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Why does dark souls keep forcing 720p?

I'm playing with an HDMI cable going to my Acer h213h Monitor. Other games play in 1080p just fine, but whenever I load dark souls, it reverts to 720p on my monitor. I know it's working when in the PS3's menus, it's displaying `080p there. But as soon as the game loads, it goes away.

What gives? Is there anyway I can fix it?

Yash2k4 provided additional details:

I understand that, but it also doesnt use 1080i, it still uses 720p either way.


GrandPrixGTP answered:

Just look at the back of the game case...the game caps at 1080i, not 1080p
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silverzgreen answered:

Technically (and I know this doesn't answer your question) 720p is better for gaming than 1080i because the image is "drawn" faster on each refresh. If the monitor is smaller than 36" you probably won't notice a difference anyway.
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Izicial answered:

Its because the game forces 720p because its technically better for reasons said above.

If you want it to stop then turn off 720p in your video options then it will run in 1080i :)

If i remember correctly I had the same problem with GTA 4
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campos78 answered:

The answer is because Computer Monitors do not support 'Interlacing'(thats what the (i) stands for by the way). Only Progressive scan modes e.g., 1080p,720p and 480p. Thus it won't work. Dark Souls supports 1080i but it will only work on normal TV's that support 1080i not CPU monitors.
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