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What stat increases the pyro attacks? Been putting it into int but apparently that doesn't increase it.

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How do I upgrade the Pyromancy Flame? When I was at the blacksmith it didn't pop up.

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Well that's just dandy. I saved him and went to talk to him but accidently hit him. The only thing I hate about this game. If you hit and Npc you are screwed till New Game +. Well Guess I'm starting over.

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Is it like Demon Soul's where the Masters still teach the basics? Also can I level up my Pyro flame with them still?


darkith answered:

Pyromancer spells don't scale with an attribute. As far as I know the only way to make them more effective is to upgrade your catalyst, the Pyromancy Flame.
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Lokumun answered:

You can rescue an NPC in the Depths, who after rescuing will appear in the fire shrine (starting) place, and will teach you pyromancies, as well as upgrade your pyromancy flame for souls.
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CobaltMonkey answered:

There are other trainers. One in the Spider Lady's area, one in Blighttown before that. Those are the spells you'll want anyway. The NPC you hit just has the basics..
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Izicial answered:

Pyromacnies strength is based on the power of the spell and the power of your catalyst.

Pyromancy IS NOT sorcery and DOESN'T scale with ANY STAT!!!!

Hope that helped :)
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jackwinz1 answered:

Pyromancy damage does not scale with any stat but the casting time scales with Dexterity.
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