Question from NostraRuina

Connecting to multiplayer?

I'm having trouble invading/getting invaded. Getting summoned/summoning.
Is it a problem with the game servers?
Or am I doing something wrong?
I've heard some people say it's all about port forwarding or whatnot.
If that's true, how do I port forward correctly?


Fark113 answered:

Unlike in Demons Souls, since the game just released a pvp area hasn't really been established yet. Usually the best place to summon or be summon is to go to a safe place right before a boss. Make sure your in human form to summon people.

Also lets say your in a certain area right. And lets say there is 5 people right in that same area. Not everyone whos is that area is going to show up. Like maybe one or two of those 5 will show up.
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MartinWan1979 answered:

Is perfectly normal. Im having the same problem. The clue is to put the white mark at a start of an area or before a Boss.
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