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How do you close your visor on a Helm?

How do you close your visor on a Helm?

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Old_one_slayer answered:

There are 2 sets of knight armor. The one you start out with where the visor is up, and the elite knight which is slightly better, looks a little bit different, and has closed visor. It exactly what the knight in the tutorial who gives flasks wears. However you do not get armor by killing him if u re enter the tutorial ( u do get a nice shield tho) to get the armor go to undead parish, then go to blacksmith, then go past titanite demon and you'll be in the dark grove. Go into the first past the first fog gate and ull be at an island. On the right side of the island is the armor, guarded by 2 giants.
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Oh this will bother me to !

Your most likely to find helms with the visor down, but for the fluted helm, nobody knows.
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Yamasuke666 answered:

as it was in demon's souls, I don't think you can close your visor in dark souls either. It just depends on the armor you get, some have it close, while others don't. I guess when you get to a high enough level, its all about preference as far as looks go. But on your journey to be the best, you take what you get in terms of highest defense and try not to get to picky about it. I hope this helps man
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Actually I heard That you find two sets of the knights armor where one has the closed visor and the other has it open but has 2 less defense. :D
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knight_64 answered:

There are two sets, you find the Elite version (with visor closed) in the forest.
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