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Asked: 3 years ago

Knight Gundam?

How do I unlock knight gundam?

Accepted Answer

From: MegaMario1000 2 years ago

Knight Gundam mobile suit: Beat all story missions.

Knight Gundam pilot: After beating all story missions, beat the Special Mission "I am Knight Gundam!" to begin building a friendship with him. He can now randomly appear as an ally or enemy ace, but you can replay "I am Knight Gundam!" and he is guaranteed to show up as an ally.

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Submitted Answers


For the character: After completing story mode you have to complete the special mission titled "I am the Knight Gundam!" and after that, you can build up friendship with him. I recommend repeating the same mission to accomplish that. After getting him to lv. 3, you can play as him as a pilot. (he can only pilot Knight Gundam though.)

For the Mobile Suit: You have to beat the last story mission

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