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Legendary/Rare Weapon stats?

Are the legendary/rare weapons from the conquest mode hexes pre-set or determined by stage difficulty/random?

Knytul asked for clarification:

On the Treasure Battle weapons, i beat Sword in normal, got a weapon, then beat it again in Hard and got nothing. Is there anything for Chaos Mode? Or is it only 1 sword..for all difficulties? im curious because i wonder if the highest damage weapons, are only in their 40's?

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Adireron answered:

They are preset.
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Ducky_Frost2 answered:

Adireron is right on that
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ClydeBarbarian answered:

All weapons have fixed power and element levels, no matter where or how you acquire them. Pretty much every weapon can be found either at the Weapon Vendors in Story and Conquest mode; you can also encounter a Merchant in towns who will have a random 3 weapons from your current list for sale at a 20% discount. The weapons that you cannot purchase would be the 'Treasure Battle' weapons - found exclusively in Conquest mode, from hexes that bear their name. IE, the Treasure Battle: Bow provides you the TB bow. There are item hexes that provide a non-rare weapon, still trying to figure out whether they are fixed items or random.

Now, bear in mind that weapons have from 1 to 5 Seal slots, depending on the weapon, that you can use to customize them to your liking, making weapons "different" from each other. I prefer having Combat Resistance on my halberds, for instance, while my buddy takes Projectile Resistance on his.
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AhGwee answered:

@Knytul The strongest weapon in the game is the Halberd you get from 'Treasure Battle: Halberd' It has a base stat of 50 attack, but it doesn't have an element unfortunately. I must also mention that doing the same weapon stage again will not yield you any new weapons at all even if you change the difficulty. Some can be obtained from enemy drops too but I've noticed that it will come to a point where they will stop dropping a weapon for each category and will instead just drop attack/defence/health upgrades.
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Wandrian answered:


Treasure battles? You can only get one specific weapon from them. After you've cleared them, that's it. There's no point in replaying the battles beyond their high difficulty.

Difficulty setting's effects? It doesn't affect weapons, it only causes some enemies to drop stronger stat boosting items(though +8 attack/defense up still requires a combo 99% of the time).

Highest damage? Depends on the weapon, seals, element(s), and individual attacks performed. The Black Dragon Halberd has the highest base attack of any weapon and the Slash element, but other weapons can potentially outperform it with either being able to stack on more seals and/or just having an extremely powerful attack(such as the last charge attack with the drill lance).

Enemies dropping weapons? If you haven't acquired all the "normal" weapons of a class and defeat an officer that uses that weapon class in less than 30 seconds, they'll drop a random "normal" weapon instead of a stat boosting item. You won't see any weapons that normally have special requirements to be obtained dropped by an officer.
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