Question from subllime48

I had 5 humanity, i now have 0, why?

i remember before getting off my ps3 about 2 hours ago i had 5 humanity points (unused) in my HUD.

I just turned my ps3 on again and now i have 0, do you lose one every time you die? i wasnt really keeping track of this but im kind of confused why i went from 5 to none without using any.


fitzseer80 answered:

Every time you die you lose all your humanity and all your souls. the only way to get them back is to touch your own bloodstain.
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MassEffect21 answered:

You lose all of your humanity if you die. You can retrieve it by touching your bloodstain. In your case I think your game didn't save and register you had 5 humanity. Make sure to stop at a bonfire before you quit, and you have to quit manually for the game to save properly. My advice would be to use humanity to kindle your bonfire and also to become human so you can summon npc's and other players to help fight bosses and what not and that way you do not lose so much when if/when you die.
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darkith answered:

Did you quit right after you died? If so your humanity is waiting for you to collect it from your bloodstain.
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