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Can we rank all the areas by difficulty?

That way i kind of know which areas to try next once i finish one? I'll start a list, but i haven't been everywhere so add everywhere else. Please seperate second parts of areas if there is a wide discrepancy in difficulty . 1. is easiest/first.

1. Firelink Shrine
2. Undead Burg
3. Undead Parish
4. Darkroot Forest
5. Darkroot Basin
6. Undead Burg Below
7. Undead Asylum Returned
8. Depths
9. Catacombs
10. Lando Ruins
10. Darkroot Forest after Crest or Hydra
11. Tomb of Giants

That's everywhere I've been so far and my order of choice for them. If you guys who beat the game come to a consensus, and add the later areas too, that will be the preferred answer. Thanks guys!

KluvKluvKluv provided additional details:

Actually now that I know hat the transient curse works for those ghosts, it dropped down in difficulty considerably.


MassEffect21 answered:

For me it was probably 1,2,8,3,4,5,6,7,10(darkroot forest after hydra),9,11,10
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Cheshirecat9 answered:

I think you should do: Burg, Parish, Lower Burg, Darkroot Basin, Depths, Blighttown, The Hollow (optional), Ash Lake (Optional), Queelag's Domain, Sens' Fortress, Anor Londo, Painted World of Ariamis, Darkroot Forest after Hydra, New Londo Ruins, Duke's Archives. All this BEFORE going to the Catacombs and the Tomb of Giants. Afterwards, go to Demon's Ruins and then Lost Izalith. Then go to the Kiln.

Easier said than done, of course. ;)
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Cezovic answered:

In my opinion this is the list of the levels easiest to hardest:
1.Undead Asylum
2.Undead Burg
3.Undead Parish
4.Valley of the Drakes
5.The Depths
6.Queelag's Domain
7.Undead Asylum Revisited
9.Demon Ruin's
10.The Catacombs
11.Tomb of the Giants
12.Dukes Archives
13.New Londo
14.Anor Londo
15.Sen's Fortress
16.Painted World of Ariamis
17.Dark root Garden
18.Ash Lake
19.Crystal Caves
20.Kiln of the first flame
21.The Hollow
22.Dark root basin (if you take on the hydra)
23.The lost Izalith
24.The Abyss
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TheWolven answered:

1. Undead Asylum
2. Undead Burg
3. Undead Parish
4. The Depths
5. Undead Asylum (round two)
6. The Catacombs
7. Dark Root Basin
8. Dark Root Garden
9. Great Hollow
10. Ash Lake (if you're a lower level don't bother with the Hydra)
11. Blighttown
12. Quelaag's Domain
13. Anor Londo
14. Sen's Fortress
15. New Londo Ruins
16. Demon Ruins
17. Painted World Of Ariamis
18. Crystal Caves
19. Lost Izalith
20. Dukes Archives
21. Valley Of The Drakes
22. Kiln Of The First Flame
23. The Abyss
24. Tomb Of The Giants

I organized this as though I were playing as a total beginner, otherwise it'd have a completely different order. So if you're starting off pretty new to the game, this should be accurate.
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A7X_ADDICT answered:

What are these 2 talking about? How the hell can you do crystal caves BEFORE dukes archives? (thewolven). And why in God's name would you do the tomb of the giants so early? And how do you visit the tomb of the giants BEFORE going to anor londo and getting the lord vessel?(cezovic). I think Cheshirecat9's path is a little more like it. As for thewolven and cezovic, I can't believe you ever even played this game. I think it's definitely worth it to revisit the northern asylum before going to blighttown, this way you'll have the rusted ring to easily traverse the swamp and collect all the treasure. My strongly recommended path would be the undead burg, the undead parish, then do the lower undead burg, the depths, then revisit the asylum for the rusted ring, the head on over to blight town/quelaag's domain ( by going through the valley of the drakes of course, the depths way is ridiculous. Also, be sure to spend your souls and grab the dragon crest shield from the undead dragon while you're here, it's worth more than any death). After ringing that bell, get the gold trimmed from the demon ruins if you like, and also head to the great hollow/ash lake (although I don't really think it's worth the trouble until you have the lord vessel, that way you can teleport and won't have to walk back.) then get ready for sens fortress. If you're a Mage, I recommend freeing Logan from sens fortress and taking the time to head back to fire link to purchase his powerful spells before pressing onto anor londo. after anor londo, then head to the optional but rewarding painted world. From here you have the big 4 bosses, including sif, before the endgame. At this point (and I know it's late in the game, but it'll be a breeze) take the time to do the darkroot garden (part 1 and 2, for sif's necessary ring) and slaughter through the darkroot basin (if for some reason you didn't pick a master key as your gift, first off shame on you, but secondly, do the darkroot basin way back before blight town, that way you can gain access to the valley of the drakes without the key, and still use this entrance to blight town). With sif's ring and the lord vessel (listen up cezovic) now you'll do the dukes archives/crystal caves, then the new londo ruins/the abyss, then catacombs/tomb of the giants, and THEN the demons ruins/lost izalith. Now all that's left is the kiln of the first flame. This is the ideal path if you don't feel like grinding, as I've completed several new games through this path with both fighters and mages without any grinding whatsoever. If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I have a decent amount of knowledge about the game.
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SkellyKing answered:

So, i know this is three years old, but i cant resist.
does your decent amount of game knowledge coincide at all with your reading comprehension?
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