Question from TheBloodRed

Asked: 3 years ago

How do you do many of the characters' Musou 2 attack?

It says (O) while holding down (#). My screen is a small 480p screen and I cannot read what it is telling me to do at all. xD

Accepted Answer

From: Divinity777 3 years ago

It varies from player to player.
For all characters, musou attack 1 is pressing O.
Musou attack 2 is either holding R1 + O or O in mid-air.

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Submitted Answers


While holding down R1

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So far it's either while in midair or while holding r1 that i've seen

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The holding down R1 is wrong.
Musou Attack 1 = just pressing O.
Musou Attack 2 = pressing circle while in mid-air.

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Well with Sima Zhao hold r1 and hit circle to do musuo2, I dont know if it works for everyone though.

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As Divinity 777 said, it varies. You can check your officer's move list to see how to perform it (start menu -> officer -> move list.) You DO have to purchase it first, however.

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Just check the move list but there are only two ways to do the 2nd Musou from what I've seen:

1st is a Mid-air Musou (ex. Zhao Yun/ Cao Cao/ Sun Shang Xiang)

2nd is O while holding R1 (ex. Guan Yu/ Xu Shu/ Sun Quan)

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I'm surprised that there happens to be one or more fools that just downgrade the comments around here when some are clearly correct. I'll just list the ones that are right:


And you other people, just play the game instead of just guessing or basing your assumptions on what you've only seen in videos on youtube. And if any of you are wondering, yes I have the game.

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Child, just look under the "Move List" under "Oefficer Info" and it will tell you everything you need to know.... also everyone was right; You Imbicile.

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You need to purchase the 2nd Musou in the Skill Tree. Press start, officer info, skills. You must buy Musou +1 to unlock the 2nd Musou in the skill tree.

Then O in mid-air
or R1 + O

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