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Asked: 3 years ago

Stuck on those who pass by?

I was doing the chapter those who pass by and I completed the missions up to twilight of the gods. but now I'm stuck and I dont see anything that will let me continue. help plz.

Additional details - 3 years ago

btw I dont see any message in my terminal that will let me progress on

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Check other characters involved in that story, one of them will have either another mission or a Terminal message for you. This might involve leveling the friendship of some of them so they're playable as pilots.

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Go to cecily fairchild elpeo puru or glemy toto and they have the last bit of missions it also unlocks for victory which after completion gives you char ribbons and one more character to build friendship with hope i helped

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You have to play as a different character. Play as Scirocco, Glemy, or any of the ladies that Scirocco recruited (except Lacus and Haman) to finish the chapter.

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