MassacreDefeat 500 zombies.Bronze

    Contributed By: Mookiethebold.

  • Trophies: Onslaught DLC

    There are 2 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Kill or Be KilledWin while in the dying state.Bronze
    Killer ComboAchieve a 30-combo chain.Silver
    Surrounded on All SidesSend 2,000 enemies to your opponent's map.Gold
    Take the StageDefeat your opponent and achieve victory in 3 stages.Silver
    You Are S.O.L.Defeat your opponent 10 times with enemies you sent.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

  • Trophies: Predator DLC

    There are 2 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Easy PickingsEliminate all players as Ustanak in less than a minute.Silver
    Held CaptiveDefeat Ustanak with only one Agent remaining.Bronze
    InvincibleDefeat Ustanak without anyone on your team being captured.Silver
    Not without a FightDefeat Ustanak 20 times.Gold
    One Is Never EnoughAs Ustanak, capture a total of 50 humans.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

  • Trophies: Siege DLC

    There are 2 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Civilian CasualtiesDefeat the BSAA 100 times.Silver
    Everybody DiesDefeat 100 player-controlled agents and 100 player-controlled creatures.Gold
    Murder SpreeDefeat the BSAA as a creature without dying once.Silver
    Protect and ServeProtect the BSAA without any of them getting hurt.Bronze
    Two Slides of the Same CoinWin 10 times.Bronze

    Contributed By: Animesetsuna.

  • Trophies: Survivors DLC

    There are 2 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Kung Fu FightingSurvive to the end only using physical attacks.Silver
    Last Man Standing--AgainWin five times in a row.Gold
    Staying AliveReturn to the game as a human character.Bronze
    Take 'Em All DownDefeat 100 agents.Silver
    Team EffortWin without any members of your team being killed.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.


  • General stamina recovery (all players)

    While aiming, perform a dodge maneuver that has the character grounded afterward. Continue to hold the aim button, and the stamina bar, if depleted, will quickly fill up back to normal.

    Contributed By: kijuju11.

Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Defeating Gassers (Huge Zombies which let out blue gas)

    Defeating Gassers can be annoying especially for those who don't know how to kill them. Aim for their heads and keep shooting them until they kneel down. Shoot them to finish them off. -Note- It is advisable to kill them quickly due to the fact that they turn humans into zombies.

    Contributed By: NeroDantes.

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