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I accidentally killed the guy on the cover of the game?

He's by the red dragon at the undead burg (castle village) at the top of a tower right before you get to the area with the metal boar. I used a tactic of having him follow me all the way back to the stairs by the also really hard knight and jumping down. He then jumped down after me and he fell to his death. I was expecting something big, but i just got 600 souls. Now it doesn't seem worth it, and he wasn't even guarding a treasure, so i'm sure the value is the loot on his body which i can no way reach. Is there anyway to get him back to life so I can kill him properly and loot his body?

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Ah, thanks for that. However, when it comes to the loot part, you're thinking of the wrong guy. You're talking about the NPC knight at the other end that the dragon is facing, but I'm talking about the guy that's pretty much where the dragon is landed at the top of the tower and you can't talk to him, he just attacks you. Does anyone know if he has any loot?

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Also, by cover of the game, I meant the cover of the North American Collector's Edition Tin Box or the strategy guide.

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The bonfire doesn't bring him back but as long as he's not a unique npc then i won't worry about it.

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Kurist answered:

If you are talking about the guy on top of the tall tower by the dragon in black armor and two pointy things coming out of his helmet, he is not a unique bad guy/NPC. He appears to be more akin to the red eye knights of Demon's Souls. I have not tried this myself, but have you used a bonfire to see if he returns?
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digbert007 answered:

You will have to start over or finish your current playthrough to get him "back to life". He will not respawn any other way. I also don't know if he has any loot. If you talk to him you will ge the white soapstone allowing you to summon and be summoned in co-op multiplayer. He will also be available as a phantom to fight the Gargoyle bosses on the church roof
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