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Plot/Storyline Help Answers
(Spoiler Warning!) What happened here? 2

Other Help Answers
Abundance of VIP escorting missions? 1
Can i use red hare in story mode? 1
Can you still do throws/grabs? 2
Come to think about it what happened to sun jian's legend horse? 3
Conquest - Blank Hex; How to blank the whole map? (minus capitols) 1
Create a character? 1
Custom Soundtracks? 1
Does the conquest mode have a story to it and maybe some cutscenes including your character? 5
Gold Grinding ? 1
Holding R1 w/ Lance Equipped? 1
How can I get sworn allies? 1
How do I get red hare, hex mark, and shadow runner harnesses? 2
How do you get more than 4 attacks? 1
How do you unlock all Scholar Questions? 1
How do you unlock Lu Bu? 4
How do you win the weapon clashes? 2
I have clear the game ? 4
Is the game two player split screen? 3
Is the story mode like the other dynasty warriors where you can choose which kingdom and character you want? 4
Is there a way to get the weapons you see in the videos for the characters? 8
Last 2 credit movies in Movie Gallery? 1
Lian shi? 1
Musou attack that refills your life? 2
Resetting character stats is possible? 3
Same movesets? 1
So do I get to choose a character? 2
Sponaneous Rescue by AI? 2
Story stage are replayable? 1
Support animals? 4
Switchable languages? 2
Weapon gathering - Easy or Hard/Chaos? 4
What City offers Pang Tong as Reinforcements ? 6
What do people mean when they say you have to beat a battle called mount hex or with mount hex in it to unlock it? 3
What Happened to Move compatibility? 2
Where's the character list? 2
Which characters get double element as a skill? 3
Which seals stack up? 1
Who are the starting characters in conquest mode? 4
Why my character's stats doesn't grows? 3
Will there be dlc? 3
Will you be able to unlock the red hare, hex mark , and shadow runner harness to play with in story and conquest mode? 8

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