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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Any tips on beating the final mission? Open 7
Other Help status answers
100000 Kills? Open 5
Collection Missions? Open 2
Custom MP3/UK Released Date? Open 1
Damage and money? Open 1
DLC and Versus Mode? Open 1
DLC in UK? Open 2
Dlc problem? Open 2
Does playing co-op increase friendship levels? Open 1
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 4 (Gundam Musou 4)? Open 3
EU Save File Please? Unanswered 0
Finding parts? Open 2
Game help ? Open 1
Have i seen you b4 on live? Open 1
How do I change my Bio and quick chat? Open 1
How do you get the skill overdrive? Open 1
How do you unlock athrum? Open 2
How do you unlock Kira as a Pilot? Open 1
How do you unlock the "original" Gundam license ? Open 2
How do you unlock the license for Gundam MK II (Titans) ? Open 1
How does this method work? Open 1
how to get tallgeese II? Open 2
I have raised all character to sympathy level, but still fail to get the trophy, is there any problem? Open 1
Leveling friends? Open 1
multiplayer R1, R2 , R3 together? Open 1
Musha gundms? Open 1
Online statues? Open 1
Pilot of OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II? Open 1
PS3 DLC release date? Open 3
Stuck on those who pass by? Open 3
What do deathescythe's hyper jammers do? Open 4
What do you get for beating "The Return of the True Dynasty Warrior Gundam"? Open 2
What is the purpose of the load screen mini game? Open 3
What's the deal with Newtypes? Open 1
when are the DLC coming out on psn ? Open 1
When do I get to increase my friendship with Ramba Ral? Open 2
When is this game coming to us? Open 1
Would I get the trophy when I use a different PS3 and put the save game back into my PS3 where the gamesave was created? Open 2

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