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Humanity and Death?

So I believe you can obtain more than one humanity once you are revived in human form, but if you die with, say, 5 humanity points, do all those go away forever? Do you get all five back when you collect your remains? What does a high humanity stat give you exactly?


digbert007 answered:

You can collect many points of humanity whether you are hallow or human. If you die they do go away with your souls, but you can recollect them at your bloodstain like your souls also. The higher your unused humanity points (not humanities in your inventory), the higher your drop rate, but that may only be in living form (I'm not sure if the drop rate increases as a hallow)
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neohampster answered:

Humanity numbers are tied to soul numbers in that, if you collect your souls again after dying you get your humanity back as well. Humanity increases drop rates for enemies if you are human or hollow, it doesn't matter in that regard. The only other point is that it only boosts drop rate up to 30 humanity, having 31 to 99 (max) humanity only serves to increase damage of Chaos weapons so it's almost never worth it to have over 30 humanity unless you happen to have a +5 chaos weapon.
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