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Can you re-map the control/button scheme?

I find it awkward using Circle button as my run/dodge button when that button is used so much more than square's flask function. I'd rather swap them to be more ergonomic.

Izzydude asked for clarification:

What the Gwyndolin is this!? ... those suggestions... using the side of your finger? The reason why its on circle is cause circle is easier to hit... granted you have a normal human hand and not a bendy one like Chias here...

By nature Triangle is the hardest to hit, then Square and then Circle, why do you not want to dodge/run easier? Why do you want to accidentally start using an item?


Erosennin444 answered:

I dont think you can, I've looked after you posted question. but how is it weird? didnt you play Demon's Souls?? its the same buttons and its not that weird. Just tough it out, you'll get it all down in time.

keep eating them souls
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darkknightsabre answered:

No you can not. Clearly no options for this in the "Options" menu, which is accessed by pressing start.
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I_eat_chias answered:

Unfortunately you can not.
I get around this by using my index finger for the circle button when I need to control the camera with my thumb.
Bend your index finger so it points back towards you, and press circle with the side of your finger. Use your middle finger to attack.
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